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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Just About Anything

It is Monday and everyone started to get busy. So I am here to tell you about Just About Anything, a blog by SAHM believe it or not the author Kikamz she is a Chemical Engineer. I like her blog as it is three columns template and she make full use of them. You can find that this blog is currently having 80 followers. It is a page rank 2 blog. You can click on the labels on the right bar to read the labels that interest you.

A post that caught my attention is The Stonehenge, where Kikamz and her hubby went to see the stone structure. Click on the link to see the beautiful pictures taken by them. They are living in Germany and I don't know that they can drive without license. As long you have guidance from someone you know which got the license it is okay.

There is so much to see and read at her blog. It is just about anything and life and everything of the blogger to share her view and experienced in life. They are proud parents to little girl named Samantha.

If you have time take a visit to her blog, she often update her blog. Just click on the banner below to visit Just About Anything.

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