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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sakae Sushi Turns Delightful 19!

Good day to everyone, it's a beautiful sunny Sunday. Where are you heading for dinner? Do you know that Sakae Sushi celebrates its 19th anniversary? I have uploaded some photos on my Fan Facebook Page, click on the link to view. I like to eat sushi and I that's one place I am thinking about that's Sakae Sushi. The brand's passion in serving tasty, healthy and value-for-money Japanese cuisine in a fun and friendly environment.

Jessica Tan, Assistant Marketing Manager of Sakae Sushi with chef at 1 Utama's Sakae Sushi.

A global chain restaurant, Sakae Sushi you can find in many places and shopping malls. I am sure you like to go shopping then want to have a family meal together. Sakae Sushi undertakes several effective measures to maintain food quality standards.
Fuku set price at RM28.99

Tempura Moriawase prce at RM13.99

Sashimi Mori Aki price at RM17.99

Can you imagine the healthy sushi rice is served with air-flown fresh salmon or other equally delectable ingredients - a healthy yet heavenly bite. 

If you have dine in Sakae Sushi's you'll know that there's a unique patented Interactive Ordering System on iPads. This revolutionary system facilities a hassle-free ordering experience as diners can easily browse through interactive menu pages using the iPads to order their favourite dishes.
Sakae Teishoku price at RM26.99

Sakae Sushi's rice is enriched with Vitamin E, an essential nutrient that promotes healthier skin and enhances the immune system.
Limited edition Sakae Sushi Plusie each price RM29.90
Very Cute Sakae Sushi Plushies that you can find available at Sakae Sushi. They have three designs - Salmon Sushi, Tamago Sushi, and Ebi Sushi.

Each design has a meaningful meaning for the unique aspects of Sakae Sushi - for instance, the Salmon Sushi plushie which carries a mini plane reminding customers that all salmon at the Sakae Sushi is air-flown fresh from the Atlantic. Meanwhile, the Tamago Sushi plushie carrying the chicken and eggs with its hands indicates Sakae Sushi's farm-to-table philosophy, and last but not least, the very fun looking Ebi Sushi plushie which spells a fun-filled dining experience for patrons at the same times.

At the back of each plushie has a wonderful message that expresses the dream of Sakae Sushi's founder -
Think Sushi, Think Sakae.

In order to bring home one of these unique plushie, one can either participate in the Delightful Dine, Match & Redeem promotion or enter Sakae's Facebook contest. Alternatively, the plushies can be purchased at the affordable price at RM29.90 at any Sakae Sushi outlets.

variety food to eat and ice cream to choose from at Sakae Sushi
As Sakae Sushi is well-loved Japanese restaurant will continue to strive tirelessly to serve its customers with quality Japanese fare at affordable prices. Don't forget to take part in this delightful moments, this year Sakae Sushi brings its customers a fun-filled and rewarding offer which is the Delightful Dine, Match & Redeem promotion. Stand the chance to win some of Sakae's all-time favourite dishes and even bring home an adorable limited edition Sakae Sushi Plushie, to participate first spend a minimum of RM60 in order to get hold of Delightful Gift Card. This vibrant gift card consists of a puzzle sticker, and for every matching puzzle, the customer will be rewarded accordingly.

For instance, 2 matching puzzles entitles the customer to 1 free dish, 3 matching puzzles is equivalent to 2 free dishes and the grand prize which is 4 matching puzzles will earn the customer 4 free dishes and 1 limited edition Sakae Sushi Plushie. I am sure you can't wait to collect all 3 limited edition designs. You can also visit for promotions and updates.
Spend a minimum of RM60 in order to get hold of a Delightful Gift Card, above is just a sample of the puzzle.


  1. Gosh! 19 years already. How time flies. Remember reading about them when they first came out. Happy birthday Sakae Sushi!

  2. Sakae Sushi is me and my children's favourite. With the promotion going on, we should dine-in there again.

  3. I have always loved Sakae Sushi! N the plushie is soo nice to sleep with hehe

  4. Its been 19 already! Congrats on the 19th celebration for Sakae Sushi! I always been a fan of them, fresh sushi and salmon hehe.

  5. Wow! Looks yummy! I wanna go eat Sakae sushi again!

  6. The first sushi shop i go is Sakae Sushi !! I love their sushi and the chicken curry rice so much..Now already 19years old in Malaysia ! Congrats

  7. have never really try any dishes in sakae sushi lol. im a sushi zanmai fans! anyway happy birthday sakae sushi!

  8. OMG I miss sushi! I gotta wait another 2 mths after confinement only can enjoy sushi to the max!


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