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Monday, February 12, 2018

GoodKredit app, the Mobile Wallet for a Cashless Future!

Have you been in a situation where you're at the cashier with a trolley full of groceries only to realise you forgot to bring your purse/wallet out? I know I'm guilty of it! 

Fear not, I found the solution: the GoodKredit app, the Mobile Wallet for a Cashless Future! 
So what is GoodKredit?  

Good Kredit is a convenient cashless transaction mobile platform with special deals, vouchers and even a short term loan to help you through tough months!(wow)

You can download the app at the Google Play Store here:

And visit their website:

 Download Now! GoodKredit App available on Google Play

How it works:
All you need to do is register and start using it. It's that simple! There's a wide range of merchants readily available!


RM8 credit voucher received upon signing up

You too can receive this RM8 voucher right after signing up that can be used immediately to purchase anything from their merchants! Just top up your GoodKredit Wallet via JomPay! 
Here's a treat for you guys! The #GoodKreditProsperity8 RM888 AngPow!  For 8 days from 8th till 15th of February, 2018; 3 users will win GoodKredit RM888 angpow DAILY. *praying for myself too*
GoodKredit Prosperity 8 win RM888 AngPow

Instant credit to app users who win the angpow! Be the lucky 18th, 38th, and 88th user who transacts through GoodKredit app at any official GoodKredit merchant store and the GoodKredit RM888 angpow will be is yours. Wow!
How To Top Up via JomPay

What you waiting for? Let’s download the app and stand a chance to spend this Chinese New Year in convenience! Currently the GoodKredit App is only available on Android and all new signups will get GoodKredit GK 8 Angpow!

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