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Thursday, March 9, 2017

How to Fix a Low Credit Score

Anyone who has a poor credit score soon discovers how this rating will prevent them from financing a car, a home or even count as a strike against them in landing a good job. It is very easy to end up with bad credit without even understanding how it happens. This is often the case for young people who have just begun living on their own since some of them neglect or forget to pay their bills on time. Once the credit reporting agencies have a record of anyone making late payments on a consistent basis, their credit rating falls to the lower category. This score can be improved over time, but it takes a good deal of work and understanding of how the system works to get the job done.

Considering the fact that some people get into the situation of having poor credit without even understanding how that has happened, they probably will not be able to fix it on their own. After trying and failing for a period of time, their best choice might be to contact a credit repair specialist for help. However, before making that decision they should carefully check the references of any company they are considering. It is an unfortunate fact that not every credit repair company has the best interests of their clients at heart. Most reputable credit repair agencies do not charge for the first consultation, so it is possible to compare prices and benefits of several before choosing one.

There are three major credit reporting agencies, and they track late payments and unpaid obligations. In addition, each time time a lender makes an inquiry for new credit their clients score will drop by several points. A credit repair agency is able to remove the record of these inquiries, and this action will result in an improved score. There is also likely to be several errors on most credit reports that can be removed. Negative items may still be on the record because the creditor did not notify the credit bureau that the outstanding balance was paid.

Some credit repair organizations do not charge for their services, but most require their clients to sign a contract outlining the details of their services. While fixing a poor credit score is likely to incur a cost, the much improved credit rating will be worth the expense.



  1. Mine credit record is clean. Phew. Luckily did not owe bank.

  2. Definitely important to improve our credit score so that we have no problems getting loans etc

  3. Thanks for the sharing! I never know is so important to have all this credit score =)


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