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Saturday, June 24, 2023

Car Care Made Easy with Car Life

With busy daily lifestyle, it's important to care for our cars too. Sharing is caring, at Car Life they focus on superb cleaning performance and funtionalily at great value. There are wide range of car care range products to choose from and it's useful products to care for our cars. 

Check out the website it's user friendly and easy to browse. There are bundle deal available too which is a good saver when for car care products namely Screen care Kit, All in One Kit, Protection Kit, Interior Kit and Exterior Kit. 


I am using the Screen Care Kit for car, and it's normal price for this kit is RM37 but now is RM34. This Kit including all the solutions and protections for car wind screen needs. The products consists of Rain Shield, Screen Wash and a Microfiber Cloth.

With Internet access, online shopping makes it easy and the packaging was nicely wrapped with no leakage or damage. 

The Car Life Microfiber Cloth is a reusable and durable cleaning cloth for all kind of surface. It does not scratch or damage any surfaces. Easy to use just rinse with running water, easy to remove light stains and use only mild detergent. Chemicals are not necessary to use in cleaning, do not need to use any fabric softener and do not bleach. 

The Car Life Screen Wash Concentrated clean wind screen effectively expels road grime, dirt, oil films, insect remains, bird droppings and anything that may end up on car wind screen. Cleaner and safer visibility in all weather. Safe on paintwork. Just pour 1/4 bottle into your windshield water tank and fill with clean water.Just refill the solution when necessary. 

The Car Life Rain Shield is a water repelling coating that improves wet weather driving visibility, safety, and comfort. It's applicable on all exterior glass surfaces: front , rear windscreen, side windows, and headlights.I like using the product because it leave a glossy finish, repels dust, dirts, stains and static electricity. It is suitable for leather, vinyl, rubber, and plastic.

How to use? Wash and clean the car surface before the application. Then dry the surface, apply with sponge of cloth and spread it on the surface evenly. Leave for few minutes, then wife off excess. 

There are many more products which Car Care Made Easy with Car Life, for more information just click on the link.

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