Monday, October 31, 2016

Celebriti Beauty Studio: Facial Whitening Chocolate

It's Monday, I took time off for myself today as my sons are not schooling today. Tomorrow they will be back to school and I will be back with my busy parenting, it's important to take time off to pamper myself. I went Celebriti Beauty Studio which is located at Shah Alam. It is easy to go there by waze, I use waze all the way there. 

There's a few rooms at the studio, this is the biggest room that can accommodate up to five customers at one time. Imagine you having your best friend together with you to do facial together.

 First thing the staff give me a form to fill in my details. Then I was advice to go restroom first before get start the facial. I changed to my robe before having the Facial Whitening Chocolate, it's very yummy smell that you would want to take a bite on it!
Facial Whitening Chocolate, scrub time
I didn't take much photos there as I am there to enjoy my pampering time, the process is about two hours. There are steps facial wash, scrub, wash, then steam after that to remove the white heads from face. I was shown a cotton with lots of my white heads. A machine was use for putting on serum on face. You'll be relax and enjoy throughout the process.

 It's value for money, RM68 for one pax, and RM120 for two pax. You can make appointment with your best friend for this facial session. Enjoy together, and stay pretty together. The normal price for the Facial Whitening Chocolate is RM128.
Facial Whitening Chocolate masking
after facial feeling my skin's flawless all day long
 If you want to reduce stress, take time for facial and pamper yourself. After facial, I am feeling my skin moisture all day long, flawless skin. Besides facial, they also provide other services like 8 in 1 Spa Bridal, body massage, full body slimming, v-face shaping, and waxing.

If you are thinking to give your loved ones a good time, you can also treat them for facial or other services that available there.

The address of Celebriti Spa Studio,
6A, 1st Floor, Jalan Kristal K7/K, Seksyen 7, 40000 Shah Alam.
You can also give them a call for appointment before go for facial.
Tel: 603 -5519 4159 / 03-5480 0042

If you like to know more information, please visit


Oh my, I would feel like licking the chocolate off my face. The price is extremely tempting, though.


Chocolate mask is a new thing I've ever heard, thanks for sharing! Is it eatable? just joke


Chocolate masking? Wow. Never heard this before, but recently I saw one video on Fb showing that a guy bathing in chocolate bath tube . Hahahah


wow chocolate is amazing, not only can be served as food, but as a beauty product as well!


Your face looks extremely refreshed after the facial Sherry. And i think i was already tempted when i saw the word chocolate. hehe


I have seen coffee... but chocolate? First time! I am sure it smells delicious.


Wow chocolate facial, can curi curi makan the chocolate mask during facial or not. hehehe... joking. This facial is interesting.


This sounds amazing Sherry, I have always favored the consistency of chocolate and since this is the first time I am seeing it implemented in the form of a face mask, it looks like its certainly worth a try.


how does it feel having chocolate all over the face... hehehe.. I want to try but I am afraid I will be licking my face clean.. hahahaha


Yummmehhhh chocolate face spa...hahahah I am just worried I will finish it before she can finish covering my face..


Chocolate mask is super thick and nourishing on skin but i hate it on my eyes.


You look refreshed...How not to eat chocolate when the treatment is on?! I would eat up all...


Using chocolate for facial????? First time I heard of it and have to try for this. You must be so sweet after the facial.


wah after this your face sure white white, bright bright. Later can emit light some more :D


Hi Ivy, yeah my first time to know this too. It smell so good and I feel good after that!


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