Friday, August 28, 2015

The Beauty of Malaysia watch it in 4 minutes

Click above video to see how the boys dance. 

Have you been to Malaysia? If not let's check out this video of Rejunevate Dance Crew, it's only 4 minutes video on the beauty of Malaysia. 

Merdeka Day is coming and everyone's has got their plan. How about you?

After watching this video I want to visit other states in Malaysia, frankly speaking I haven't been to all states in Malaysia. 

School holiday soon, it's time to plan where to bring my children for holiday. 


Really need to plan for my holiday zhor. The dance crew really performed very well


Excellent video. It gives me a new perspective to look at Malaysia.


Yea, love Malaysia and proud to be Malaysian! BTW they're creative and doing great in this video :D


Kids are going to have so much fun soon. Boleh baling beg sekolah..ngehehehe


Now, let's visit Malaysia for real... go to the destination one by one..


Thanks for this video it looks fantastic and kids are going to have fun. Malaysia is indeed a beautiful place to enjoy.


Thanks for sharing this!! I think i should forward this video to my sister!


Ah I think I saw this video elsewhere before! It takes quite a lot of effort to film just the first few seconds of the video, kudos to the team!


I believe that Malaysia has more that what i think it can offer :) A beautiful country filled with beautiful people like you :*


I love Malaysia. This is a great video to show how beautiful Malaysia is.


Ha..Ha...I am thinking of cuti cuti malaysia this year too! So your video sharing here is just in time to help me when I plan my local trip on where to visit : )


yay love malaysia and this video was really well done, it's a cool idea for sure.


Nice video, it's a bit shame that I also not yet been to most of the places.


I watched this video few weeks ago. That is amazing . Seriously our country is very beautiful.


interesting video, thanks for sharing. Happy i spent my last remaining data on your video. hehehe


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