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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Random WAHM Thoughts

I love blogging and there is a blog where everyone find it interesting to read. Random WAHM Thoughts where the author Kaye shares about giveaways she taken part. By the way there is a huge contest waiting for you to take part. I am sure you want to grab this chance to win $500 cash and prizes. I come to know Kaye from Fedhz's contest that I taken part not long ago.

I like the clean layout on this blog, it is well organized. You can find out how much Kaye like earn on the side bar. The blog can be improved with tags available on the side bar so we can just click on them to read. The blog not just a random work at home mom thoughts but also everything in between.

I am sure you like to read more on working from home in Philippines. This is where Kaye share her working experienced on working from home. I agree with her that it is not an easy to task work in front of computer every day.

Find out how Kaye started the Random WAHM Thoughts, how it began is where you get to know more about Kaye. Kaye is mommy to Svetlana, there is pictures of her in some posts. You got to visit her blog to read and see more.

By the way there is a huge contest going on over at Kaye and Pehpot's blog where you can win $500 and Prizes. Be sure to mention referral by Sherry so I get to earn some referral points. Click here and mention you know the contest from SHERRY.


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