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Friday, October 16, 2020

Ben 10 Micro Omnitrix Playset

Everyone has got their busy lifestyle and with CMCO kids just stay at home. Sharing with you that Ben 10 Micro Omnitrix Playset that my son likes to play with, you may click on the link to view the video. It's his new Ben 10 toy collection, his brother also likes it as his brother also a fan of Ben 10 when he was young. My son likes Ben 10 and I have done a few face painting of Ben 10 aliens that he likes. You can also see them on my instagram which I have shared it last week. It's fun with Ben 10 makeup with my son as he enjoys it too. He had a good play time after the makeup, it lasted more more than an hour before he washed it off.

 My son likes like to watch Ben 10 movie, Ben 10 Vs The Universe. Have you watched it? They also like to find Ben 10 on youtube to see.

My kids have online class at home, we followed the schedule that given by the school. They also have their online tuition at home. Sometimes I need to go tuition centre to collect the homework papers.


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