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Monday, October 3, 2016

Sarapan Dutch Lady for seven days challenge

Good day to all my readers and visitors, how are you doing today? 
Sarapan is Malay language, it's mean breakfast. Breakfast is king, we don't want to neglect breakfast daily. I took up the challenge of Sarapan Dutch Lady for seven days. Yeah it's a healthy challenge for me.

It's important to eat breakfast daily, in Malaysia we are spoilt for choice when it comes to breakfast drinks. Studies have shown that milk is the exlixir our bodies need at breakfast. After 8 to 12 hours from your last meal, a glass of milk daily food intake.

Below are photos taken daily of seven days challenge of Sarapan Dutch Lady, I took up. Breakfast is important as it helps the body regulate itself after an overnight fast. Milk is a quick, protein packed breakfast beverage.
Day 1, Dutch Lady PureFarm with tuna sandwiches and strawberry with oat.
Day 2, Dutch Lady PureFarm with nasi lenak

Day 3, Dutch Lady Purefarm with chicken rice and vegetables.

Day 4, Dutch Lady PureFarm with bread and jam

Day 5, Dutch Lady PureFarm with Chee Cheong Fun
Daty 6, Dutch Lady PureFarm with kiwi fruit and bao.

Day 7, Dutch LadyPure Farm full cream milk and Chocolate Milk, healthy mixed oat with full cream milk and my drink is Chocolate Milk.
As you can see my daily breakfast consist a pack of Dutch Lady PureFarm. Do you know that a glass of Dutch Lady Purefarm milk in the morning can help to provide at least 275mg of calcium? This helps you to achieve daily calcium requirement.
This is how I completed  7 days of Sarapan Dutch Lady
Milk packs more punch that just calcium. Dutch Lady PureFarm is also rich with essential nutrients-some of which our bodies cannot generate on its own. An example is protein, which plays one of the lead roles in children's growth and development, such as the building of bones, muscles, and tissue. Vitamin A is crucial for healthy eye function, Vitamin B2 supports cellular functions that transform food to energy, and Vitamin D3 aids absorption of calcium and phosphorus. It is also the key to locking in healthy bone mass for adults, even during their golden ages. In other words, the creamy beverage builds strong families.

My son Yeow Shen brings a pack of milk Dutch Lady PureFarm daily to school since he was Standard One, he's now Standard Four. He has the milk to pair with food he bought from school's canteen namely mashed potatoes or nuggets.
My eldest son Yeow Shen is enjoying his Dutch Lady Purefarm full cream milk.
Milk contains about 85% water making it an effective thirst quencher after 8 hours of sleep. Let's spread the goodness of breakfast with Dutch Lady. #sarapanDutchLady

Family breakfast is the highlight of the day for Aaron Aziz, the ambassador of Dutch Lady PureFarm milk. Aaron, who is also an actor and a father, sometimes works so late that he had to catch up on sleep the next morning, hence missing breakfast. This makes him cherish the days when he doesn’t have to work early, and jumps out of bed to have breakfast with his wife and children.
Trust Malaysian's no.1 milk, Dutch Lady PureFarm for myself and loved ones.

Just two servings a day helps meet a family’s nutritional requirements! Having one of the two servings at breakfast pumps at least 200mg of calcium into the body. Dutch Lady PureFarm comes with Low Fat Milk, Full Cream Milk, Strawberry and Chocolate.

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  1. Healthy breakfast with Dutch Lady milk. Your sons love the milk too.

  2. Hi Jane, yeah his little bro also likes but prefer the chocolate flavour Dutch Lady PureFarm milk.


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