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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Everyday Choices for Concealing a Sidearm

Anyone who regularly carries a concealed weapon is aware that there is an exchange made in order to do so. This exchange decides whether they prioritize comfort or accessibility. Whereas some concealment options are more comfortable than others, they may not allow you to access your weapons as quickly or easily as you would prefer. A different option may allow for a quick and smooth draw but can be either very uncomfortable, difficult to conceal, or both. People who carry daily have probably tried out several options while trying to figure out what will work best for their lifestyle.

Keeping It Close

The entire purpose of a concealed weapon is to have it ready and available in times of emergency. When this is the main goal, the person carrying it will probably want it close to the body. This can be achieved by wearing a holster that fits either inside or outside the waistband, carrying it in a shoulder holster, or using a CCW vest. Each one has benefits and disadvantages which can be explored quickly when wearing one. Being able to quickly reach for your weapon is the ideal for most people and these choices will allow for that access.

Having It Nearby

For those who do not feel the need to have their concealed handgun ready for a quick draw, there are many ways to carry that will keep it accessible without needing to strap it to your body. Some purses, planners, or briefcases are specially designed to safely carry a pistol and will allow you to have it nearby when needed. For car travel, having a holster mounted under the front seat will keep it available for emergencies without it becoming an uncomfortable distraction for the driver.
Whatever way a person chooses to wear or carry their gun is really dependent on how easily they wish to have access to it and what level of comfort they require when wearing it. It is important to consider these things and try out different options before you make a decision.

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