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Monday, July 5, 2021

Easy Ways to Encourage Your Child to Read and Write

Literacy skills are one of the first early learning strategies your child will encounter. Efficient learning starts at home, and it isn’t difficult to get your child off to a great start. Here are some easy ways to introduce a love of reading and writing in your home.

Easy Access

Children are drawn to low-hanging fruit, so they won’t be likely to read and write unless there are accessible materials around them. Consider creating reading and writing stations around your home that are attractive and well-stocked. Place fun kids’ chairs and bean bags next to tables and small bookshelves. Organize paper, writing and coloring utensils and glue sticks in baskets so that they can create their own books. You can also put their books on display next to their reading books.


When you read to your child aloud, you get the dual benefits of spending time together and helping build your child’s literacy skills. If your child is in school, ask his or her teacher which books he or she gravitates to. You can base your library on those books, and repeat any stories your child particularly loves. Include a variety of books in your home library, including those that feature poetry, illustrative stories with interesting characters and fables. You can reinforce reading time with a corresponding activity that mimics a detail from the book.

Alphabet Awareness

Fill your home with letters and your child will soon understand how ubiquitous the alphabet is. Your arsenal should include small manipulatives such as puzzles, magnetic letters, stamps and blocks. Also use large visuals, such as ABC charts, posters and banners. Use any opportunity to include the alphabet in your daily interactions. Singing phonics and alphabet songs are especially popular with little ones.

You don’t have to have a teaching degree to strengthen your child’s reading skills. Start with these simple tips to see what works best for your little reader.

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