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Friday, November 4, 2016

Passion D'tox: Live.Eat.Slim

 Everyone has got a busy lifestyle, do you know about the Passion D'tox (PDX)? This is a powerful potion that contains passion fruit and variety of fiber and berries rich with Vitamin C and E.
A box of Passion D'tox contains of 12g x15 sachets.

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 What is stool? Stool refers to old waste which is stagnant in our intestines and hard to be discharged out of body. The residue from the food we consume daily will be digested and eliminated from the body but there are difficult times where there is the case of constipation. Hence the accumulated stool in gut is about 4 - 6kg.

Effect of stool accumulation to our body?
  • weight gain
  • bad breath, melanin, acne
  • increase of liver detoxification pressure and decreased liver
  • abdominal swelling, pan and other syndrome
  • damage the body's immune system
Ingredients of the Passion D'tox 
Passion fruit powder,
Fresh fruit powder,
dextrose monohydrate,
citric acid,
wheatgrass powder,
psyllium husk.
 Look at the above photo for the ingredients of Passion D'tox, this nutrition drink contains plenty of fiber that block excessive carbs and calories from your daily meals intake. Making this healthy juice as part of your lifestyle will promote growth of friendly bacteria, making your digestive system healthier than ever. 

Passion D'tox 
Improve intestinal function
Remove stool and all the unnecessary waste
Promote good digestion and absorption.
It helps me with my constipation and I can see the difference, just look at the photo of before and after of me after taking this Passion D'tox for a week. My skin's better as you can see the photos.

A week before taking the Passion D'tox.
refer to photo on direction on use.
 Direction of use.
Take a sachet daily before bed, drink sufficient water for optimum result. 
1. Prepare a shaker or a glass.
2. Mix a sachet into 150ml of room temperature water.
3. Shake well and consume immediately.

 What is the benefits of Passion D'tox? 
  1. Rich in fiber, Vitamin C & Vitamin E
  2. Soluble fiber forms gel in the digestive track to flush out impurities and toxi.
  3. Helps with constipation - insoluble fiber acts like a broom that sweep colon clean. 
  4. Reduce unhealthy fat by blocking excessive carbohydrates and calories.
  5. All natural- no added sugar, laxative and artificial colours
  6. No side effect - no added sugar, laxative and artificial colours. 
  7. Increase the number of healthy bacteria.
  8. Improve skin quality
  9. Prevent skin ageing
  10. Enhance skin moisturising
  11. Promote skin whitening

Passion D'tox has KKM approved. 
With Halal certified. 
With 2,000,000 product insurance.

Now with an attractive price you can shop for yourself or loved ones. 
RM110 for a box, RM200 for 2 box.
Here's the reader code "namesherry", this code is valid for a free gift when  you purchase from the Facebook page below.
Not intended for use by pregnant or children. 
Safe for breastfeeding mother.

Love the slogan of this Passion D'tox: Live. Eat. Slim. 
After a week of taking the Passion D'tox.
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  1. First time hearing Passion Dtox. Seems not bad. will buy to try next time

  2. I have not heard of this brand till I read your post. Have always wondered how effective these products are. Would like to detoxify myself, too.

  3. Didn't know about this brand until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  4. Haven't tried this yet. Still waiting for mine. Hope it's good.

  5. magic recipe? :) live.. eat, and still slim down! yay!

  6. Great stuff to recommend to my Girl friens ....

  7. Halal product with a magic touch! A good product to try out later!

  8. Good to have detox once in a while. Especially after a heavy meal

  9. first time I hear about this product, and I would like to try. Is it only available in Malaysia?

  10. Will this taste nice?It's seem a lot of benefits by having this.

  11. Hi Joanne, yeah this has a fruity taste.

  12. A very beneficial post. Thank you!

  13. hmm interesting product to try out

  14. Good products for detox. I really need it especially eating too much and need to get rid of the toxins.

  15. I want to Detox too. Look like good to try.

  16. I think I'm gonna need the fibre from this :) although I hope it doesnt taste like those vege detox drinks (yuck!)

  17. I just received my passion detox this evening. not yet consume it but gonna start tomorrow

  18. Does it taste nice? I have not receive mine. I wish I can try it soon. Can't wait to see the result.

  19. cool stuff for christmas gift!!! Can give to friends who want to slim down!

  20. cool stuff. can slim down, can keep fit, and can keep healthy! would check it out!

  21. Always been skeptical about detox drinks, but this looks good for you! Might wanna give it a try

  22. Love the packaging of the products!! So cute and minimalism can't wait to try this =D

  23. Looks great... and sounds great.. I need better skin also.. must try it

  24. Didn't know about this brand until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  25. WOW! Looks like a really good brand. Might need to detox myself too :p

  26. It's good to detox sometimes.. Great brand..


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