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Monday, April 11, 2016

Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+ Luminous System Review

Have you discover what you love lately? I wanna share with you mine, it's skin care products 
of Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+ Luminous System.

Being Asian, it's important to find skin care products that suitable for me. 

Mary Kay has created MelaCEP Plus+ Luminous System
a complete regimen to address a whole new level of luminosity benefits including translucency, brightness, purity, even-looking tone, and hydration. To bring skin closer to exquisite clarity.

Packaging of the Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+ Luminous System
MelaCEP Plus+ Luminous System five products

Designed for and tested on Asian skin, MelaCEP Plus+ Luminous System presents five products -
Ultimate Serum, Foaming Cleanser, Freshener, Mask and Ultimate Cream -
all providing immediate hydration and brightening benefits that retain over time. 
The products are suitable for dry, normal, combination or oily skin types and have been found to be gentle and non-irritating.

Designed for and tested on Asian skin, MelaCEP Plus+ Luminous System presents five products -
Ultimate SerumFoaming CleanserFreshenerMask and Ultimate Cream

Formulated with edelweiss extract, algae extract, and vegetable amino acids, this proprietary blend of ingredients targets melanin, which may help reduce the appearance of dark spots. 

Eldeweiss extract: has been known to target melanin, helping diminish discoloration on the skin.
Algae extract: target melanin and helps reduce the appearance of discoloration on the skin's surface.
Vegetable amino acids: shown to significantly improve the brightness of skin*, improve the overall evenness of skin tone* and reduce the visible contrast of dark spots on the skin* so they're less noticeable. 

Get to know the additional key ingredients of the latest the MelaCEP Plus+ products 
(Foaming Cleanser, Freshener, Ultimate Cream, and Mask) also contain Shiitake mushroom extract: Certain mushrooms, like shiitake, contain a specific enzyme known for their purification properties. In fact, the paper industry has utilized the discovery of this enzyme from mushrooms to purify the color from tree bark in order to make white paper. 

Mary Kay has helped women discover products that they love: innovative skin care, irresistible makeup and unforgettable fragrances. Now let's get back to the Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+ Luminous System.

How to use the MelaCEP Plus+ Luminous System the five products? 
                                      Step 1: MelaCEP Plus+ Foaming Cleanser

MelaCEP Plus+ Foaming Cleanser (RM129 / 100ml)
This is gentle, purifying foam looked milky. The purifying foam effectively lifts away impurities without stripping skin. Formulated with the exclusive MelaCEP Plus+ Luminous Complex, it brightens dull skin and improves the look of uneven skin.

Use twice a day, morning and night. 
Put a small amount of Foaming Cleanser in the hand and mix with water to create foam.
Then apply the Foaming Cleanser to the face and neck, avoiding eye area.
Rinse with water. 
Gentle enough for everyday use. 

Step 2: MelaCEP Plus+ Freshener

MelaCEP Plus+ Freshener (RM129 / 100ml)
MelaCEP Plus+Freshener gives skin feels toned and refreshed. 

Step 3: MelaCEP Plus+ Ultimate Serum

  MelaCEP Plus+ Ultimate Serum (RM350 / 30ml)
Brightening products are commonly perceived to be drying to the skin but the Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+ Luminous System has been specifically developed to include products such as the Ultimate Serum that condition skins without drying it out, so skin feels healthier after use. 

Loving this serum as it quickly absorb to my skin. 
How to use MelaCEP Plus+ Ultimate Serum?
Just pump once is enough, then use fingertips to gently apply over face and neck after cleanser and freshener, morning and evening. 

Step 4: MelaCEP Plus+ Ultimate Cream
MelaCEP Plus+ Ultimate Cream (RM180 / 30ml)
The Ultimate Cream that I love to pamper my skin with this lightweight yet moisturizing cream. 
Infuses skin with the exclusive MelaCEP Plus+ Luminous Complex and carefully selected botanical extracts to significantly improve the brightness of skin.

Apply day and night after serum. 
MelaCEP Plus+ Ultimate Cream leaves skin feeling moisturized and soft. Only use the adequate amount that you need and spread it over your face and neck. 

MelaCEP Plus+ Ultimate Cream, leaving my skin looking luminous and even-toned.
Moisturizes skin at the same time.

Dramatically enhances skin's overall appearance. 

Don't be lazy or skip any steps yeah. It's important to follow each steps above.

Lastly, don't forget that we need to pamper our skin with mask like 2 to 3 times a week.
 MelaCEP Plus+ Mask 

MelaCEP Plus+ Mask (RM169 / 85ml) 
I prefer to use the mask at night before going to bed, it's just 10 to 15 minutes of pampering time.
This is creamy mask refines the skin surface for a more luminous complexion.
Infused with the exclusive MelaCEP Plus+ Luminous Complex, it provides overall brightening while leaving skin softer, smoother and more radiant. 

How to use MelaCEP Plus+ Mask?
Make sure clean and dry the skin face and neck.
Apply a medium layer of mask over face and neck.
Avoid use in the eye and mouth areas.
Leave on for a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes.
Wash away the mask after 15 minutes.
Note: The mask will not be completely dry.
Use 2-3 times a week.
Caution: Do not use on irritated skin.

I have been using the 
Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+ Luminous System for two weeks and it didn't irriate my skin. For your information, I have combination skin. It is part of all-in-one whitening system that helps minimize uneven pigmentation to reveal brighter, smoother, lumious skin.

Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+ Luminous System Formula Attributes
  • Specially formulated for and tested on Asian skin 
  • Suitable for sensitive skin 
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Clinically tested for skin irritancy and allergy.

Products made in Korea


Now you know how to immerse your skin in luminous fairness. 

Mary Kay MelaCEP Plus+ Luminous System is available exclusively through your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant from April 2016. To locate a consultant,
call 03-7711 7500 or visit


  1. Mary Kay. A well-known beauty products.

  2. Never try Mary Kay. Look like a good range to try.

  3. hi Cindyrina Rina, yeah it is a good range to try.

  4. great range to try.. im having acne skin... would like to know which one is better

    1. Mary Kay has new Clear Proof Set Regimen which is formulated specifically for acne-prone skin. This was Acne-prone system set but reformulated and improved last April 2017, so the result is beyond expectations.

  5. Never tried this brand before also. Probably in the future :D

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  12. Mary Kay is a well known brand for make up! Never knew it has skincare too, I also wish to achieve brighter and luminous skin like you too!

  13. Hi Sherry. Thanks for sharing with me when we met the other day. Will try to use these products. :)

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