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Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Benefits of Investing in a Timeshare

Timeshares get a bad rap, mainly because of misconceptions and misunderstandings. While there have been some shady business practices, such as aggressive sales tactics, by unethical people, this is not the norm in the timeshare industry. The truth is, timeshares can be a great investment that provides many benefits, which are discussed below.

More Affordable
Since you are sharing the home with others, you get access to an expensive property at a more affordable price. This opens up a whole new world of options when it comes to what properties you can afford. What’s even more is that you don’t have to worry, or foot the entire bill, for year round maintenance of the property. Furthermore, a vacation home owned solely by you will be left vacant for a good portion of the year. And most experts recommend against leaving a home vacant for too long of a period.

As anyone who has ever booked a vacation before knows, it can be difficult trying to find your desired timeframe, especially during popular vacation times. With a timeshare, you know ahead of time which blocks in the calendar are yours. However, you can utilize timeshare exchanges to trade for a different time period, or even a different property.

Potential Income Maker
In some instances, you may be able to rent out the block of time set aside for you, thus earning money on your timeshare investment. You can use this money how you see fit. Keep in mind, however, that you will need to make sure your timeshare agreement allows renting your time blocks.

Sharing is Caring
One of the benefits of having a timeshare is that you can let, if your arrangement allows it, your family and friends use the property during your time block. Another option is offering your unused blocks to a charity auction.

Before you rush into anything, make sure to know all the fine print and know all that goes along with the investment, such as timeshare termination. Knowing this information will help protect yourself against any surprises with your investment. Furthermore, before signing any contract, make sure to research the company you will be working with. Read reviews written by past and present clients. This will help ensure you’re working with a trustworthy company.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Lipice Tinted Lipbalm in Disney Edition

I swapped on my left hand to show you the 3 shades.
These are so cute looking packaging of Lipice Tinted Lipbalm in Disney Edition. Fans of Disney both young and old will fall in love with this new look as the new design is modern yet fun at the same time.

Lipice Tinted Lipbalm is packaged in contrasting black and pink designs to give it a young, vibrant and fun feel. With its winning moisturizing formula, the Lipice Tinted Lipbalm is an ultra-nourishing tinted balm that moistures and protects lips while leaving a soft natural pink tint with a refreshing berry flavor. One glide on the lips and your lips instantly revitalizes with a burst of moisture and natural lip color while you enjoy the sweet berry flavor that stays on your lips.

Formulated with Super Hyaluronic Acid, this lipbalm works to seal in moisture in the lips for long-lasting hydration. Apart from that, the formulation also contains Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Collagen to help improve lip texture, giving you more bouncy and smoother lips. Collagen, an anti-aging ingredients helps lips to restore its elasticity. Its formula is infused with Vitamin E, which works as an effective antioxidant to help repair dry lips, keeping them smooth and healthy.

The Lip Ice Tinted Lipbalm is available in 3 shades that comes with different berry flavors:
Baby Pink (Strawberry flavour)
Poppy Pink (Raspberry flavour)
Berry Red (Wildberry flavour).

The Lip Ice Tinted Lipbalm is priced at RM12.90 and is available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets.

Pika Pika Sparkling Bright Tea Party

Last Saturday, I am invited to Pika Pika Sparking Bright Tea Party. I would like to thank Butterfly Project Malaysia and Watsons Malaysia for the invitation.

 Pika Pika Deep Cleansing range is new skin care from Japan. The products are made in Japan. The Pika Pika Sparking Bright Tea Party, we are advice to go with bare face or with minimal makeup as we do no mirror makeup challenge at the event.

Pika Pika Deep Cleansing range:
  • Sparkling Bright Fruity Cleansing Liquid 190ml (RM79)
  • Sparkling Bright Peel Off Mask 80g (RM49)
  • Sparkling Bright Hot & Cool Cleansing Gel 35g (RM39)

Ms. Tai Kim explaining about the products of Pika Pika

 It was fun as seeing everyone with their makeup doing at the event. Yeah, Makeup With No Mirror Challenge and then we are excited as each table there's 8 of us.

