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Monday, May 8, 2017

4 No-Brainer Ways to Survive Your First Year of College

No-brainer means common sense things that you really shouldn’t have to think about. However, sometimes, when life is a bit too hectic, you forget to stop and think. This article, for all college beginners, details 4 no-brainer ways to survive your first year of college.

Learn to Cook for Yourself 
Cooking for yourself is a big part of being a responsible, independent adult. To survive, you need to learn how to do for yourself, but most college students have a reputation for living off of ramen noodles and cheap microwave dinners. Crockpot meals and single pot dinners are big hits with cook-for-yourself college students. You can grab inexpensive ingredients, throw them together in a soup, chili, or stew, and eat well for a week on what you’ve made. No mess, no fuss.

Stash Cash for a Rainy Day 
College students with loans commonly get a leftover amount in a check at the end of their school year. However, instead of spending that cash on nonsense that you don’t need, stash your cash for a rainy day. Not literally, but a time when you really need it. You never know when an extra hundred bucks will come in handy. You should also look into getting a part-time job to pay for school and everyday expenses.

Refurbished or Secondhand is Best 
The allure of brand new electronics is a powerful one, but resist if you can. Instead of grabbing thousands of dollars of new high-tech gadgets, go with a refurbished Panasonic Toughbook. Or, shop secondhand for gently used electronics for your schoolwork. These tech gadgets still work perfectly, and a cosmetic scratch or two is easily covered with your favorite decals or custom stickers.

Stay Away from Obviously Bad Influences 
In some ways, your first year of college can resemble high school, with cliques and possible conflicts around every corner. However, you can survive the first year of peer pressures and ridiculous behaviors by staying away from obviously bad influences. If someone never goes to class and prefers to constantly party, that’s someone you should probably avoid. Parties are great, and it’s good to go every once in a while. But know your limits, because you have a future to think about.

The above-mentioned quartet of college survival tips are no-brainers. You should work hard, think smart, and avoid the negatives. Easy-peasy. If you ever find yourself caught up in the parties and nonchalance of cliché college life, refer to the list above and reset your mindset.


  1. I totally hear you, Sherry. These are great tips, not just for college, but even after college. Two years after I finished school, I am still living on my own and still practice these wise life hacks.

  2. Important thing is avoid bad influence from friends.
    And don't forget management money is important too.


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