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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Majlis Rumah Terbuka Aidilfitri MYDIN 2016

Good evening to my readers, how do you spend your yesterday evening? I spend my time with MYDIN USJ, Subang Jaya. It's a Friday night, thank you MYDIN for inviting me to the Majlis Rumah Terbuka Raya MYDIN 2016, #GirangSyawalTiba. Happy 10th Anniversary to MYDIN USJ, it is the first hypermarket of MYDIN.

"Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin! Sambutan hari-hari perayaan besar seperti Majlis Rumah Terbuka MYDIN USJ - Girang Syawal Tiba ini adalah manisfestasi MYDIN untuk menghargai masyarakat setempat yang multinasional khusunya para pelanggan setia MYDIN. Istimewanya, Majlis Rumah Terbuka Aidilfitiri MYDIN kali ini adalah sebagai salah satu simbolik untuk meraikan ulangtahun ke-10 MYDIN USJ sebagai pasar raya besar MYDIN yang pertama. Saya sangat yakin majlis komuniti yang berasaskan sambutan perayaan seperti ini mampu memupuk nilai-nilai murni khususnya rasa hormat-menghormati, bertolak ansur dan mewujudkan kesefahaman yang baik dalam kalangan masyarakat majmuk USJ khususnya dan masyarakat Malaysia amnya, yang hidup secara harmonis." Datuk Wira (Dr.) Hj. Ameer Ali bin Mydin, Pengarah Urusan Mydin Mohamed Holdings Sdn Bhd. 

Every there are lucky draws for lucky shoppers, this year prizes are following:
Sharp 50" Full HD LED TV, Sharp Frige 360 litres, Sharp 32" LED TV, Sharp Fridge 170 liters and Sharp Washer 7kg. Prizes are on the stage as you can see the photo below, there are goodies bags and hampers too. Lucky shoppers that win will need to have Meriah MYDIN card member, with a minimum spend of RM80 in a single receipt attached to the entry form to put in the information counter box which is located at MYDIN MALL USJ from 23 July 2016. It's a lucky draw, every entry counts, the closing time for the entries is 7pm on 29 July 2016. The night where the lucky draw session held and winners will bring home the prizes.
Shoppers awaiting the lucky draw and performance, some people chooses to have their photo take at the photo booth at MYDIN MALL USJ
There are stage performances and lucky draw session for the lucky shoppers. The night is well entertained by two emcees, they are Nor Azzura and Riena Hassim (Pengacara Program Wanita Hari Ini). Five local artist also perform on the stage namely Tia Jimbara, Jimmy Screen, Nadia AF, Wani Mentor and Lan Kristal.

food kioks that public can enjoy having their food and drinks.
It's a happening night where you can enjoy the variety of food at the food kioks. With 20 food kioks available variety of food namely nasi hujan panas, lemang, nasi impit, ice cream, rendang, ketupat, kambing golek, satay and kuih muih. Dinner starts at 8pm where the food kioks open for public, many people waiting for their turn. This year Rumah Terbuka Raya is special as the food served are from product Industri Kecil Serderhana (IKS) like Sanabil Roti Bom, Faihah Forzen and Beras Juara that is same age as MYDIN USJ.

I have take some photos, you can click on the link to check them out. Majilis Rumah Terbuka MYDIN USJ welcome 30 orphan from Rumah Amal Limpahan Kasih, Puchong, Selangor. Duit raya and goodies bag are given to them at the event, it's happy moment where we get to see them enjoy themselves.

One of the oprhan from Rumah Amal Limpahan Kasih, Puchong accepting duit raya

group photo of VIPS at the event
It's a wonderful night where everyone get to enjoy, kids having fun to play the fireworks provided by MYDIN. It's a nonstop entertainment at the stage, there's performance and quiz plus dance performances.
congratulations to lucky draw winners - photo credit to Facebook MYDIN Malaysia

Don't forget to follow the updates, activities and promotion of MYDIN at

fire works to play in the night

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

After 30days of using the REALASH cosmetics

photo take during my media trip to Legoland earlier this month
 After 30 days of using the REALASH cosmetics, if you haven't read about my unboxing of the REALASH cosmetics box you can click on the link to read about it. I didn't forget to bring along the REALASH cosmetics to media trip, I brought them along while I was in Johor Bharu for the media trip.