 Everyone getting ready to have their makeup to put on. We bring our own waterproof makeup at the event. I have more photos taken on the camera, sadly I have wrongly clicked and deleted the photos.
 Sparkling Bright Fruity Cleansing Liquid 190ml (RM79)

First to wet face, pumped twice on palm, gently massage on to face to allow the makeup and impurities to melt off. Rinse thoroughly. We used this at the party, on hands before using it on the face. 
  •  Contains natural fruit extract, AHA and BHA!
  • Helps dissolve dead skin and impurities in clogged pores!
  • Easily removes makeup in the shower!

 Sparkling Bright Hot & Cool Cleansing Gel 35g.
When applied it on the face, first feeling warm then feeling cool. I like it, as it didn't give me any uncomfortable feeling. 

  • The thermal effect helps to enlarge pores for removing blackheads and dirt!
  • Menthol helps to soothe your skin and shrink pores!
  • Helps purify dead skin and absorbs excess oil.
  • Double function: Cleansing + Repairing!
 After put on the makeup, we can use the Pika Pika products to clean our face.
Each of us is given a clean bowl of water to wash our face.
 After using the Pika Pika Sparkling Bright Hot & Cool Cleansing Gel, I like this product as it gives me warm and cool feeling just like mentioned on the product.

Sparkling Bright Peel Off Mask 80g
At the event, I have applied on the left hand. You can see the texture of product at above photo.
  • To helps purify dead skin and absorbs excess oil!
  • Contains ARBUTIN to helps inhibit dark spots and freckle and prevent skin aging!
  • Helps you to revive dull skin shortly. 

A wefie photo with lovely beauty and lifestyle bloggers, yeah we are feeling fresh and beautiful after using the Pika Pika products. 
If you have interest to shop the Pika Pika Sparkling Bright range, you can online shopping at 
Watsons Malaysia with the promo code: PIKA10A to get RM10 off.

The Pika Pika Sparkling Bright Tea Party is held at Foret Blanc Patisseries
Petaling Utama Avenue. 
The party if filled with delicious desserts.
Check out these cute unicorn macaroon, chocolate Bon Bon, unicorn ice-cream decoration, yeah the wings of unicorns can be eaten too.

Thank you Butterfly Project and Watsons Malaysia for having me at the event.
#butterflymsia #pikapikamy #watsonsmalaysia

Monday, July 10, 2017

Happy Birthday Althea Turns 2, Althea Korea online shopping

It's month of July, how's everyone doing? 
This month is special month, it's ALTHEA turns 2.
Being mom of two boys I have limited time to shop for myself and it's good we can use Internet access to shop online. Happy shopping for me as I love to shop for makeup, skincare and nail care products. This time I choose to shop for makeup as there's no ugly woman just lazy woman. I put on makeup whenever I go for events or dinners or special occasions.

pink parcel of ALTHEA

Above is unboxing video of ALTHEA Birthday Box, I did mention on my instagram @sherrygo on when I receive the parcel.
 I have ordered online and shop at Althea, here comes the goodies, love the Limited Birthday Box of Althea it also has the birthday kit for DIY. Look below photo I have done a flower shape or would I say it's like a widget spinner that I can spin it.
 Below is the video I have make to share with you, click to view it. Sharing to you on the photo are the haul and sample pack. Thank you ALTHEA for the Birthday Kit and Sample Pack.

Order Details :
Item Sku Qty Subtotal
[Makeup On Fleek] Daily(Life Color Palette_01+Eyes Fix Primer+Rire Gel Eyeliner_02) OPMDY001 1 RM69.00
[Makeup On Fleek] Coral(Mad Shine Lip_05+Fresh Fruit Trio_05+Lip Crayon_07) OPMCL001 1 RM65.00
Shadow for Eyes
WCHSE003 1 RM10.00
Rich Point Pad_Sunflower
Single Sheet
PUSRP005 1 RM6.0

Above is what I have ordered from ALTHEA. Loving to shop for Korea beauty and skincare products?  Why not check out ALTHEA from now til 31 July 2017. 
  • Althea Birthday Sale
  • Birthday Giveaway (Free Beauty Products for shoppers to add into cart)
  • Althea Birthday Goodies (Limited Edition Box + DIY Birthday Kit + Sample Pack)
  • Contests to win prizes
  • Terms & conditions apply, more info on
  • use hashtag #AltheaTurns2 #AltheaKorea
This birthday month is special as you can customize the box with your creative ideas and post it on Instagram with hashtag #altheaturns2 to stand a chance to win fabulous prizes from Althea!


