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Friday, September 22, 2017


Yesterday, I took time off to attend a meaningful event, it's related to poor family, orphanage and education for children. The Giving Bank joint hand and forces with Creight Event & Services
and the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development aims to support the less fortunate children to school in year 2018.

A community educational fund raising project, organized by The Giving Bank together with Creight Event & Services and the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development has organized an event under the theme of “Fashion for Love”. With a slogan, “Supporting Children to School”.

Is education so important??? We believe so.

These children are from a poor family background and their parents could not afford to send their kids to school. Because these kids are not being exposed to education, the chances of them learning and being able to feed themselves or being independent is relatively low. The cycle of poverty and the relation to being a less fortunate will never end and it will continue for generations to come.
The only way to fight this is to give the children hope, giving them an equal chance of education exposure, grow up well and leading them to decent employment. With such, the scenario will change to a positive structure.
Knowledge is Power. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Help those who need help in their education. Only by doing this will society progress, become harmonious and stable., said Dr. Janson Ang Founder of The Giving Bank.

The project is held with a simple objective. The mission is to raise funds from the public community to serve and cater 300 multi racial children in need. We believe everyone deserves an equal right to education. Going to school and seeking education is a very important element at every stage of growth. This will give the child hope and a chance to experience something that they’ve never experienced before and help them become useful members of the society. We are here together, to bring love and happiness to these children. We want to bring joy to them. We want this to be special and meaningful. We want them to know that many people out there are loving them.

We have started to build the team and its formation gearing towards the total planning since August 2017, and we have arrived to a stage in having our Press Conference yesterday gearing towards the main highlight in October 8th 2017 at HGH Convention Centre said Mr. Simon Goh, Founder of Creight Events.

We are raising the educational funds, and it will lead to the official giving ceremony. The solicitation of this total campaign will go to the respective schools having the headmaster and school PIBG committees to monitor. The beneficiaries of these 300 children will be able to use the funds to pay for their school fees, or to purchase items such as books, stationaries, school uniforms, school bags and shoes.

We have carefully picked and have selected 12 schools in total to work with and they are as below :
(1) SJKC Bukit Tangga
(2) SJKT Bukit Beruntung
(3) SK Bukit Beruntung
(4) SJKC Kalumpang
(5) SJKC Kerling
(6) SJKC Serendah
(7) SJKC Bukit Fraser
(8) SJKC Batang Kali
(9) SJKT Ladang Sg. Choh
(10) SK Taman Bunga Raya
(11) SJKC Choong Wen
(12) SJKC Mun Choong

To support the project by donating, please log in to : 

Along with us today are orphanage homes which needs love and support too. To keep the homes running, we will also be apportioning some donation fund to cater for their monthly usage.
Together with us in this special occasion are (7) homes, and the beneficiaries to this event are
non other than :
1) Pertubuhan Kebajikan Dan Pendidikan Anak Yatim Dan Miskin Raudhatul Nurr Jannah
2) Persatuan Kebajikan Sweet Care Selangor & Kuala Lumpur
3) Persatuan Kebajikan Damai Chempaka Kuala Lumpur & Selangor
4) Lighthouse Children Welfare Home Association
5) Rumah Victory Children Home
6) Persatuan Kebajikan Ti-Ratana Kuala Lumpur
7) Rumah Kanak Kanak Angels Kuala Lumpur


Added on, Ms. Ivlyn Tan Director of Creight Event mentioned that, to give it a better boost and making the event further memorable, The Fashion for Love team has also alligned an agreement along with Octoprenuer College. We are committed with the support shown, to offer and provide
100 scholarships to the less fortunate community to study Diploma in Business for SPM leavers, whom could not afford to further their study. This is a non-bias offering and it will be shared through all race, ethnincity and genders across Malaysia. Anyone whom feels that they require this opportunity can speak to the committee. A process of interviewing and performing the due dilligence is required to ensure its eligibility based on our criteria.

The Giving Bank, also known as is an online charity fundraising platform in Malaysia. A NGO and a Non Profit Organisation with a mission to connect both the charity and
the public through the power of technology. The Giving Bank’s online fundraising platform enables the public to pledge their support or contributions through The Giving Bank website with just a click of a mouse. We try to make ‘GIVING’ affordable and simple, said Dr Janson Ang. Each campaign is carefully picked and selected through stringent due diligence before announcing it to the public via the website. The funds raised are channelled to selected charitable campaigns and the public can access the website to gain information about the campaigns which generally fall into three main categories: Health, Education and Humanity Culture.

