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Sunday, October 9, 2022

SafeCo Face Mask

Social distancing is important as well as wearing the face mask.
I am thrilled to receive the SafeCo Care Pack, listen up as there will be giveaway for this care pack.
This Care Pack is prepared in conjunction with the first-ever SafeCo Giveaway Contest.
50 lucky winners will be selected to win the same Gift Packs which worth up to RM100!
You stand a chance to win this Gift Pack. Link to the contest details:
I like the SafeCo Care Pack it consists of the following :
1.KF99 Infinity Silver Respirator Mask
With an Ergonomic 3D Design and Ultra-Gentle material for Sensitive Skin has passed Bacterial Filtration Efficiency at >98% and Particle Filtration Efficiency at >99% respectively 
(EN14683:2019 Type IIR), and CE Certified (Compliant with EU Legislation).
I like using as it also has the individual pack which I can take to put in my bags.
2.Marshmallow White Medical Face Mask
Suitable for sensitive skin, with 4 Protective Layers that has achieved an ASTM Level 3 Rating for Bacterial Filtration Efficiency at >99% and Particle Filtration Efficiency at >99%, respectively with certified (ISO 13485:2016).
I like this mask as sometimes having acne breakout and love the softness of this mask. 
3.Elegant Premium Face Mask
Comes in five different colours, made with 3 protective layers of material at ASTM LEVEL 2 with Fluid Resistance of 120mmHg.
I like using this because of the extra comfort and breath better. 
4.Tiffany Blue Disposable Mask
is spun-bonded, non-woven fabric with an anti-foaming design as the outer layer; a melt-blown cloth, which can filter fine particles and bacteria, as the second layer; and an extra soft spun-bonded non-woven fabric as the innermost layer. These layers give you optimum protection and ultra-comfort.
Going for groceries shopping I would wear this mask for the optimum protection and ultra comfort as usually it takes more than an hour for weekly shopping.
#sharingiscaring Don't forget to join the contest.
Let's follow @SafeCo (FB) and @safecomy (IG)

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