Friday, June 23, 2017

Raya shopping where to go

 It's Friday, friends heading back to hometown/Kampung. Sean's exclassmate's friend has return to Ipoh and there's no jam this afternoon. Today been a busy morning for me, Sean has no school but he has tuition at 9am to 10.30am. So first to drop his brother at kindergarten before sending him to tuition. After picked him up for tuition then we head to Sunway Pyramid for purchase movie tickets of Transformers the last knight.

By the way, if you are still on Raya shopping you can visit the blog link, there's still time for last minute shopping, I done a blog post you can see some of the photos of the clothing by visit the blog link.
 Loving to braid my hairstyle, I have diy braided my hair. I tried a few styles and satisfied with this style.Not forgetting to care for my skin as few weeks not really having a good pamper time for my skin. Finally using the Innisfree super volcanic pore clay mask in the afternoon. Good 15 minutes of masking leaving my skin feeling good after washing away the mask.

That's not all there's mission for us for this Raya, to shop for shoes as my sandals has break. Even my dear need to shop for working shoes. Just the other day we bought sandal for Sean.

Monday, June 12, 2017


Some of the children from Pertubuhan Kebajikan & Pendidikan Cahaya Bistari Batu Caves, and Asrama Darul Falah (ASDAF) Bukit Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur, posing with Ms Christina Low, Marketing Director of Guardian Malaysia and Ms Tiffany Tang, Marketing Director of Reckitt Benckiser, Malaysia and Singapore.
In the spirit of caring and giving during Ramadan, Guardian Malaysia has launched a charity campaign to raise fundsfor two children’s homes.

Under the campaign, a joint effort with Reckitt Benckiser (M) Sdn Bhd, Guardian Malaysia will donate RM1 of every RM30 of Dettol products sold at its stores to the two homes -
Pertubuhan Kebajikan & Pendidikan Cahaya Bistari at Batu Caves, Selangor, and
Asrama Darul Falah (ASDAF) at Bukit Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur.

“With the support of our customers, we aim to raise at least RM20,000 from the Kempen Beli & Derma, so that each home will receive RM10,000 which they can use to prepare for the Aidilfitri celebrations at the end of Ramadan or to pay for school fees and daily essentials,” said Ms Christina Low, Marketing Director of Guardian Malaysia.
Children from
​ ​
Asrama Darul Falah (ASDAF) Bukit Persekutuan
​ ​
heading to a shopping spree courtesy of Guardian Malaysia.

Speaking at a special iftar or the breaking of fast for 100 children and care-takers from the homes, Christina said: “We all know Ramadan is a holy month where Muslims practice patience and tolerance through fasting. It is a time for forgiveness, and where doing kind deeds and helping the less fortunate are strongly encouraged.”

“It is in this spirit of Ramadan, that our team at Guardian Malaysia is delighted to be given the opportunity to join hands with Reckitt Benckiser to raise funds for the two homes which are providing care and shelter to nearly 100 children.”

“For our Muslim customers, this charity campaign enables them to share and give to the less fortunate when shopping for their festive and daily needs of essential items, such as hygiene-related products,” she added.

Marketing Director of Reckitt Benckiser, Malaysia and Singapore, Ms Tiffany Tang speaking at the same event, said: “By working with Guardian, we would reach out to the millions of customers who shop at Guardian stores throughout the country, and on-line. We agree fully with Christina that many customers would welcome the opportunity to do charity while shopping for the upcoming Raya celebrations.”

After an eventful day of sharing and shopping, each child also took home a bag of Dettol products worth RM50.

Guardian employee, Dang Faakhira helping children to pick their Raya outfits.
In addition to raising funds for the two homes, Guardian Malaysia also took the children for a shopping spree with each child given RM100 to spend, while Dettol organised an interactive session on personal hygiene.

