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Friday, August 28, 2015

The Pure Beauty Event & Meet "All Things Girl" Stars

Priscilla Wong, Elena Kong and Joyce Tang
Last week I attended The Pure Beauty Event & Meet "All Things Girl" Stars.

The event held in Sunway Pyramid, special appearance of Hong Kong superstars during the launch of All Things Girl infortatinment program. The beauty inspired program series is made possible here in Malaysia by Pure Beauty exclusively at Watsons.

They are Pricilla Wong, Elena Wong and Joyce Tang were greeted by nearly 500 guests, members of the media and screaming fans at the launch where the Hong Kong artistes attended to a meet and greet session with lucky Watsons shoppers.
Group Photo (From Left): Priscilla Wong; Danny Hoh, Head of Marketing, Watsons Malaysia; Caryn Loh, General Manager of Trading, Watsons Malaysia; Joyce Tang and Elena Kong during the launch gambit.

Elena recent success on the movie screen was on her role in Triump in the Skies, a romantic drama film released earlier this year and also coincidently presented by Watsons during the movie release in Malaysia. 

Joyce is an actress with Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) in Hong Kong and is also better known to viewers as a tough woman mostly due to her characters in dramas, particularly her role as "Chan Sam Yun" in 1998 Hong Kong's modern cop drama Armed Reaction.

Priscilla, the lead actress from Come Home Love 2, She says that it is important for ladies to care control of our body so that we are able to perform despite the busy schedule. There is no beauty to her secretly only that she pay attention and take care of her body and physical needs.
Group Photo (From Left): Priscilla Wong; Danny Hoh, Head of Marketing, Watsons Malaysia;
Caryn Loh, General Manager of Trading, Watsons Malaysia; Elena Kong and Joyce Tang during the presentation of flowers to the Hong Kong artistes before the end of the event.

It's fun event tp see the above participants selected by the TVB actresses to be on stage to play a game with them on how they are going to sell the products to them. 

Watsons customers who attended the event for an exclusive meet and greet session with the Hong Kong superstars.

All Things Girl is a joint collaboration between Astro and TVB and sponsored by Pure Beauty exclusively at Watsons. The program will start airing on 6 September 2015 at 9pm and will be aired on Astro's Wah Lai Toi and Wah Lai Toi HD channels respectively.

If you have interest to know more about Watsons Malaysia please visit / Pure Beauty Malaysia Facebook or Watsons official website


  1. Nice... You got to meet the the stars? Must be great experience

  2. Pure Beauty is quite a known brand for skincare. Can't remember whoch product I used before...some time back liao:P

  3. Wah...Hong Kong stars ler. U r so lucky

  4. it's always nice to go events such as these, where you get to meet and get close and personal with the star.

  5. Elena is so pretty! I've always loved how shes so gorgeous and elegant

  6. Wah. Hong Kong stars. Did you take a selfie?

  7. hi cleffairy, no chance for selfie as they are busy on stage. Then their bodyguards come along to guard them down the stage.

  8. Hi 5 little angels, yeah now you know what you are missing out. :D

  9. Hi Issac Tan, yeah it is a rare chances hehe.. but we are lucky we get the media seats to be so close to stage.

  10. I love chocolate jie jie!~ hehe~ She's so cute on tv, and in real..


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