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Friday, November 6, 2015

CiUM - Kissing Lip Balm

CiUM - Asia's First Kissing Lip Balm
It's Friday, happy TGIF to all. What's your plan for this weekend?
Tonight I am going to blog this CiUM, this set of Asia's First Kissing Lip Balm.
For your information Cium, is a Malay word, it is meaning of Kiss in English. 

As you can see there's not one but two lip balms, this make sense as it's for couple.
One for Him,
One for Her.

Printed on this cute red packaging with following words
What is Life?
To Draw Close,
To Find Each Other,
To Be In The Moment,
That is The Purpose Of Life.

The named CiUM, comes with a story.
38,000ft. 2 more hours away from Sandra. The kiss Tom has been waiting for months.
Tom finally gets to make his kissing experience more memorable with Sandra.

Thank goodness for CiUM.

They are four types of lip balms combination for CiUM
  1. Cium Ais 5g 
  2.  Cium S'Berry 5g
  3. Cium Sambal 5g 
  4.  Cium Meeko 5g
Do you remember how you meet your loved one at the first time?
I mean how do you know your loved one at the first place?

So looks above photo that I have got is Cium S'Berry and Cium Meeko

I applied the CiUM S'BERRY, my favourite as it has most of letters for my name. Well, actually I like this because I find it has the scent of lychee. 

Though it's stated that is to enhance kissing for couples, but if you are single you can still use it.
You can applied one flavour on the top lip, another flavour on the bottom lip. Trade secret flavours with your lips.

You can bring this CiUM, anywhere you go.

I keep this in my bag everyday as I have dry lips. I need to apply lip balm on and off.
I don't feel oily applying this lip balm. 

Once you get started with CiUM, you can't get enough of it.

Contains Shea Butter for intensive moisturising and has also food ingredients for soft, supple and youthful lips. With soothing and hydrating properties. Contains antioxidants. Sweet taste and cooling effect with trade secret flavours.

It's a nice gift for loved ones. 
One for you and one for him/her. 

You can purchase this CiUM at


  1. my lip balm finish edi. How come CIUM don't sponsor me too? hahaha I actually love the name. So cheeky!

  2. Cium Strawberry might suits me well. Will get it and try it myself.

  3. I think CiUM is a very ground-breaking idea. I can see that you are enjoying it already. Now, I just need to find a partner to CiUM with!

  4. I love shea butter! am looking for one, thanks for introducing this, now i no need to search what is good. haha

  5. sweet taste, does that mean this product will attract ants too? *gosh*

  6. I might as well tell my my friend or loved one that I'm gonna give him a cium one day. I wonder if it's available in watson, guardian or any beauty pharmacy.

  7. i guess all the girls will like the Cium Strawberry?? haha, never know about this brand before until today, thanks for ur recommendation ^^

  8. Which flavour you like it? i like the s'berry. Eherm, CiUM with who?????

  9. I can see the boy at the back.. alahai I miss him a lot ..his cheeky badan and cuteee nak cubit cubit cuteee

  10. Haha what a creative way to market this product. One for him and one for her. But I doubt my bf would love to have one HAHA!

  11. I have read about this product in friend's blog but haven't tried it. Maybe should try soon.

  12. This lips balm is very sweet... but it has a new website now....CiUM , Asia's First Kissing Lip Balm has a swanky new online store ! In conjunction with the opening, CiUM team is providing free shipping!

    Purchase CiUM now for Christmas and Valentine's Day for your loved ones!

    Visit now at

  13. WAH! Cium going all out, so many blogers posting the same product, after awhile, I also don't know how to comment without it sounding repetitive.

  14. Saw many people review about this Cium lipstick but i personally have not try it yet.

  15. had try this really cool lip balm. like their moisture feel .

  16. ha...ha...dont know why before I complete reading your blog post...I have a feeling you will pick berry one :)
    Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  17. LOL looks like a product that teens won't be able to get their hands off!

  18. Keep reading many good reviews about Cium but haven't yet to try XD Should got one myself too!

  19. this is a great hint for your valentine, just give this like asking them to kiss you already haha

  20. I love this lip balm. It gave me cooling effect. Perfect for Malaysia weather :)

  21. I love it too! Oooo u make me wanna try your flavor! Mine is the Ice and Sambal! Like Cooling peppermint and ice cool sweet!

  22. I am hearing about this product from sometime and it looks cute as a sweet gift.

  23. cium sini, cium sana.. cium di mana mana.. hehe :)

  24. We have the same flavours! I personally love the meeko one cause it taste like chocolate. hehe

  25. Heyya Sherry, heard about this lip balm before and it looks like a nice gift. Nice catchy name though ;)


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