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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Goku Raku Ramen food review at Paradigm Mall

This is non-Halal post, it is Goku Raku Ramen food review at Paradigm Mall. 
They opened 23 May 2012, business hours 10 am to 10pm. tel: 03-7886 5774

You can easily find the Goku Raku Ramen it is located at Level 2, besides Daiso outlet.

Goku Raku Ramen
In 1872, noodles were introduced to Japan from mainland China. Since then, ramen has become a prominent dish in Japan. It is known to be as one of Japan's staple foods and favoured meal among the locals.

Over the century, ramen has developed into various styles. Different regions in Japan created their own special type of ramen, based on distinct soup types. In northern areas such as Sapporo, the Miso soup is a popular choice for ramen, whereas in southern districts like Hakata and Tokyo, the Tonkotsu (pork-based) broth and soy-flavoured ramen dishes are preferred by the locals.

At Goku Raku Ramen, we are introduced to the "Horikiri Style" ramen, discovered by noted ramen connoisseur, Mr, Terushina Shimizu. The unique style meshes well with the palatable pork, chicken and fish mixed broth, as well as the Shio (salt) and Shoyu (Japanese soy sauce) soup base especially made by the chef. The broth is simmered for long hours to bring out its exquisite taste and the ramen they serve is made fresh daily with their ramen-making machine.

Now let's get start with this Ultimate Black
Ultimate Black RM24.90 (R)
Ramen topped with Japanese char siew, I like their homemade delicious braised pork belly, bean sprouts, spring onions, bamboo shoot strips, seaweed, lava egg, fish powder and fragrant garlic oil.

It is recommend that you have this Ultimate Black with Collagan (RM2.90 for 2 pcs), if you like spicy sauce, Spicy Miso (RM2.90)

The Collagen when you put in the Ultimate Black, don't forget to stir it as it will melt immediately.
The picture above of Spicy Miso is not actual of serving as this portion you looking at is smaller. 

Below is the Tan Tan Ramen RM13.90 (R)

The Tan Tan Ramen, dry ramen topped with stir fried minced pork, cucumber, spring onions, Sze Chuan pepper and pine nuts. 

It is recommended that you add on Onsen Egg RM2.50

Click on the video with I capture using instagram, on mixing the Onsen Egg in Tan Tan Ramen.

The Tan Tan Ramen is not too spicy, if you like spicy, you can add on chili powder which available on the table.

 If you like minced pork like me, you'll like to try their Gokuraku meatballs.

above is Gokuraku meatballs RM9 (10pcs), there have 5 pcs for RM5.
The Gokuraku meatballs, minced pork, meatballs paired with sweet and sour sauce. Delicious at every bite, you can still see the sauce in the bowl where you can dip it for every bite.

Don't forget to try their Utsunomiya Yaki Gyoza

This Utosumomiya Yaki Gyoza RM14.90 (8 pcs)
It is classic pan-fried minced pork dumplings. 

They have special sauce to dip the Gyoza (Miso Tare & Shoyu Tare)
I forgot to snap the picture of the sauce.

If you like to eat rice, check out the Kakuni Curry Rice 

The Kakumi Curry Rice RM23.90, you can request additional curry sauce RM7.90

White rice served with braised pork belly, curry sauce, shreded chili and topped with soft boiled egg. It is yummy curry rice, which I like because it is not spicy.

If you prefer having without mixing the half boiled egg is alright, I try that still delicious to eat. I also tried mixing the egg in rice and eat the texture is thicker.

Love to try more dumplings? Check out Ebi Gyoza

Ebi Gyoza RM10.90 (5 pcs)
Pan-fried shrimp, pork lard and chives dumplings. 

Now let's move forward to dessert, the Annin Tofu, price at RM4.90
This is delicious dessert almond pudding. 

Thank you Goku Raku Ramen for inviting me for their food review at Paradigm Mall. 

You can find the genuine taste of Japanese Ramen now that Goku Raku Ramen has been stablished in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Goku Raku Ramen at Gurney Penang undergo a makeover and transform to Edo Raman. Edo Ramen offers a menu of more focused variety at lower price range starting from RM9.90, yet preserving taste of both the ramen and broth. 

For more info check out

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