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Monday, September 4, 2017

12 Things That Happy Women Do

To lead a happy life, one should be involved in various self-care habits. These are 12 tips for a woman to enjoy health and wellness.

Avoid any stress
Stress usually happens when you have a lot on your plate. When there are too many things going on in your life, it can put you under a lot of stress. Furthermore, greater the amount of stress ; greater is the risk of heart disease, infertility, diabetes, depression, anxiety, premature death and accelerated ageing.
1. Stress is a major reason why you get frequent headaches. Stress management is crucial for the betterment of your health, and it also makes you more productive in the long term. All we can do is find ways that make you feel relaxed and at peace and just stick to the ways.

Completely avoid dieting
There is no assurance that dieting will make you lose weight. As per research, 95% people tend to fail at diets.
2. It is not a matter of self-control but what prevents you from losing weight are biological changes taking place, as per researcher Traci Mann. Apparently, Traci has studied dieting for over a period of 20 years.

3. While it may be possible lose weight initially, you are most likely to regain the weight you lose eventually. The thing which works is making changes in your current diet. Making wise choices like substituting fresh foods for processed foods will be beneficial in the long term.

Quit smoking
When you quit smoking, the damage done to your health is cured.
4. Smoking increases your risk of heart diseases and lung cancer and also affects the health of your babies. Furthermore, smoking significantly affects breast cancer. Smokers are 30% more prone to get breast cancers as compared to non-smokers.
There is a higher risk of stillbirth in cases of pregnant women who work or live around smokers.

Start family planning early
The fertility of female declines with her age, and there exist many pregnancy complications when a woman gets pregnant at an older age. Therefore, if you’re planning to have kids, you should start planning at the earliest. In case you feel that you are infertile, then you should talk to a fertility specialist about this situation. Freezing your eggs and in vitro fertilisation (IVF) are two option which can treat infertility, depending upon the cause.

Always use sunscreen under the sun
The majority of women have a deficiency of vitamin D. Vitamin D is responsible for absorbing calcium in the human body, as per Dr. Michael Lim, a who is a cardiologist at Mount Elizabeth Hospital. Other than that, Vitamin D also lowers the risk of heart attack and diabetes and improve bone health.
5. Fortunately, the deficiency of vitamin D deficiency isn’t a major problem for people living in sunny Singapore. All you should do is bask in the sun for 15 – 20 minutes every day. If you’re planning to spend more than 15 – 20 minutes in the sun, then make sure you apply a nice sunblock. Being overexposed to the sun could put you at an increased risk of skin cancer or melanoma.

Start taking calcium pills
Women mostly have a deficiency of some nutrients. To combat this issue, taking supplements is a convenient and safe way. However, one shouldn’t consume too many calcium pills as they can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Moreover, it can also increase the possibility of kidney stones, as per Dr. Michael Lim, a who is a cardiologist at Mount Elizabeth Hospital.

Get enough rest
Sleeping well isn’t about the number of hours but the quality of sleep you get. As per studies, females face difficulty in falling and staying asleep as compared to males.
6. According to research women who suffer from insomnia have a greater risk of health problems as compared to men. They also have an increased risk for depression, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.
If you’re unable to sleep for 7 – 9 hours, then you need to seek medical help.

exercise often, doesn't matter indoor or outdoor
Do weight exercises
Apparently, cardio is not enough for women; they also need to indulge in weight-bearing exercises which improve their bone health and also increase their bone mass. It also decreases the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes7 and osteoporosis. Moreover, weight lifting does not just mean lifting weights; it also refers to activities like hiking, dancing, racquet sports, aerobics, and tennis. Walking, elliptical training machines or stair-step machines are some of the beneficial low-impact exercises.

See the doctor regularly Women should get regular health check-ups done, especially from a gynecologist. Early detection of any health issue is the key to complete recovery. Tests like pap smears and pelvic exams should happen at least once in 2 years from the time you turn 21. Whereas, and breast examination should be done once a year after you turn 40.

It’s also helpful to be outgoing and social.
Studies have proved that social relationships play a significant role in the health and longevity of women. Being socially active is known to protect your cognitive functions. Whereas, the lack of social ties can lead later-life cognitive decline, depression and increased mortality.
8. Lack of social relationships enhances the risk of premature death by 50%, which is equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Furthermore, it’s worse than physical inactivity and obesity. You have every reason to plan nights out with your friends and family!

Keep your mind busy
As per Dr. Lee Kim En, a neurologist at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, there’s a sudden increase in the number of people diagnosed with dementia. In Singapore, the number people aged 65 years and above who would suffer would from dementia will reach 53,000 by 2020, and this will further increase to 187,000 by 2050.
9. Activities like quitting smoking and exercising can make a significant difference in our bodies. Apparently, doing this delays not only neurological changes but also makes our body better equipped to handle said changes.
10. One should find hobbies that stimulate both you as well your brain. Some of these include–playing an instrument, learning a language, trying new cuisines and dancing.

Pay attention to your mental health
Women are nearly twice more likely to suffer from depression than men.
11. Women shouldn’t be embarrassed to seek professional help. Seeking the help of a professional is the greatest favour you can do to yourself.

The inspiration for this article has been taken from Health Plus Section, a source of credible health information by Mount Elizabeth Hospitals, Singapore.

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