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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

List hold for free hold property?

Let me know if you prefer a list hold or free hold property, my grandpa owns a home which is list hold. Now the problem is having the place rent out or sell the place.

The list hold for the place is 33 years, it was 99 years. I think not many people prefer to have list hold unless the place is really nice and convenient. I mean like going to school or college or shopping mall.

In fact my grandpa's home was near to Primary and Secondary School. I guess nobody is interested with the place because it is next door to the temple? Last time there was no temple at all, I have no idea when the temple ended up next door.

Personally, I choose to have free hold as I will not have anything to worry about.

What's your say?


  1. I prefer free hold, better in resell price! Although the 1 i had now is lease hold! hahaha...

    Heard lease hold got a lot of problem when u wanna sell it!!

  2. hi Candygal :) I agree with you free hold is better :).

  3. New freehold The blossom condo (Satorn)
    - pre sales price
    - 5years fix rental guarantee
    - located next to Surasak BTS
    - Low rise resort style
    089 069 9977,


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