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Thursday, July 8, 2021

7 good habits to adopt during this challenging period to stay healthy

Sharing with you 7 good habits I adopt during this challenging period to stay healthy.

1. Sleep early

It is important to have enough sleep to have a healthy body and mind. As we know children needs to get 9 hours of sleeps, as an adult 7 hours of sleep is good enough for me.  

2. Breakfast is the King

Eat breakfast never go hungry with an empty stomach. Always have a balance diet eat more vegetable and fruits, beware of sugar content ingredients.

home made Chee Cheong Fun


3. Think Positive

As we are staying home, we are not able to go back hometown. But we can video called our loved ones to communicate. Give them a call whenever we are free.

4. Keep myself busy

Follow up my children's online classes, homework, and house chores. I also take some time to update my social media. Even spending quality time with my children. 


5. Read A Book

Time for doing things I love and enjoy reading book and there are so many things I find interesting on the book. Reading can gain knowledge.

6. Exercise regularly

It can be half an hour to an hour, during exercise can also listen to the music of Bio-Life Spotify Playlist. Listen Bio-Life Spotify playlist by scanning the card.


7. Write down to-do list

The grocery list that need to shop by the weekend or when need to go shop grocery. Checking on what what else needs to stock up as well.

NAT B FIZZY helps me to stay ahead and always thinking ahead. Nat B Fizzy contains Vitamin B complex that help in alertness and brain function. It also contains Vitamin C that helps in boosting immune system.


Sharing is caring, the Nat B Fizzy is suitable for 15 years old and above,or busy working adults as well that often need to go on meetings and those that need to pull the all-night work. 

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