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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Make Beautiful Happen with Panasonic Beauty

Last week I was invited to attend the Panasonic Beauty "Make Beautiful Happen" workshop, the workshop was held in Betjeman & Barton at One Utama Shopping Mall. 

Panasonic showcased their latest range of beauty and grooming products, by Panasonic Beauty, focusing on Hair Care and Face Care. There are real life demonstrations held at cozy and comfortable cafe.

Takaaki Uehara, Consumer Marketing Director, Panasonic Malaysia.
Make Beautiful Happen will be Panasonic Beauty's theme for 2015.
This slogan aims at promoting beauty in a bigger picture as beauty encompasses every aspects of one's life and not looks alone.

Yves Chong, Style Director from collaborating partner Number 76 Hair Salon.

demonstration for the nanoe Hair Straightener, model EH-HS95
Yves shares the benefits of the nanoe Hair Dyer, model EH-NA65 (RM423)
and EH-NA45P (RM286) which provide moisture while blow drying the hair. 
He also shares daily blow drying tips to keep the hair shining and smooth. He then demonstrated the easy usage of the nanoe Hair Straightener, model EH-HS95 (RM412) with Photo Ceramic Coating which maintains hair moisture & reduces color fading at the same time. 
Useful tips were shared on how to curl the hair with Panasonic Hair Straightener giving any women the convenience of changing their hair style daily. 
For a cleaner & healthier scalp, Yves demonstrated the Scalp Massager, model EH-HE94 (RM349) with a 4 finger simulation movements that can be used even when in the shower.

 Ella using the nanoe Hair Straightener, model EH-HS95 (RM412)

Trying out the Facial Steamer, model EH-SA31VP (RM529)

Elana helping Geozo using nanoe Hair Straightener, model EH-HS95 (RM412)
Miera using the Panasonic Eye Warming Massager, model EH-SW50 (RM589) and
Panasonic Facial Cool Putter, model EH-SQ10 (RM319)

Feeling tired eyes, so trying the Panasonic Eye Warming Massager, model EH-SW50 (RM589)
Leona using the Panasonic Facial Cool Putter, model EH-SQ10 (RM319), 
while Ella using the Thermal Esthetic Roller, model EH-SP32 (RM469)

There is Aishah Sinclair, Panasonic Beauty Brand Personality & Radio Announcer, she's mommy of two kids. Aishah shared on how she maintains her beauty regime with Panasonic Face Care products, despite her busy schedule. She also shared her experiences with the Facial Steamer, model EH-SA31VP (RM529) which produces nano-ionic steam that penetrates into the skin for deep moisture retention. The Facial Steamer can also be used to remove her makeup.
Following that, Aishah shared that she will then use the Thermal Esthetic Roller, model EH-SP32 (RM469) to firm up her face. 
Tips to have tightened pores with Panasonic Facial Cool Putter, model EH-SQ10 (RM319) were also mentioned during the workshop. On top of that, she highlighted that Panasonic Eye Warming Massager, model EH-SW50 (RM589) is one of her personal favourite as it help her to relax her eyes after a long day to improves the blood circulation around the eyes area.

Aishah holding Panasonic Facial Cool Putter, me holding the Thermal Esthetic Roller.
Everyone has got a busy lifestyle or schedule, so don't forget to take care of your hair and face. It will be a pampering moment at your own cozy home. 
We have hands on experience on the Panasonic Beauty products then we have hi-tea.

The new selection of Panasonic beauty and grooming products are designed and developed with its intended users in mind to provide complete user satisfaction.

If you like to know more about Panasonic beauty products please visit


  1. Wow! Nice sharing from you on the latest beauty technology : )
    Personally I like the Panasonic Eye Warming Massager : )
    Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  2. My first time attending Panasonic beauty event... Nice to meet you up there...

  3. Nowadays so many beauty gadgets!!! Panasonic is a well known and good brand. So much fun to be there!

  4. Lol. The facial steamer. It reminds me of vacuum. Anyway I din know Panasonic have gadgets for beauty. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. like that tagline... make beautiful happen :D.. I feel beautiful already

  6. So many fun beauty gadgets. Everyone can be pretty now.
    Though everyone is pretty in their own way =)

  7. Wow, looks like you having a lot of fun at this event. Too bad I'm working, if not I would like to join you guys too, trying all panasonic beauty products :P

  8. facial tools look good. gonna check them out in the stores...especially the steamer.

  9. Ah I might need an eye warming too lolx... Too much of facebook taking away my beauty sleep

  10. Fun event!! The facial steamer is it hot??

  11. Looking like you really enjoyed yourself at the panasonic beauty event! I really miss you girls! The facial thing looks good, I'm tempted to get one.

  12. Wow~~~
    It looks so fun to play around with those gadgets~~~
    I wish I could get all of them~

  13. Glad that you were given a chance to try on their new products! Panasonic has now moved into the Beauty Department haha.

  14. So many panasonic beauty gadgets!! Have yet to try any, will do so soon hehe! :D

  15. I really like the hair massager.... when can I have one.... huhuhu... Have a great weekend dear!!!!

  16. haha we look like we were super enjoying playing with all the products...great products and great company made a beautiful day

  17. Been using Panasonic products quite some time already, trusted brand, and I love your Eye Warming Massager, think it will be useful after whole day working in front of the PC :)

  18. So regret didn't go to this event seems a lot of fun

  19. Having so much fun in this event! I always love panasonic product <3


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