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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Swipe To Redeem Deals @ Sunway Pyramid

Last Friday, I attended the "Swipe To Redeem Deals" at Sunway Pyramid. It is held at LG1 in Sunway Pyramid, with mobile app available we can easily find city deals and places. I have installed the Setties mobie app to my phone, how about you?

Promo code: free Jipangi

Seeties' Founder David Lim giving his speech on stage.
Seeties' Founder David Lim unveils by far the biggest surprise, bringing alive the Online to Offline (O2O)
experience - 'Swipe to Redeem' attractive deals at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall using Seeties mobile app. Specializing in city deals and places, Seeties officially kick starts their collaboration with Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall along with the valued presences of MRCA President, Dato’ Garry Chua and
Mr. HC Chan, CEO from Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall.
MRCA President, Dato’ Garry Chua

Group photo with VIP and guests
Effective from last Friday, people can secure and save the deals they like into the Voucher Wallet, to redeem and pay at the shop whenever they wish to enjoy the deal. There are now more than 100 types of deals offered by Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall's merchants using Seeties app, and the retails are expecting boosted traffics meanwhile shoppers are spoilt with varieties and convenience.

David Lim, Founder of Seeties said: "More than 96% of people in Southeast Asia has no credit cards, and 9 out of 10 youths have never used a deal app before. This is where Seeties is going to make a difference. We hope to empower more people to benefit from the internet and we want to bring out the best of Online to Offline (O2O) experience to people, working with not just local retails, but international retail brands at the same time."

This is good as I often visit Sunway Pyramid so this mobile app will comes in handy for me if I like to enjoy the deal. Don't just read here as you can now download the app to your mobile phone.
With fellow bloggers friends at the event of the day

The app is now available for free download on both the AppStore and Play Store. For more information check out Seeties' official website at


  1. I was supposed to go but could not make it last minute so miss out on all that... Huhuh

  2. no worry Miera, you can still download this app to your phone :D

  3. Good for Pyramid fans like you! I seldom go there as too far :)

  4. As an Ipohite, I have not even been to Sunway Pyramid once. At least, I can't remember going. I'll inform my KL friends, though.

  5. Hoho.. cool. Download and shopping
    Easy pizy lor.. nanti i buat ya malam ni.. tq dear

  6. I dont get it. What does the app do?

  7. Hi Isable Lee, you can use the app to check the deals available in Sunway Pyramid.

  8. Didn't know about this until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  9. Thanks for the info Sherry, will certainly check it out :)


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