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Friday, October 28, 2016

AEON Mid Valley, KOSÉ Counter 3 Days Special Deal

 It's Friday, happy weekends to everyone and happy Deepavali to my Hindu friends and blog readers if you are celebrating. This evening I took time off to go Midvalley to visit KOSÉ Counter at AEON.

 If you have time do visit the KOSÉ Counter at AEON Midvalley, it's KOSÉ 70th Anniversary they are having 3 days special deal.

Special thanks to KOSÉ for inviting beauty bloggers for the event and we also enjoy a mini makeover there.
 It's a half day time out for me, today my sons no school but morning I have send son to go tuition. Glad to meet up with blogger friends and check out the beauty/skincare products of KOSÉ. If you are planning to shop for gift sets, you can many choices there.
Ivy having having mini makeover

 It's time where we get to decorate our jingle ball. It's a fun time where everyone gets to make their very own and bring it home.

I have mini makoever at KOSÉ and also done my DIY jingle ball.
I have taken some photos on the event, you can click on the album to view it. You can view the gift sets in the album, I am sure everyone has got their budget to shop.
Don't forget to Repost & Hastag the below picture to redeem 2 pc trial kit for FREE! 


  1. Wow, I really like their products, must check out the special deal :)

  2. Congrats on Kose on their opening and the promotions look great :) Will check them out Sherry dear :)

  3. wah... so fast post already... I am sooooo back logged now... because of trip.. LOL....

  4. Aww I miss it! I want to redeem their free gift also!


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