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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Lost World of Tambun's Petting Zoo

Do you remembered that I visited Lost World Hot Springs & Spa not long ago. I have not blog about the theme park and Lost World of Tambun's Petting Zoo. 

The next day after the media night event at Lost World Hot Springs & Spa, we have breakfast at Garden Terrace. You can click on the link to view more photos. 

 It's breakfast so there's nasi lemak and other types of food to choose from. It's buffet spread you can click on the link above to view more photos.
Roti Jala? 

nice rides awaiting media bloggers

 Yeah it's fun for children only, you'll like your kids to play and always watch out for them as they are still kids.
Such a fun water playground for the kids, I am sure my sons will love to play the slides there.
Free bicycle rides you can find there.

elephants, yeah you can get up there for snap photo. 

 Wanna see more photos on Petting Zoo, click on the link to view. There was a photo of me with a python.
It's fun place to walk through the different areas where you would be able to feed, touch and experience animals in their natural habitats. If you have followed my instagram @sherrygo ,you'll see a insta video on the tortoise I recorded.

The Petting Zoo allows you to touch, feel, feed and play with the animals. To keep the memory for a long time, kids and adults alike can pose for pictures with the Macaw and the Python at the Rock Canopy.
mines? what can you find?

 It was a fun day for media bloggers as we get to play some rides. The Dragon Flights, a thrilling swing chair ride, it was nice seeing other bloggers playing this but I didn't try it. The Storm Ride, it has 40 seater, swings 180 degrees. I have ride on it not as scary like the Sunway Lagoon. An adrenaline-pumping ride with fast and furious swings.
yummy meal at the food court.
There's day and night attractions at Lost World of Tambun.

The Lost World Hot Springs & Spa operation hours from 6pm to 11pm daily.

For more information, you can visit


  1. Heard of this place. Would love to visit it some day.

  2. Hi Rose, yes you can start planning next school holidays :D


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