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Friday, November 6, 2015

Kenny Rogers ROASTERS' Hot Fiery Feast is here

It's November month, few days back it was my birthday.
Now about Kenny Rogers ROASTERS (KRR) has switches things up with a spicy and fiery twist in their latest recipe, the Hot Fiery Feast!

The new recipe comes with a Country-style Chicken Soup and Sesame Penne Pasta. 

The mouthwatering Hot Fiery Feast will be made available in 3 meal options; the Spicy Chicken & Pasta Meal, Spicy Chicken & Pasta Lite Meal and Sesame Penne Pasta Meal from RM17.90* onwards.

Lately I love to try out spicy food, I tried the Spicy Chicken & Pasta Meal refer to the first photo below. For your information the mouthwatering Hot Fiery Feast will be made available in 3 meal options; the Spicy Chicken & Pasta Meal, Spicy Chicken & Pasta Lite Meal and Sesame Penne Pasta Meal from RM17.90* onwards.

Check out the below for the price of the main meals
Spicy Chicken & Pasta Meal @RM23.50

1. Spicy Chicken & Pasta Meal @RM23.50
* Spicy Chicken + Sesame Penne Pasta + Country-style Chicken Soup

I like this as I find it is nice combination of everything in it. 

Spicy Chicken and Penne Paste Lite Meal
2. Spicy Chicken & Pasta Lite Meal @RM17.90
* Spicy Chicken + Sesame Penne Pasta

3. Sesame Penne Pasta Meal @RM20.90

Packed with nutrition, the Hot Fiery Feast meal is a healthy and calorie-friendly meal. 
 (From left): Marketing Manager of Berjaya Roasters (M) Sdn Bhd, Ms Christina Thong presenting the new Hot Fiery Feast alongside two KRR team members.

The introduction of this new taste will give a kick to spicy food lovers.
In this new recipe, they have their unique and hot BBQ sauce to blend with their nutritious chicken.
Country-style Chicken Soup and Sesame Penne Pasta to go with the meal as both has great amount of vitamins and minerals.

I love this new Sesame Penne Pasta, it has a rich flavour which makes it a perfect blend in the meal.

If you love to bring home some home made muffins, check out the photo above. Now they comes with a nice eco-friendly pack that you can use it as gift for loved one. 
 KRR will be having a special promotion for their Kenny's Home Made Muffins for the festive Christmas season!
You can choose to indulge in the hot feast with an a la carte Spicy Chicken or Sesame Penne Pasta on its own! In addition to the variety of selection offered, you can enjoy the Hot Fiery Feast with the following preference:

a) Add on RM 1.99** for Kenny’s Home-made Muffin or any side dish each with the purchase of the promotion meal (Maximum of 3 add-ons per meal only)

*All prices vary at Genting Highlands, KLIA 2, Little Red Cube and Langkawi Jetty Point.
**This term will entitle guests for a scoop of side dish

À la Carte:
1. Spicy Chicken à la carte @ RM13.90
2. Sesame Penne pasta side dish à la carte @ RM 8.90

For more information on Kenny Rogers ROASTERS, kindly contact 03 - 2119 9888.
You can also visit or


  1. oh im a fan of their muffin! :D i love to buy and reheat the next morning hahha

  2. being long time no eat krr .. remind me their yummy roasted chicken . hehe!later ask my hubby dinner la.

  3. Long time did not dine in Kenny Rogers. Love its juicy chicken. Maybe could give their newest menu the next round I go there.

  4. I have always loved the meals in KRR and the muffins.
    It has been quite some time since I have meals there. Gonna go there la later

  5. I saw their new menu but have not try it yet. Is time to visit back Kenny Rogers

  6. amazing looking food... I like Kenny Rogers roast chicken with macaroni and cheese.... heheh

  7. I love kenny's muffin :) and now can enjoy their new menu served :)
    Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  8. Going to try this soon, love the spicy chicken though.

  9. I should try their new menu since its been long long time I didn't try out their food already!

  10. A bit spicy for me, I prefer the Sesame Penne Pasta more :)

  11. I think it's too spicy for me... THe chicken soup is nice though~

  12. its been so long since I last eat kenny roaster..

  13. I miss eating at Kenny Rogers... the muffins looks lovely to eat yummm.


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