The Giving Bank are a non-bias organisation and we strive to assist everyone in need across religions, race, ethnicity and gender. The Giving Bank, with its tagline “The Bank That Gives”, also aims to take the lead in encouraging communities, societies and corporates to actively participate in charity, and to adopt this as a daily routine in their everyday lives.

We can help them by donation of as low as RM7, it's donation by heart and giving the children the chance of education. All donations will be accounted for and the donors will be getting an official receipt instantly upon every donation made, not just that donors will also be notified upon every project closure. You can click on the donation link above if you have interest to donate.

The Giving Bank Charity Foundation
Under this pillar, The Giving Bank focuses on giving low-income groups a chance to receive basic needs of education. It creates opportunities for these groups to enjoy club activities in schools or
gain conventional skills enhancement for their future. We believe everyone should have equal rights to education and it is very crucial and important for their future well-being.

The Giving Bank aims at providing low-income groups access to medical aids and treatments and health screenings. At the same time, the organisation also will work towards creating programmes
on health awareness and safety skills for communities and students.

Humanity Culture
The Giving Bank also strives to strengthen and develop humanity, cultural knowledge and resources. This is to help communities to understand various cultures and religions in Malaysia for the greater good. These will be done through promotions and preservation activities on culture and heritage all around Malaysia.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Good evening to dear readers and friends, how are you doing today? It's a sunny afternoon today then now in evening is dark looks like want to rain but not yet.This month of September, many activities going on and there's Lantern Parade that you don't want to miss out. Yeah it's on 30 September 2017, at Klang Parade. That's not all, friends and family members that love food can visit Klang Parade.
Jom Makan at Klang Parade starts from 16 September to 15 October 2017. My niece and her friends are planning to go Klang to eat, she loves to go shopping first and then go dining with friends. That's lots of food choice at Klang Parade, Next Food Junction has variety of food to choose from. By the way, there's contest and lucky draw at Klang Parade special for this JOM MAKAN @KLANG PARADE.

I like to go the Next Food Junction as there's many choices of food and everyone of us can order our favourite meal.
Yeah as always what a food blogger would do, take photos of the food before eat. My sisters love to eat spicy food so they order the curry laksa, while my dear likes to eat rice, so he ordered what he likes to eat.

There's food for everyone, my dad likes to drink soup and one of his favourite soup is the sup tulang.
My friends told me she loves to dine at Texas Chicken, no worry there's Texas Chicken at Klang Parade. My family too like to dine at Texas Chicken, I like the original flavor but my sister-in-law likes their spicy flavor. How about you? My kids love to eat the original fried chicken of Texas Chicken.

Let's mark the calendar for the Lantern Parade on 30 September at 7pm. Parents and children will be happy to attend as I know it's once a year and it's good to give kids nice experience at the lantern parade. This annual tradition will be complete with workshops and performances, children participating in the Lantern Parade will get a FREE lantern, let's make this date a good family together.
When comes to food, I know my friends would go far to dine. Some friends are staying at Kuala Lumpur but they would travel all the way to Klang to dine.

It's nice to go Klang and hang out with friends at Klang Parade, not just for our favorite meals but also to enjoy each company. My relatives and friends too staying at Klang, they like to go Klang Parade during the weekends.

Not just great food but great company dining at the Klang Parade. This is the Pat Kin Pat Sun outlet.

I know with so many food pictures on this post, it's making you hungry too. Now you know where to dine and sharing is caring. We can ordered the food and sharing with friends or families to eat, enjoy each other company at the same time. After a heavy meal it's time to go home, but I also like to share what you can redeem if you dine at the F&B outlets of Klang Parade.
Good news to food lover and contests lover, check out the following:
(a) minimum spend of RM30 (over a maximum of 2 receipts) at any F&B tenant of Klang Parade are eligible to redeem one (1) unit of Micro Thermo.
(b) RM80 and above (over a maximum of 2 receipts at any F&B tenant of Klang Parade are eligible to redeem one (1) unit of Micro Thermo and one (1) lucky draw.

Check out the Lucky Draw Prizes:

Grand Prize x 1
Electromagnetic Foot Massager worth RM1,999.

Second Prize x1
OGAWA Mobile Seat XE Plus
-XD Tech Massage Cushion worth RM1,198.

Consolation Prizes x 10
SSF cash vouchers worth RM50 each

It's to time jom makan at Klang Parade, lets go with friends and family members. You never know you might be the lucky winner of the lucky draw! If you win it can be a nice gift for yourself or loved ones. I know shoppers would like to win this foot massager to relax our tired foot, especially when you have a long day at work.

With Internet access today, it's easy for us to check online for updates. You can follow Klang Parade updates on Facebook.