To make the outing complete, the two partners hosted a special iftar at Guardian’s training centre at Bandar Kinrara. “Kempen Beli& Derma” will run for the whole month of June at Guardian stores throughout the country.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Shop Mamonde on 11street

Good news to shoppers who love to shop Mamonde products, now you can shop online on 11street.
With 57 Mamonde skincare, makeup and optional care items that are available for online purchase. Apart from that, you can see some exclusive online items which only available online such as
Rose Water Toner 500ml
AC Balance Spot Serum 15ml
AC Balance Spot Patch (12 patches)
Colour Tone Up Base 30ml (01- Green & 02- Purple).
The official launch of Mamonde on 11street, Momonde Malaysia is offering special online deals in June. Among deals in June include Basic Skincare Set at RM49 (savings 49%). First Energy Serum Set at RM119 (savings 20%), Highlight Lip Tint Set at RM50 (Gifts with Purchase), Mascara (Volume) Set at RM59 (Gifts with Purchase), Complimentary Cushion Case with every purchase of Cover Power Cushion No.21 or No.23 (Gifts with Purchase). Great deals will continue in the second half of 2017 with an exclusive Mamonde makeup workshop for 11street customers.

Click on the link above which mentioned on my post to get start with your shopping now. Besides that there is 5 beauty counters in AEON 1 Utama and AEON Mid Valley in the Klang Valley, AEON Bukit Indah and AEON Tebrau City in Johor and AEON Queensbay Mall in Penang now, Mamonde Malaysia launched the sale of its products on 11street for the convenience of customers who prefer online shopping.

Mamonde is the first cosmetic brand of its kind that uses only flowers as its key ingredient coupled with other natural ingredients in its formulation. AmorePacific has invested a great deal in R&D to ensure the efficacy of Mamonde products and that these products are gentle on the skin just like characteristics of a flower.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Cooking Bubur Lambuk Program with MYDIN and ADABI

 Good day to everyone, to update you that by now that MYDIN now has total of 323 outlets in Malaysia after the opening of MYDIN CityONE, Kuching, Sarawak on 30 March 2017 and MYDIN Mart Padang Jaya, Shah Alam on 21 April 2017. This year MYDIN will be opening two more outlets at MYDIN Masjid India, Kaual Lumpur and MDYIN Vista Tunku, Kuching, Sarawak that be opening on coming August and September, the investment of opening four outlets MYDIN for this year cost half a billion.

Yesterday 3 June, 2017, a sunny Saturday, special thanks to MYDIN and ADABI for inviting us for the Cooking Bubur Lambuk Program with MYDIN and ADABI.

 The giving of bubur lambuk to shoppers are at the entrance of MYDIN MALL USJ. Local artisits also took part in the cooking bubur lambuk they are Shiha, Erni Zakri and @djninie_ibrahim from @selangorfm100.9. At the event also En Adrian Hj Roslan, Presiden Adabi Consumer.



Donations sessions by En Adrian Hj Roslan, Presiden Adabi Consumer Adabi to Rumah Amal Kasih Bestar at MYDIN USJ,Subang Jaya

This Raya season you can find variety of clothing promotion Ramadan & Raya 2017 #GraingSyawalTiba. Variety of promotion and offer that is affordable to choose from namely kurma, kuih Raya, Raya decorations, baju kurung, kurta, jubah, tudung, fashion accessories and many more.

Affordable baju kurung raya as low as RM29.90, baju melayu raya as low as RM49.90 and jubah raya Man with juba raya Woman as low as RM29.90 and RM39.90. Syawal promotion this time with the price of RM79.90 for the collection of baju kurung and jubah 'digital print'. There's kurta special Aiman Tino which is known as #QurtaUniversity at price of RM79.90.
Happy toddler from Rumah Amal Kasih Bestar trying out thet new baju Raya

This month of Radmadan Al-Murabak, MYDIN has Ramadan Bazar with variety of food, drinks and fruits. You can check out the social media of MYDIN, MYDIN has shared recipes. MYDIN has organized 'charity shopping' for individual and government agency and also non governement to prepare the Syawal. #SyumulRamadan

Don't just read here, mark the dates on the next venue of Cooking Bubur Lambuk Program with MYDIN and ADABI.

4 June 2017  MYDIN MITC , Melaka
10 June 2017 MYDIN PELANGI indah, Johor 

10 June 2017 MYDIN SAMARIANG, Sarawak
17 June 2017 MYDIN, Kuala Terengganu.  

Lets follow the updates and activities of MYDIN on social media

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Learning the Basics of a Time Honored Activity

Before video games and computers were invented, people created activities to keep themselves amused.  These games allowed people to have fun with friends and family members while also spending time in warm and sunny weather.

When you want to bring back the appeal and enjoyment of games that people decades ago played, you may want to learn more activities like horseshoes, the official cornhole game, and other pastimes that people used to indulge in before the advent of technology.  You can discover the rules, layout, and other details about it by going online now.

