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Thursday, September 7, 2017

How to Express Yourself at Work Without Being Disrespectful

It seems like there are new debates and conversations in the breakroom on a daily basis. And sometimes, while you would love to join in on the discussions, you can’t help but steer clear because you know that you can get pretty heated with your opinions. Fortunately, there are methods to learning how to express yourself at work without being disrespectful.

Follow Rules and Workspace Guidelines

Remember that there are rules and guidelines in place in every workspace. From discrimination laws, to common courtesies, you should take care to follow the rules and secured regulations of your office to avoid being disrespectful or downright hateful.

Be Aware of Others and Their Beliefs

The world does not, and has never, revolved around you and your beliefs. And no one else is any different. However, your opinions, like everyone’s, matter, so respect and be aware of others and their beliefs. Why? Because they should respect and be aware of yours.

Keep Your Opinions to Yourself Unless Asked for Them

When you are in an obvious discussion with someone, then you can express yourself and let your opinions fly in a respectful manner. However, when others are talking amongst themselves, don’t jump in with your opinions just because you felt the need to add your two cents. Wait to be invited and included into the conversation.

Avoid Getting Drawn into Gossip

Did you hear about so-and-so and what she did over the weekend? Or, how about this person from HR and the terrible mistake he made? Your viewpoint should be, “who cares.” Gossip is hurtful, regardless if the person you are talking about knows or not. The workplace, as you know, is rife with gossip, so steer clear of these conversations whenever possible.

Make Friends and Discuss Your Interests, Passions, and Goals

Chances are good that there are dozens of like-minded people in your office that share the same interests, passions, and goals as you. Don’t be afraid to make friends. Use your amazing conversation skills and open-book mentality to connect and interact with your coworkers. Then, if you feel comfortable, strive to take that friendship out of the office for a chance at a long-term pal.

Having debates, conversations, and expressing your opinion in an office setting can be a controversial, and even taboo, idea. However, by remembering to be respectful, you can dabble in workspace expression, and make a few friends along the way. When you can, make friends. Invite your coworkers to celebrations and fun events. Go big with a Chicago limo rental, or find some fancy way to have a great time with good people from your work atmosphere.

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