Beauty cosmetics that I am using are REALASH eyelash enhancer and BROW for brow conditioner.

The day BEFORE I start using the REALASH cosmetics, my eyebrows you can see on the left is lesser the right.
My eyelashes sometimes have fallen out before using the REALASH eyelash enhancer. I didn't have this problem after using it. I have sensitives eyes and these products didn't irritate my skin.

The BROW - brow conditioner has the advanced formula stimulates the natural growth of brows. After using it for 30days my brows are thicker and fuller. The bottle of 4ml BROW can lasts up to 8 - 12 weeks.
Applying REALASH Eyelash Enhancer, once a night on upper eyelid at the root of eyelashes.
Applying BROW REALASH - brow conditioner for eyebrow once a night for eyebrows. 
AFTER using the REALASH cosmetics a month, you can see above photo for the eyebrow. 
 Love my fuller lashes after 30 days of using it, you can refer to above photo. Photo above taken without any makeup on. I saw some slight grow of my eyelashes. Photo below shows the eyelashes after I have applied the mascara. I also have applied eyeliner on my upper eyelid.
After application of mascara on the eyelashes.
 Even though it is after 30days of using it, I am still continue to use them. The special formula and easy to use applicator brush of REALASH eye enhancer is 3ml serum is enough for 4 to 5 months treatment. Simple and easy to use, just one stroke on the roots of upper eyelid lashes. Applied them in the night before bed time, make sure the eyelashes are clean without any makeup.

Every product has their shelf life, the product is best before 6 months after it has been opened for the first time.
 If you like to get your hands on the REALASH cosmetics, you can find them at

REALASH eyelash enhancer is 3ml, while BROW -brow conditioner is 4ml. With Internet access today we can shop easily online. REALASH brand products are not tested on animals.
I am happy with the results of REALASH cosmetics given after 30 days of using them.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Japan Setouchi Fair @AEON 1 Utama

If you like to shop for Japanese snacks and food, you can check out the Japan Setouchi Fair at AEON 1 Utama. The fair starts from today and ends on 27 July 2016. The fair also host at AEON Terbaru City and AEON Queensbay on the same date. You can start planning on when to go this fair.

Four cities from Japan that includes Okayama, Hiroshima, Matsuyama and Takamatsu, AEON CO. (M) BHD, joins hands to hose the Setouchi Fair. Among the distinguished guests of honour that are present to officiate the Setouchi Fair launch are Mr. Masao Omori, Mayor of Okayama, Mr. Kazumi Matsui Mayor of Hiroshima, Mr. Akio Nishiizumi Deputy Mayor of Matsuyama, Mr. Yusuke Matsushita Deputy Mayor of Takamatsu, Mr.Masaaki Okazawa General Manager AEON RETAIL Co. Ltd. and Mr. Hiroyuki Kotera Senior General Manager Retail Business AEON CO. (M) BHD.

The four cities will be featuring their specialities at the fair are as follows:
  • Okayama- Hakuto (peaches) and Kibidango (dumplings)
  • Hiroshima - cooking demonstration on the Okonomiyaki and Frozen Oysters
  • Matsuyama - crushed jelly with Beni-madonna oranges and cooking demonstration for Jakoten fish cake
  • Takamtsu- cooking demonstration for their knife cut sanuki udon noodles and Inaka miso.
Spotted cute Hello Kitty packaging, more photos can be seen in Fan Page My Mom's Best, click the link.
Speech by Mr. Hiroyuki Kotera Senior General Manager Retail Business AEON CO. (M) BHD.
 There will be booth to promote tourism Japan, especially focusing on attractive sites in the Setouchi area. It's good to know as I never been to Japan, so not sure of the attractions there. The major attractions in Setouchi, include large area of which is designated as a National park, the calm inland sea and the beautiful islands and famous sites such as the a-bomb dome in Hiroshima (World Heritage) and Okayama Korakuen garden. Setouchi is also well known for its historical buildings and as a central location of art.

