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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Second Life Malaysia

Everyone has got busy lifestyle, therefore important that we plan it out. We got to balance our lifestyle not just eat healthy but also workout for our health. Healthy living is important and there's time that we got to eat and sometimes no choice but eating fast food or having unhealthy meals.

Sharing is caring, I comes to know of the Second Life Malaysia. It is product made in Malaysia, it is mixed of mango with Torula Yeast and Milk Thistle Extract. A box contained of 20 sachets.

The Second Life Malaysia product function as following:
  • Liver protection : prevention of liver damage & liver disease
  • Beauty: improves skin dullness also to promote metabolism
  • Detoxification: If you have hard time going to pass motion, this help you with constipation. 

I tried the products and it taste like mango, it is sweet too. So don't forget drink plenty of water after taking the supplement.

Simple and easy to consume:

Just a sachet a day, drink before sleep. Drinks plenty of water to keep body stay hydrated.

Do consult with doctor or health professional if you are pregnant, nursing, or under any medical supervision before taking the product.  

For more details visit

Wechat :beauty3030333
Contact number :010-3030333

Store in cool and dry place. Prevent from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.

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