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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Whitening Net @Midvally Megamall (South Court)

Busy parenting, it's good that I have few hours off last Saturday before fetching my son from school.

Do you know that now we can have whitening teeth without visit to the dentist? Yeah check out the Whitening Net it's located at South Court, Lot SK-04, Level 2, Midvalley Megamall. A session is just less than 30 minutes, so easy and we can go there even after our lunch time.

I haven't been to a dentist for a while and been waiting to have my teeth whitening. Just to let you know I like to drink coffee and tea.
 As I have set my appointment in the morning 10.30 am.  I am greeted and was bring to the counter where the staff have explained in detail of the process.

 It's easy to place the mouth opener, the staff will assist and there's no pain wearing this ring. Before wearing the ring, will need to brush teeth with toothpaste for the 1st time. Then I be seated and staff help to put on the lip balm on lips. This is to prevent chapped lips. She will wipe off any moisture from teeth then apply teeth whitening solution. It's important to put on the eye guard, to protect eyes from the LED light. Yeah before it get started there's check on the teeth color, you can scroll to view before and after pic of my first session at Whitening Net.

 There's little bit of warm feeling while the machine used. It is automatically stop at 8 minutes when the buzzer sound.

 This is the comforting pod that I am seating inside. Yeah after the 8 minutes, then go to brush teeth but without using the toothpaste. You can view the video as the the toothbrush is provided. Repeat the steps again at 3rd time.
Looking at my teeth I can see the difference on my teeth. Instead of S20 and its now S18. Whitening Net's Self- Whitening Service is fast and easy, main ingredient is Titanium Oxide, it uses Visual Blue LED Light. Titanium oxide is an inorganic compound which produces very low sensitivity to the teeth, gums or other parts of the body. In fact, it can inhibit periodontal pathogens and remove plague. Yeah I am happy with the effective in a single treatment. It is painless, does not cause gum erosion. It removes the yellow stain through photocatalyst. It also function as an antibacterial by killing germs and removing bad breath.

The price for each session is affordable, for first trial is RM128.00. Normal RM188.00 for a treatment. Now there's packages available for you to choose from.
  • Smart's package (5 treatments + free 1 treatment) RM940
  • Couple's package (2 Nominee) 9 treatments + free 3 treatments RM1692
  • Family & Friend's package (transferable) 20 treatments + Free 10 treatments RM3760

If you like to know more, do check out the Facebook: Whitening Net Malaysia 

*Results may vary for individual


  1. Wouldn't mind trying the pod. I also long time didn't visit the dentist. It has been almost a year now. Done whitening once.

    1. yeah convenient now can do in the shopping mall. This is something new in Malaysia, it's from Japan.

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