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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Kji & Co Lip Staysss Seductress lip balm review

Kji & Co Lip Staysss lip balm
photo credit to Kji & Co.

Recently I have used the CheQQme mobile app to get this free Kji & Co. Lip Stayss lip balm. Just for your info there are three color - Seductress (dark pink), Dolly Blush (Light Coral/Peach) and Baby Pink (light pink). Guess which I am having? Well I am sure you know as you can see the title of this blog post.
Cute packaging of the Kji & Co. Lip Staysss, once open it contain a lip balm inside. I have got mine in dark pink color named Seductress.
Secuctress - dark  pink lip balm
Loving this as it's easy to apply and it's soft, smooth on lips and it's dark pink in color. Look at the photo below where I have applied it twice on my lips. We need lip balm to keep our lips moisture.

The product is made in Japan.

The packaging is cute as it has a nice cover on it, once you open it inside contains a lip balm. The lip balm you can remove the cap and twist the bottom to apply the lip balm on your lips. I cannot stand dry weather and sometimes having cracked lips.

This Lip Staysss lip balm is made of natural hydrating & moisturizing essences, lip plumping conditioners with dark pink color. As you can see below photo before photo of my lips without any application of lip balm.
I like the Seductress it's dark pink color that suitable for me, I can keep it in my bag for everyday usage. It is non waxy and heavy, love the lightweight buttery formula glides. I applied twice on lips, it can last me for at least three hours. After meal I would apply the lip balm again to keep my lips moisture. The Kji & Co. Lip Staysss seductress lip balm is selling at RM26.80 each unit. Do check out their Facebook page below if you like to purchase one for yourself or loved ones.

If you like to check out this Kji & Co. Lip Stayss lip balm range, you can visit their Facebook page.
Don't forget you can also download the mobile app CheQQme for the update of other campaign. 

I have also uploaded the photos on my Facebook fan page, click on the link to view it. Thank you.


  1. Wow! Such cute packaging and very natural dark pink colour! Not too over. Love it =)

  2. Very pretty and girly packaging.


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