The Rules and Setup of Cornhole

The cornhole toss game may also be called bean bag toss, tailgate toss, baggo, or simply bags depending on where you live.  It is a popular game because it is simple for people of all ages to play and easy to win points in without being overly competitive.

To play the game, you have to set up the board on a flat surface.  The board itself comprises of several different holes, all of which are worth various points.  You determine the point value of each hole on the game board.

As its name implies, you toss the bean bags into the holes on the board.  You aim for the holes with the higher point values but can also make up your score by aiming for and hitting the holes with lesser points as well.  Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins.
check out the website by click on the link for detail, photo credit to

Making the Board and Bags

If you want to make your own cornhole toss game, it is important that you know the dimensions and layout of the board.  The website tells you how large the board must be.  You can use the measurements to cut out and put together a board that fits those requirements.

You can also use the information to make bean bags that you can use to play the game.  The bags should be light enough to throw yet weighted enough to ensure that they hit their targets.  The website tells you how to put the bags together.

Old-fashioned games can be the highlight of any outdoor picnic or gathering.  You do not need to rely on technology to keep everyone amused.  You can use games that people have enjoyed for decades.  The website tells you how to get started and what rules to follow when playing.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

F&N Teh Tarik Mega 2017 launch event​ held at Mydin USJ

F&N Teh Tarik Mega 2017 began withTeh Tarik Master,Hang Tarik F&N,
bedazzling the crowd withTeh Tarikmoves.

F&N has preserved the heritage of the original Teh Tarik whilst strengthening the real great taste across generations and ethnic groups. With its recent Hang Tarik F&N campaign, F&N is once again bringing delight to Malaysians by sharing the best way of making a perfect Teh Tarik Ori for family, friends and customers. 
F&N continued its heritage in helping Malaysians enjoy treasured taste moments by
introducing the “Gold Standard” and Teh Tarik Master, “Hang Tarik” at Mydin USJ. I am glad I was there, the event was held last Saturday morning. Time flied as I last attended the Teh Tarik event was in 2014.
Not to be outdone,Teh Tarik King 2001 and 2005 Raja Elias delighted the crowd by demonstrating the harmony of the 3 largest Malaysian ethnic groups throug his Teh Tarik performance
 At the launch, F&N unveiled its new F&N Raya Dengan Hang Tarik video which featured Hang Tarik F&N coming to the rescue of a frazzled family preparing to welcome their guests during the festive season by sharing the secret to making a good cup of Teh Tarik Ori. The other key highlight of the event was when Hang Tarik F&N and the F&N Teh Tarik Experts came together to bedazzle the crowd. With Teh Tarik moves that incorporated the unique and diversified cultures across Malaysia, the experts demonstrated how Teh Tarik Ori best enjoyed within the context of authenticity and heritage of our rich Malaysian culture.
Phakir, Teh Tarik King 1st runner up of2013 and 2014, brought to life the
richness of Kedah’s traditional culture through his performance at
F&N Teh Tarik Mega 2017

Senior Marketing Manager of F&N Beverages Marketing, Ms. Eileen Chan commented at the event, “F&N Sweetened Condensed Milk and F&N Evaporated Milk is the perfect taste enhancer that helps Malaysians to achieve the gold standard of Teh Tarik Ori.”
Shoppers at Mydin for the very first time ad the chance to learn to make the perfect Teh Tarik Ori through a series of simulated game obstacles to be completed within a set time frame. “Organising experiential events such as the one today is a good platform for us to share, engage and reward our loyal customers in a fun way. It has been said that years of training and experience is needed to learn the art of making Teh Tarik, but now everyone can learn to make a perfect cuppa which has a “just nice” sweetness that is creamy, smooth and frothy;all you have to do is “kahwin” F&N Sweetened Condensed Milk and F&N Evaporated Milk,” Ms. Eileen added.

I was there with shoppers to cheer as the first participant crosses the series of Pengembaraan Hang Tarik simulated game obstacles. The winner from each session is determined by the shortest time taken to complete challenge with minimum spillage from their kole. It was fun to see the participants trying their best in the games.

