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Monday, August 24, 2015

SkinSoul Volume Attack Mascara product review

I received the SkinSoul Volume Attack Mascara two weeks ago

Mascara is what you can in almost every woman's purse. It's one of most important beauty products for every woman. 

This is their exclusive key ingredient Mulberry Root Extract deeply nourishes and strengthens lashes while Lash Curling Complex promotes Natural lasting curls.
I just using this for two weeks and I like it as I can see the results are fuller, longer and beautiful curled lashes.

Direction of Use:
Apply the mascara from the inner corner of your lashes and work outwards

Rotate the wand slightly in each section in order to deposit more mascara onto your lashes

Position the brush from the inner most area of your lash line and pull outwards and upwards

Repeat this process up to 3 times for the most dramatic look.

Apply mascara on the bottom lashes as well to give the appearance of wider, larger eyes.

*With daily use, results will be seen as early as 4 - 6 weeks. 

Natural Volume Attack Mascara
Of course if I want a better result I will need to continue using it.
As you can see the before treatment and after of the picture below.
It takes up to 8 weeks to see the long lash.

The SkinSoul Volume Attack Mascara is semi waterproof. 

Before and After
Click image above to view the before and after results of other users.

For your info I am only applying the mascara for my upper lashes for the past two weeks.

To my readers if you like to purchase the SkinSoul Volume Attack Mascara, you are welcome to use my code #sssherry. This set is at only RM195.

You will also be entitle to walk away SkinSoul SkinShield Set worth RM100 by minimum purchase of RM100 and above in a single receipt. 

Just for my readers are entitle to purchase 2 SkinSoul Ultra-Soft Facial Towelettes and walk away with a limited edition (not for sale) SkinSoul lip balm.

*All results are based on extensive research conducted by professional dermatologist. Results may vary.
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  1. Nice... pretty eye lashes after using the product... I want to try too... thanks for the review....

  2. Love the fact this mascara also have a Mulberry extract to help keeping the lash healthy.

  3. this is by far my fav mascara at the moment, it doesn't matter if it doesn't really lengthen, but i love that it is so easy to use and doesn't clump the lashes together

  4. Don't attack me. Don't attack me.. Oh wait. Volume attack ah. Not bad. It really adds volume, can visibly see the result.

  5. I am using this one too. So far I am loving it.

  6. Wah.. First time I heard Volume Attack Mascara from Skinsoul! Nice try it! :)

  7. I love this mascara!

    Kolin zainal


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