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Monday, November 11, 2013

Movies date with son and nephew

It is double fun for the children, I brought son and nephew for movies. Yeah not just one movie but two movies. First movie is Special ID, I won the two movie passes and used it for redemption and pay extra for extra ticket. Then I bought Thor The Dark World tickets.

Special I.D my nephew likes it, Thor The Dark World son likes it. Well for me, I enjoy watching both movies. We started first movie at 5.30pm then second movie at 7.40pm. We have 20 min break to go dinner Subway. :D

It's my first time to watch two movies in a roll with them. I have experienced watching two horror movies in a row with my dear.

Special I.D about an undercover cop starring Donnie Yen *he's good in fighting*, he wants to be a cop again but he needs to catch the bad guy. It's quite violent and rough fighting in the movie. The undercover cop, he's a gangster with many tattoos.

Thor The Dark World, if you like Avengers and fans for Thor. You know you will never want to miss watching this movie. I am quite surprise for the ending of the movie. I feel like I don't see enough of this movie...

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