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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tattoo for hate or love?

I am sure you know that tattoo is becoming common today, most people are having tattoo on their body. I do not have any and no intention to get any at the moment. I remember that my ex boyfriend having a tattoo on his left arm or right arm of her ex girl friend.

I break up with him because he no longer understands me and he is paying attention to more of his friends than me. This was so long ago, he did tattoo himself of my name on his arm after we break up. I never had the chance to see it as I do not want to see when he showed it to me.

Since he is loves his friends more it is best that he spends more time with them than me. Of course until today, he blames me of break up.

What I remember there was a time, he borrow my helmet to fetch a classmate from work. He brings me along and she saw me at the mall. She even questioned him why I am there. I am his girl friend I can be there as I wish and the helmet is mine! Well, he ended up left me there and sends her home first then comes back for me.

Anyway get back to the topic, do you think tattoo for hate or love?


  1. some guys are so LAME! lucky u, he is a loser i think. if my SO cant put me as his priority, why should i also? u go gal~
    xoxo elle
    ps: wow its a lot of work to update so many blogs, how did u do it? ^^

  2. hi Elle, being full time blogger :)! I love blogging so I am ble to blog and update. :)

    Yeah about him, he is better off with another girl that he admired.

  3. gosh me even with 1 blog, seems hard to get anything down on the keyboard! u can really multitask!
    xoxo elle
    ps: since u r at my blog, rmb u got a hottest female blogger award! ;D


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