For a minimum purchase of RM10, you will get a free chance to experience "Superball Sukui" a traditional game enjoyed by children during the festival. They will also introduce Okonomiyaki recipe for those health conscious that are allergic to flour. You can check out my facebook fan page for some photos I taken at the fair.

So mark you calendar and do check out this fair if you like to check out their cooking demonstration at the fair.

Among the distinguished guests of honour that are present officiate the Setouchi Fair launch are Mr. Masao Omori, Mayor of Okayama, Mr. Kazumi Matsui Mayor of Hiroshima, Mr. Akio Nishiizumi Deputy Mayor of Matsuyama, Mr. Yusuke Matsushita Deputy Mayor of Takamatsu, Mr.Masaaki Okazawa General Manager AEON RETAIL Co. Ltd. and Mr. Hiroyuki Kotera Senior General Manager Retail Business AEON CO. (M) BHD.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"Anyone can be a Property Millionaire" Reality TV Show

If you know anyone interested in property investing or has interest to be on a real estate reality TV show.
"Anyone can be a Property Millionaire" Reality TV Show
In search of 8 Property Millionaire Stars

The auditions for aspiring property millionaire stars will kick off on 24 July for the widely anticipated "Anyone can Be a Property Millionaire" Reality TV Show. The search is on for Malaysia's future property millionaire star who will take to the stage together with fellow millionaire hopefuls as part of a real estate reality TV show, the first of its kind in the country and possibly the world. Expected to be broadcast in the 2nd quarter of 2017, the show's creator and host, Dato' Sri Gavin Tee said he is inviting everyone (Chinese-speaking for the 1st session) to apply to participate.

Last Saturday bloggers were invited for the Bloggers' Conference of Malaysia's 1st Chinese TV Reality Show. The conference was held at Capri by Fraser, Bangsar South.

from left Andrew Lim from Tedmi, Dato' Sri Gavin Tee, Irene.

Shortlisted participants will then go through a selection process where factors such as how they express themselves, financial ability, assessment tests results, and a simple self-introduction, will be taken into consideration. 
The search for the 8 Property Millionaire Stars will kick off with Tee's talk on "Anyone Can be a Property Millionaire" on July 24 (Sunday) at 2pm to be held at the Grand Ballroom, The Garden Hotel, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur. 

The shortlisted applicants will be placed under 8 different categories -
Celebrity, Professional, Foreigner, Disabled, Businessman, Young Graduate, Retiree and Real Estate Expert.
Tee will personally guide each of the 8 participants to each stage of the buying process, from the selection of properties, borrowing of loans to the signing of the Sale & Purchase agreement. 
The objective is to buy a property that eventually gives the greatest return within a specific time-frame.

"These are ordinary members of the public who typify the particular category that they belong to, for example, the young graduate who has a strong desire to own a house and who has experienced some mistakes along the way; the businessman who owns several properties without proper management of his portfolio and who may constantly face problems renting out his properties or has rental collection issues," Tee said.

This is an opportunity if you have interest to know of property investing, or you like to participate in being one of the 8 Property Millionaire Stars in this TV Show. 

Tee, who widely regarded as one of the top property speakers in the region, emphasised that the show will feature a cross-section of society, "real people who will really buy a property and not merely acting".

To participate, you may purchase a ticket at only RM50 where you can attend Dato' Sri Gavin Tee's talk and meet him in person on 24 July at 1pm to 5pm, venue at the Gardens Hotel, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur.
Online ticket:
You can click on the link above for more details.
 This programme is produced by Swhengtee Group, a production of SKT Media & Entertainment Group.
Dato' Sri Gavin Tee, the property veteran of 25 years

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Happy Birthday! Althea Malaysia turns 1

 It's time to shout out for Althea's birthday celebration, Happy Birthday to Althea! Althea turns 1, I love to online shopping and never fail receive pink parcel from Althea. If you like to shop for Korea beauty products like me, you can start shopping from today 20 July to 31 July 2016.
Happy Birthday to Althea, #altheaturn1

I am not only the person who likes the pink parcel from Althea, I am sure many beauty bloggers like it. Pink parcel and the pink box are so attractive. The pink box can be use to keep beauty products, diy your own pink box.