Participants astounded the crowd at Mydin with their hidden skills in performing Teh Tarik after completing each station , demonstrating how Teh Tarik Ori is has always been best enjoyed as a heritage of our rich Malaysian culture
 F&N’s superior dairy products are a familiar and essential part of Malaysian lifestyles and tastes. Being the preferred dairy mix to a perfect brewed cup of Teh Tarik Ori, F&N Sweetened Condensed Milk and F&N Evaporated Milk is everyone’s trusted favourite for all occasions.
Shoppers at Mydin had the chance to learn to make the perfect Teh Tarik Ori
while standing a chance to win home prizes and treasured taste moments

For more information on F&N Sweetened Condensed Milk and F&N Evaporated Milk, please visit

Friday, May 19, 2017

Jessie Chung's New Album Be Srong Scores Two No.1 Chart Positions and Crosses Platinum Mark

Jessie Chung has make a come back to Malaysia, the Princess of Rock Jessie Chung upon the release of her new album Be Strong in Taiwan. Having been smiled on by fortune, she is back with surprise and to celebrate and share the success with her fans!

After fending off all other contenders and winning Five Music’s championship, Taiwan’s top radio station i Radio also came in with good news: Jessie’s new single “Be Strong” squeezed into the top ranks of i Radio’s International chart, debuting at second place. On the second week, Jessie Chung came back with a vengeance and reigned at the Number One spot with the support of the media and Taiwanese fans!

Jessie Chung was taken aback by the achievements brought on by her album Be Strong. She never thought that her Australian label-produced album would be this popular in Taiwan, as her contenders this time included established international artists such as Adele, Ed Sheeran, The Chainsmokers, Ariana Grande, Madonna, and Coldplay, etc. In regard to the double championship achieved with this album, Jessie humbly said that her boss and producer are the ones who should receive the most credit.

Jessie Chung's New Album Be Srong Scores Two No.1 Chart Positions and Crosses Platinum Mark
Future Entertainment & Music Group Australia held a celebration for Jessie’s outstanding awards in Taiwan, and Darren Choy, chairman of the Recording Industry Association of Malaysia (RIM) and Managing Director of Warner Music Malaysia & Singapore, and Mr. Lim Kim Sow, CEO of Malaysia’s physical record distributor PMP Entertainment joined on the occasion to present Jessie with a platinum certification.

Chairman of RIM Darren Choy stated that the previous album There You Are has already done extremely well, but Be Strong managed to out do it by topping two charts. Jessie is currently the only Malaysian singer to have two simultaneous championships in the international charts of Taiwan.
Jessie Chung's with her Platinum Record, Be Strong
Jessie Chung's expressed that the Taiwanese are really fond of Be Strong, because every song on the album emanated positive energy. Especially the title track “Be Strong”, which became the newest hot single most played by Taiwanese DJs. Many commented positively on the songs universal meaning, and expressed that every time they hear the song they become emboldened to smile and stand strong in the face of adversity.

Every music video on Jessie Chung’s Be Strong album surpassed the million view mark on YouTube in less than two months, indicating the amount of popularity they have garnered. Her album sales also surpassed 15,000 physical copies in three months, reaching platinum status!

Jessie Chung's new album Be Strong cake for cake cutting ceremony
Congratulations to Jessie's on her Be Strong 's album has received major support from the Taiwanese, as enthusiastic media and radio stations rushed to push Jessie’s album and its intrinsic positive energy around the country to empower its people. Jessie campaigned in Taiwan for two weeks; her album debuted atop the throne of Taiwan’s most authoritative album sales chart, Five Music’s International Chart.
Jessie Chung's New Album Be Srong Scores Two No.1 Chart Positions and Crosses Platinum Mark in Taiwan
CEO of Malaysia’s physical record distributor PMP Entertainment Mr. Lim stated that the 15,000 physical record sales is an incredible feat in the age of streaming and digital album sales. Jessie is a hardworking artist, and her hard work paid off this time.

To bring Jessie and her talent around the world, her boss in Australia employed Neil McLean, an artist manager who has had 33 years of experience in the media sphere and is currently a renowned television producer and host in Australia. He remarked that Jessie is a legend, and he has the confidence that Jessie will soon become a household name in Australia.

As for Jessie’s agenda this year, she stated that her manager has opened up opportunities in the Australian and European music scene for her, and she’ll be flying to Australia this year to promote her album and perform. Her label has prepared for Jessie to promote her album in Thailand in August, and Jessie will fly to Australia in September to hold the legal wedding ceremony of her dreams at Gold Coast.

