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Monday, October 29, 2018

Save The Date with Holiday Villa Hotel & Conference Centre Subang at TCE Wedding Expo for your wedding plan

Save the date TCE Wedding Date 2018 on 9 to 11 November
Everyone has got a busy lifestyle, when there's couple dating there's engagement of wedding and also there will be a wedding ceremony. I am sure couple would find this post helping them as now they can plan on where to have their wedding ceremony, wedding dinner or luncheon wedding. Yeah This is one of the Victorian Ballroom at Holiday Villa Hotel & Conference Centre Subang. Check out the beautiful setting and what's great? There's no pillar in the ballroom so there's no blocking of views, guests would be happy to see this beautiful ballroom.

Good news if you are looking for Registration of Marriage Package, there's now at only RM2,888nett at Pool Deck for 50 person, you may visit the TCE WEDDING EXPO Booth No.2 for more detail on 9-11 November Friday -Sunday from 11am -9pm at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre.
Just for your information there are three Victorian Ballroom available at the Hotel, this you are looking at the Victorian Ballroom. Beautiful classic and setting of wedding decoration. What's more as I am sure most people now would like to share their photos on social media and also having selfie, this is a hit on selfiegram Instagram. There are several spots that you can take selfie and beautiful photos too.
Other Victorian Ballroom that you don't see here are Classic and Vintage Ball room. Each ballroom are unique, this photos you looking at now is Victorian Ballroom which is nearby the pool area.
Beautiful Victorian Ballroom that you can selfie and it's Instagrammer friendly.
Insta friendly spot for selfie

Great place for memorial photo moments.

The area that we are having mocktail is a nice gardening place where guests can hang out and the area before the wedding dinner starts.
Cheers from all of us
Beautiful Holiday Villa Hotel, there are swimming pools for kids and adults, and a nice view of beautiful lake.
Talking about wedding, I am sure you like to know of food menu. Sharing with you today is the Chinese Wedding menu. There's a Chinese Restaurant in the Holiday Villa Hotel by name of The Inn Of Four Season.
The Chinese wedding food menu namely the Deep Fried Momo Cheese Roll, Steamed Bamboo shoot roll with Tobiko, Miniature Braised Seafood Soup with Crab Roe in Shooter, Steamed Chicken with Chinese herbs, Deep Fried Seabass Chef special, Salted Egg Prawn with Golden oats.
This is the private room in The Inn Of Four Season.

Steamed Chicken with Chinese herbs
Can't see enough of the wedding food? Check out the video above.

Miniature Braised Seafood Soup with Crab Roe in Shooter

 Talking of Chinese food, I am sure you too like Dim Sum. It's a one of the local people favorite heading for Dim Sum during the weekend or in the morning. Sharing is caring, below you are looking at the Dim Sum Food.
 Teow Chew Chicken Dumpling, Fried homemade Fish Ball with Chili and garlic, Marinated Chicken Feet with Salted Bean, Bean curd Prawn Roll with Cheese, Salted Egg Prawn Dumpling, Rice Roll with BBQ Chicken, Pan Fried Radish Cake with Eggs, and Egg Tarts.
To view more photos, feel free to visit this link as I have uploaded the photos to my Facebook Page.
I am sure now you know where to get start for your plan. If you have friends that are looking for wedding venue let them know about the Holiday Villa Hotel & Conference Centre Subang at TCE Wedding Expo 2018. Save The Date on 9 November to 11 November 2018 and head to Mid Valley Exhibition Centre look out for Booth No. 2.

During the TCE Wedding Expo 2018 exhibition, couple stands the chance to win 3 Days /2 Nights stay at Kuta Wina Holiday Vila, Bali, discount vouchers from Pointers Jewellers and Pick A Gown bridal house.

Say no more if you have interest to know more please visit Holiday Villa Subang.
Customer Service: +603 - 50227829


  1. This is a good start for couples who are looking for wedding vendors. You can see the items and food for yourself before booking. Safer like that

  2. I do not have any couple to plan a luxury wedding like this hehehehe but the best place is also interesting and if it's a party they should be amazed hehehehe...

  3. kalau nak buat majlis perkahwinan boleh booking sini ye sherry? nampak menarik suasana dan perkhidmatan yang disediakan

  4. The decorations are very pretty, especially the Victorian Ballroom and the packages are So affordable newly weds should consider this.

  5. I love their nicely decorated ballroom. It is the best place to held a wedding reception.

  6. Wah banyak makanan dan dekorasi yang boleh dijadikan pilihan untuk pengantin di hari istimewa mereka. Dekorasi nampak mewah dan grand sangat

  7. The offer looks interesting and i love the ballroom so much. That might be perfect for couples to held their wedding here. So beautiful.

  8. wow this is interesting! i love how beautiful the indoor and even the outdoor too! with that pool and beautiful lake scenery, it’s seems like a great ambience there. And ong loveee those foodie pics as well, all food looks so delicious! 😃

  9. school holidays in around the corner. this is great place for wedding and the food will please family and friends!

  10. Bagus untuk yang nak buat wedding ni... dah hujung tahun ...

  11. Yummy Chinese Wedding Food and affordable wedding packages at Holiday Villa Subang! I loves it too! Worthy!

  12. Wahhh, the foods. i can't get my eyes off the food. all look so yummy to me.

  13. bestnya holiday villa ni..bila ada pakej macam ni..sebab lebih murah dan berbaloi..paling penting memudahkan para pengantin dan keluarga untuk membuat perancangan perkahwinan

  14. bagus bila pakej begini semakin byk.
    flowers! love wedding ceremony yg dihiasi dgn fresh flowers tau, sherry.
    to me, it is so sinonim, flowers & wedding.
    a kind of my dream wedding for my daughters.

  15. Cantik sanggat vitorian Ballroom. Decoration simple but nice. All the food pon semua nya sedap. Buat bakal pengantin yang tengah seurvey tu mungkin boleh cuba di Holiday Villa ☺

  16. Nampak menarik pakej majlis perkahwinan di sini. Tempat selesa dan makanan sedap. Bagus. Cuma kena booking awal, supaya tarikh available.

  17. Good for couple yg baru nak review wedding planner/wedding place=wedding pakej

  18. wow! the menu looks very tempting.. haha~ who wanna get married can introduce this package for them.. so nice..


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