I am loving the pink parcel I received direct from Korea
 I love July, it is not only my dear's birthday but also Althea's birthday celebration! Do you know that for orders on 20 July onwards, you will receive the LIMITED EDITION Birthday Box and DIY Party Kit. *While stocks last*

I love to shop online at Althea, the pink parcel reached me within 10 days. The product range from head to toe, skincare, makeup, hair and body. prices are affordable and they direct ship to Malaysia from Korea. You can find many brands on shopping on Althea, namely Skinfood, Skin9, Mamonde, Innisfree, Laneige, Etude House and many more. The website is user friendly and easy to browse, you can find the New Arrivals, Most Viewed and Best Seller.

DIY party kit
 You don't want to be disappointed, you can get start shopping for yourself or loved ones now. There's a good reason to shop now because you get FREE GOODIES for first 1,500 shoppers! Full-size beauty products. *While stocks last*.
My Athea shopping for hair care and makeup, spot the cute angry bird's brow gel tint

I love shopping, how about you? When you get started, to shop for loved ones and yourself, you can't stop. So listen up there is Althea Malaysia turns 1 Birthday Giveaway. Pick 3 Top Sellers for 100% REBATE! Rebate will be credited into your account once order is completed. Don't forget to click the Althea Birthday Giveaway banner on the website to pick 3 Best Sellers to enjoy the 100% rebate!

That's not all, there's contest by Althea! Let's take part in #AltheaTurns1 Instagram Contest.
If you don't have an account for Instagram, start to create an account for yourself now. Using the Althea party kit, wish Althea a happy birthday with #altheaturns1 and stand a chance to win amazing prizes such as Macbook Air, Ipad Air 2, iPhone 6S, Galaxy S6 Edge, Canon EOS M10 Selfie Camera, Althea credits and beauty hampers from Althea!

Exciting the Prizes total worth KRW10,000,000 to be won. 

Contest starts from 20 July to 15 August, 2016. Get start shopping now to receive your Althea's limited edition beauty box and DIY party kit. Don't forget it's while stocks last.

Sharing is caring so here's my reward code ATAMY20-8487-KGOZH-BJYS for a special discount. More information You’re going to love Althea!
Click on the banner to get start shopping on Althea

Friday, July 15, 2016

Taxi Rides Made Safer with JomProtect

Everyone has got a busy lifestyle especially full time stay at home mom like me. It is tough to go from one destination to another when there's no own transportation. There's time that we need to send our cars to service center and at the same time we have commitment to fetch our beloved children. With the smart phone today we can install the Jomtaxi app to our smart phone. Tune Protect has joins forces with Jomtaxi to introduce JomProtect, a FREE insurance plan designed to protect passengers throughout their journey, making taxi riders safer. Good news to everyone as currently available in Kuala Lumpur.
Jomtaxi founders are Valens and George Grama, both of them are passionate about building world changing technology.

George Grama
Founders and former managers of iCab and Mondo Taxi, which is:
iCab: A reputable taxi media owner which has 6,000 taxis sign up.
Mondo Taxi: The leading taxi ordering app in Romania and Moldova.
JomTaxi represents the international effort of the two founders.

Jomtaxi launched the nation's foremost ride-hailing app the help passengers to get a taxi quicker while providing an alternative for taxi drivers to earn additional income more efficiently in March 2016. Introduced at advent of other ride-hailing apps, it aims to make the taxi booking environment more friendly and exciting, ultimately providing an avenue for taxi drivers to compete with other ride-sharing providers.

I know it's not easy to hail down a taxi on the road, Jomtaxi is a free smartphone app that allows to order a licensed taxi. I have downloaded the app on my phone. The multi-lingual app is available in English, Mandarin and Malay language. You can choose the prefer language that you preferred.

Jomtaxi took one step further by including several functions such as 'call-back' which allows users to call the driver should they accidentally leave their belongings in the taxi. This is good as I am sure you'll be panic when you left your valuable behind. Why wait? Get start by down the app to your smart phone now.

welcome screen

You can choose taxi type, pick up location and drop off location.

The app will show estimation of fare rate. Customer can choose current order or reschedule an order.  
 The system cater to handle promo code.
System checking for closest and available drivers for the assignment. 