As for the Music Box Stage Play, which is currently held in abeyance, her manager stated that it will be showing at the end of this year in performing art centers all across the country after Jessie’s wedding.

Jessie's fans also comes to stage to surprise her, with a nice gift box inside has got photos of Jessie and letter to Jessie.

Surprise gift box to Jessie's by her fans
In addition, Jessie has also been informed by the Malaysian government that she would have the honor to represent her country in the ASEAN Business Awards, competing in the category for “Most Outstanding Businesswoman” and becoming the pride of Malaysia!

** Five Music’s International Chart is Taiwan’s first and only chart that determines its rankings solely through album sales.
** The rankings of i Radio’s International Chart are determined through internet polling, i Radio DJ votes, total airplay, and total record sales (Five Music, G-music,

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


As this year marks the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties between New Zealand and Malaysia, an entourage of 7 Maori business leaders from the food and beverage, dairy, seafood and tourism sectors are connecting with government and business leaders in Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and Singapore from 13-18 May 2017. On 15 May 2017, the congregation paid a visit to the Taste New Zealand Fair at Jaya Grocer, The Starling Mall and also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) introducing a new dairy product, Miraka!
The New Zealand congregation performing a Waiata

New Zealand’s Trade Commissioner to Malaysia and Brunei, Mr Matt Ritchie, said: “Malaysia is one of our top 10 trading partners and the visit coincides with this year marking the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between New Zealand and Malaysia. Our two countries have a history of friendly and constructive links and our relationship continues to grow. We have strong ties in trade, security and education, and we want to build on our strengths in areas like food and beverage which offers huge potential to consumers.” 

The Maori are very particular about culture and etiquette, often having cultural dances,  Te Pūoro Māori (meaning: Maori music), a cultural performance that integrates dance, poetry and song (Waiata).

“Māori place great importance on relationships. The Māori business leaders visiting Malaysia are seeking to forge enduring partnerships and to reconnect and strengthen existing relationships with their Malaysian counterparts.” 

The Maori economy is estimated to be worth of $42 billion and contributes $11 billion to 
New Zealand GDP.
Maori Development Minister, Te Ururoa Flavell (fourth from left) and New Zealand High Commissioner to Malaysia, John Subritzky (center) with the New Zealand congregation and the Jaya Grocer team at  Starling Mall, Kuala Lumpur on the morning of 15 May 2017.
The Māori business and cultural mission kicked off with the Taste New Zealand Food Fair 
at Jaya Grocer, The Starling Mall on the morning of 15 May 2017. Taste New Zealand is a highly anticipated Food Fair featuring over 150 products including 30 new products from New Zealand – among some of the brands featured include The Collective Dairy, Whittaker’s, Griffin’s and Rockit Apple Snacks. There's current fair runs from 3 May to 21 May at all Jaya Grocer outlets. There's Shop & Win Contest, that will ends on 21 May 2017, if you haven't read click on the link to find out. 
The Maori and Hongi official in the traditional Maori way of greeting that involves the act of pressing each others noses and foreheads together. 
It is used at traditional meetings among Māori people and on major ceremonies, serving similar purpose to a formal handshake.
Chairman of Miraka Dairies, Kingi Smiler (right) traditionally greeting Founder of Storiiu, Brian Tan (left) with a New Zealand hongi after signing a Memorandum of Understanding at Jaya Grocer, The Starling Mall on the morning of 15 May 2017.

Storiiu Founder, Brian Tan getting lplentiful New Zealand greetings from the officiating ceremony! (in picture: Maori Development Minister, Te Ururoa Flavell)
Linguists believe that the Malay and Maori language belong in the category of ‘Austronesian Languages’, having the common origin thousands of years ago. The Maori language shares similarities words with the Malay language. Examples as below :-

 It's good that we can learn each other language, I do find them similar, what do you think?
From left to right: Founder of Storiiu, Brian Tan, New Zealand High Commissioner to Malaysia, John Subritzky, Maori Development Minister, Te Ururoa Flavell, New Zealand High Commissioner to Malaysia and Brunei, Matt Ritchie, and Chairman of Miraka Dairies, Kingi Similer after signing an MoU at Jaya Grocer, The Starling Mall on 15 May 2017.
 The delegation then witnessed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing between
Miraka and Storiiu, a new food distribution business started by brother and sister, Brian 
and Chemmy Tan. Miraka is New Zealand’s first Māori-owned dairy processor and it is a fast-growing operator in New Zealand's multi-billion dollar dairy-processing industry. The term ‘Miraka’ is Maori for “milk”. Eighty percent of its shareholders are whanau trusts and corporations. 

