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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Halloween Night @Little Cuba 31 October 2018 Holiday Villa & Conference Center Subang

Good day to dear readers and visitors, yeah if you like to take part in Halloween Contest. Yeah this is adult Halloween contest and it's going to happen on this 31 October 2018. Good news as there's going to be a chance for you to win 2day/1 night stay at Holiday Villa & Conference Centre Subang.

This year Halloween Contest fall on weekday, so if you are up with the spirit to take part there!
What's awaiting you? Dress up your best Halloween contest and stand the chance to win!
1) Best Halloween Costume
- Win a 2 day 1 night stay at Holiday Villa Hotel & Conference Centre Subang
2) “Eerie” snacks will be served for all patrons at Little Cuba.
3) Welcome drink – “Bloody Dracula Cocktail” will be served to every attendance.
4) Special beverage promotion for the day
- Tiger draught (1 for 1) @ RM26nett only
- Heineken bucket (5 bottles) @ RM80nett only
- Wine (Red / White: per bottle) @ RM95nett only
5) 30% discount on all food order (A la Carte) upon order of any house pouring label. (Not
applicable to promotional items.)

Sharing is caring, do check out the video above to view on our Saturday night we had a good time with bloggers and PR of Holiday Villa & Conference Centre Subang at Little Cuba.

Last Saturday we have a good time together at Little Cuba, yeah just sharing to you what we had in the night. So spooky food like The Screaming Scull Tortilla and Guacamole, Grilled Ghost Finger,
Eye ball on witch hair pasta, BeDeviled Scones, Devilied Scones, Devillish Spider Eggs Scotch, Meringue Ghost, Sweet Bones Bon, GraveYard Cake and Bloody Mary Chocolate Fountain. You may see more in the video above.

Can't think of any Halloween costume to wear, there's simple and easy which is the Witch Hat. I didn't bring along my Halloween costume but I had makeup myself. My bff Kathy noticed right away my makeup on Halloween.
Wanna hangout with your friends but don't know where to go, now you know there's Halloween Night that you can ask your friends to join you. If you didn't have any Halloween costume, you can go find one before attend the Halloween night perhaps find renting the outfit of Halloween costume.
Say no more now, if you have got no plan on this coming 31 October, you know where to go!
Spot me and my kids posing front of RIP decorations.
Thank you Holiday Villa & Conference Center Subang for inviting us for the After Party Halloween Theme at Little Cuba.


  1. Woohoo! This looks so fun! Would love to find out more about the 'spooky' foods. Must be very creative kan! Haha.

  2. Fun chill out together! Sherry, your halloween makeup with the Avon Mark. The Big Dot Liquid Eyeliner! Make me feel scary lah!!!

  3. Everywhere halloween now. Cant wait for 31st. You and your kid sure have lots of fun. Tricky Treats!!!! i justvwant candy. I love their deco.

  4. Oo..menarik juga hadiah yang ditawarkan tu. Dalam suka-suka mana tau menang ke kan. Best jugak !! Best Halloween costume.. jom korang

  5. seems fun u have over there. i wish to be there for coming 31st October... the place looks cool!

  6. Hahahha though I dont celebrate halloween this is indeed a very nice place to hangout with families and friends. I like hoe 'spooky' the theme is hahha

  7. Tak pernah lagi join mana2 party Halloween, sure best kan? Makanan pun tema Halloween..bestnya. Tempat dan deco pun nampak menarik..kalau ada masa bolehlah join nanti

  8. Contest, woww, hadiah best sangat. .All the food and decoration are amazing.. Haloween themme

  9. Never been to any Halloween Party. Look like awesome night to party with ghost. Teringin nak cuba kek dan pastri bertema hantu. Heeehe. Jari hantu panggang dengan mata masak pasta macam sedap. xoxo

  10. Wow.. never have opportunity to join hollowen. Just know about it thru movie or drama.i love to see all the costume and activity suring Hollowen

  11. Nampak menarik dan menyeronokkan. i suka tengok posting kawan2 tentang halloween. All look so fun and enjoyable.

  12. I x pernah sambut haloween. Tapi nampak cool giler dengan ada props dan macam2 lagi... dan bestnya sambutan haloween dekat sini

  13. Dah tak lama lagi jer Halloween party sana sini boleh nampak. Hadiah menarik tu kalau menang...

  14. october & halloween, sherry.
    anywhere everywhere is halloween until tomorrow :)

  15. the deco looks os scary.. happy halloween.. hope u enjoy the halloween celebration there ya~!

  16. Halloween time!! Pesta hantu dah bermula!! AM paling suka collect n kumpul candy yg comel dan ada pelbagai rasa..

  17. Good luck to those yg join this halloween contest...
    Boleh duduk hotel kan kalai jugak tu

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