The Jomtaxi app allows customer to choose driver based on their rating and comments by riders. Once customer accept the job customer can view driver location and other detail. Customer can give rate to driver and even add or block any driver to ensure safety. Not just about safety of customer. The driver will send you a 'Buzz' he arrives so that you will know exactly when he's outside waiting for you.

JomProtect is specially designed by Tune Protect, a leading digital insurance provider that is championing its cause to make insurance easier, more accessible, affordable and relevant to consumers; in line with the values behind creation of Jomtaxi app that sets out to offer convenience not only to passengers but also taxi drivers.

Unique to Jomtaxi, the JomProtect plan is integrated into the app booking system whereby passengers who are registered for the specific taxi ride will automatically be included as the insured in this tailor-made insurance policy. Safety first, making a purchase though this app, passengers who journey with a taxi will automatically enjoy the complimentary insurance coverage valued at up to RM10,000. You can check their website for more details on the complimentary insurance coverage.

I know if I am going for a trip, I will be interested to hail down a taxi to arrive the destination of departure on time. Now I can travel confidence and peace-of-mind on every journey, even if it was for a short distance.

If you like to know more information of the Jomtaxi please visit, you can also follow their update on

Friday, July 8, 2016

Legoland Hotel: Adventure theme room

My first trip to Legoland was two years back, it was a media day trip for the Star Wars. The first time I get to see the Star Wars Miniland in Legoland Malaysia. Exciting as this coming November, there's LEGO NINJAGO: The Ride. If you haven't read about it can click on the link to read it.

The LEGO Themed Hotel, Legoland Hotel is a family fun place for family to enjoy their stay. All 249 rooms are themed to give guests the choice of playing Pirate commanding a Kingdom or embarking on an Adventure.
Happy me when arrival at the Legoland Hotel, having my travel toy company me. It is the Rilakkuma, if you didn't know of this toy can click on the link to view it.

 My room with media is number 604, the Adventure theme room. My room has nice view as its facing the waterpark of Legoland.
Legoland Themed Hotel Bedroom, my room is the Adventure room: embark on the ultimate adventure and hunt for the hidden treasure amongst tarantulas, scorpions, lizards and other jungle animals. Another two themed available are Pirate and Kingdom.

The hotel consists of 234 themed rooms and fully theme rooms, 7 Pirate Deluxe rooms, 8 Kingdom Suites.

15 September 2012, Legoland Malaysia Theme Park Grand Opening.
21 October 2013, Legoland Water Park Official Opening.
29 November 2013, Legoland Hotel opens to public and completion of Legoland Malaysia Resort.

can you spot the hair dryer? Usually the hair dryer in the restroom but you find this in the room.

 All rooms includes a king sized bed for grown ups plus separate semi-private sleeping area for up to three children, complete with bunk bed, pull-out trundle bed and entertainment unit.

 You can also find the lobby of the hotel with features of knight's castle that tower into the sky. The children's play area interactive Lego games and activities over 100,000 Lego bricks. There's a swimming pool in the hotel that I didn't have time to check out.

 The restroom has two mirrors, one for the adult to use, another for the children.
The restroom do not have bath tub as you don't be enjoying bath tub time but go out and explore and discover the Lego bricks awaiting you. The water park and theme park awaiting you.

 Bath robes available for 2 adults 2 children in the room, there is a safe box and torch light available in the room. Hair dryer is located at the master bedroom under the desk.

 Fun time in the room after a long day, time to find the answers for the questions. Then only we can bring home these treasures in the treasure box.
Having our lunch at Market Restaurant
I choose the combo Western Meal, Aus Braised lamb shank with a dessert and a drink.
Yummy lamb shank on top, the bottom is the mashed potato and sliced carrot and tomatoes.
Indeed a family fun family destination for family and children aged 2-12 years old. So far my family and children haven't been there. I have uploaded the photos in photo album of my Fan Page, click on the link to view the photo album. If you like to know more information, you can also visit

Energizer® Brand Refresh Launch @Sunway Pyramid

Energizer® Brand Refresh Launch f eaturing  from left to right:  Mr  Tan Suang Jak, Channel Director for Modern Trade,  Energizer® Ho...