Earlier today, representatives from Fonterra attended the re-opening of Fonterra’s milk
powder manufacturing plant (Susumas). Fonterra is New Zealand’s largest investor in
Malaysia and is well known for its portfolio of consumer and food service brands such as
Anlene, Anmum, Anchor and Fernleaf. 

Talking about New Zealand products, I like to share with you the recipes of New Zealand Food Connection Blogger, find out the recipes that last year I shared last year. 
Maori Development Minister, Te Ururoa Flavell (right) showcasing the all-time favourite Zespri kiwifruits that are available at the Taste New Zealand Fair at all Jaya Grocer outlets nationwide until 21 May 2017.
As New Zealand’s largest company, and the world’s biggest dairy proccesser and 
exporter, Fonterra plays a big role in putting New Zealand on the map globally. 

Around 40% of the products Fonterra produces (more than 100 types) in Malaysia are
exported to 13 countries in South East Asia and the Middle East. The manufacturing 
sites in Susumas and Dairymas produce more than 46,000 metric tonnes of powdered 
and liquid dairy products each year, bringing high quality dairy nutrition to millions of Malaysians each day. 

The visit concludes with a cultural exchange between Māori and the indigenous Sabah
people in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.
Maori Development Minister, Te Ururoa Flavell (fourth from right) and members of Miraka Diary and Storiiu at Jaya Grocer, The Starling Mall on the morning of 15 May 2017.
If you like to know more about them let's follow them and get updates on the Trade mission:
Twitter: @NZ_Global
Facebook: @NZtradeandenterprise
Instagram: @NZ_Global

Official Trade Mission hashtag:
#NZinMalaysia #MaoriinMalaysia 

About New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) 
New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) is New Zealand’s international business
development agency. The role is to help New Zealand businesses grow bigger, better, 
faster for the benefit of all of New Zealand. Through our global network of 45 offices, we connect New Zealand businesses with the world, sharing opportunities, knowledge, experience and networks. 

NZTE focuses on international opportunities that match New Zealand's business 
capability and provide significant, sustained economic benefit to New Zealand.
For more information, please log on to

About Miraka
Miraka is New Zealand's only Maori majority-owned and controlled dairy company. Located in Mokai, 30km northwest of Taupō in New Zealand’s central North Island, Miraka is 
unique within the dairy industry. Using sustainable and renewable geothermal energy, 
state-of-the art manufacturing processes, Miraka has the power and capacity to process more than 250,000,000 litres of milk into powders and UHT products every year. 

Miraka is 80% owned by Māori trusts and incorporations. These organisations include
Wairarapa Moana Incorporation, Tuaropaki Trust, Waipapa 9 Trust, Hauhungaroa
Partnership, Tauhara Moana Trust and Huiarau Farms. Our strategic partners and 
investors include Te Awahohonu Forest Trust Limited, Vinamilk, a leading milk 
manufacturer and dairy products enterprise in Vietnam and Global Dairy Network 
who bring experience and knowledge in dairy sales and marketing internationally.
For more information on Miraka, please log on to  

About Fonterra Brands Malaysia 
Fonterra is a global leader in dairy nutrition – the preferred supplier of dairy ingredients to
many of the world’s leading food companies. It is also a market leader with its own consumer dairy brands in New Zealand and Australia, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. 

Fonterra is a farmer-owned co-operative and the largest processor of milk in the world. 
It is one of the world’s largest investors in dairy research and innovation drawing 
on generations of dairy expertise to produce more than two million tonnes of dairy ingredients, value added dairy ingredients, specialty ingredients and consumer products for 140 markets. 

Fonterra Brands Malaysia began its operations in 1975 in Shah Alam. 
Today it has two manufacturing plants, Susumas and Dairymas and 700 full time workers dedicated to bring the best in dairy nutrition to Malaysians. All dairy products by Fonterra Brands Malaysia are certified Halal by the New Zealand Islamic Development Trust (NZIDT), which is recognized by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) as in accordance withMS1500:2009, the international standard used by JAKIM.

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