Monday, September 18, 2017

Guardian Malaysia helps upgrade 10 charity homes as part of 50th Aniversary celebration

Guardian Malaysia, the leader in health and beauty retaining, is marking its 50th anniversary with a RM250,000 community project to upgrade the facilities of 10 charity homes in the country.
Thanks to Guardian Malaysia for inviting me to visit one of the charity homes at Kuala Lumpur.

These homes, seven of which are orphanages, are located near to Guardian outlets in various parts of the country. Most of them have requested for repairs, upgrading and refurbishment of living quarters.

In addition to a budget of RM250,000, Guardian Malaysia has also encouraged its staff to volunteer their time to help in the improvement works, and to spend some quality time with the children.
Speecn by Chief Executive Officer of Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd (Guardian Malaysia), Mr. Soren Lauridsen on the right

Leading example, is Chief Executive Officer of Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd (Guardian Malaysia), Mr. Soren Lauridsen. Leading a team from Guardian's store support office and Guardian stores, he spent time on 15 September helping to repaint the gates, perimeters walls and grilles of Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak Yatim Mary, in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak Yatim Mary, has got 55 residents aged from 1 years old to 18 years old). It's a non-profit organization for children from poor families, dysfunction families, single parents and full orphans. Makeover on this home including installation of polycarbonate rain cover awning, mosquitoes net for all the windows, beautify the living room, installation of air-conditioners and wall fans. Last but not least painting gates, grilles and perimeter walls.

Guardian Malaysia's staffs at Pertubuhan Anak Yatim Mary, Setapak, KL

In addition to the fresh paint work, Guardian Malaysia also installed air-conditioners, fans and mosquito netting for the orphanage, which is home for 55 orphans and children from single-parent families.

Group photo of CEO Mr. Lauridsen Guardian Malaysia with the Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak Yatim Mary, Setapak, KL

Mr. Lauridsen said: 'Each year, as we celebrate our anniversary, we make it a point to reach out to those in need. Over the years, Guardian has been extending aid and assistance through various forms. Often its financial contributions, other times, its donation in kind and through fun and cheer. This year, as Guardian Malaysia is celebrating our 50th anniversary, we decided to extend greater support to those living close to where we operate."

"We asked our teams at the stores to recommend charity homes in their neighbourhood which needed repairs or improvements, but were short of funds. We picked 10 homes where we see our contributors as making a meaningful difference."

"By helping to improve the living quarters of these children, orphans and the elderly, we believe we are empowering them to be more confident and eventually become self-sufficient." Mr. Lauridsen added.

Here's the list of 10 homes makeover programme started last month, and it is scheduled to be completed by this November. The other recipient homes are as following:
  • Rumah Kebajikan Bakti Fayi (Kedah)
  • Chrystal Home Taiping (Perak)
  • Pertubuhan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Nanthisar (Negeri Sembilan)
  • Happiness Centre For The Mentally Disabled Children (Melaka)
  • Calvary Boys Home & Calvary Girls Home (Johor)
  • Rapha Children's Home (Pahang)
  • Rumah Anak-anak Yatim Salimah (Kelantan)
  • Sabah Cheshire Home, and
  • The Salvation Army Kuching Children's Home (Sarawak).
Over the last 9 years, Guardian has contributed close to RM4.5 million to a wide-range of charity and worthy causes, with a bias towards single-parent families and orphanages.

You can also follow updates of Guardian Malaysia on Facebook, click on the link to follow. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

16 September 2017

It's a busy Saturday, yeah early morning 5.30am I am awake then called the kids up at 6am. By 6.30am to be ready to go Cold Storage Kids Grow & Glow Run. It's first time Cold Storage have this event and kids have a good time at the event. Our first time to One Park too. Happy that my dear not working the day as he bring us along to go. One Park is just opposite One Utama Shopping Centre. Just park inside the mall and walk out there's the park. My dear knows where to park and he parked basement of GSC Cinema. I forgot to take the bag which I have packed the clothing inside to the car. I took the shoes bag and the food bag but not the clothes in bag that I plan that we changed before head to next shopping mall. Well since I left it at home and the event in morning ended early so I suggest to go home first. Sis-in-law and nephew are at home, we also bought food for them.

The morning start with 9yrs old to 12 yrs old fun run and three Challenge for each category.

Challenge 1: Master Your Balancing Act
Challenge 2: Conquer The Height
Challenge 3: Choose your Destiny.

Anyway my children love all the challenges especially little one, he went twice for the Challenge 1. He loves it and he's so happy just watch the 1st video above. It's a nice park to walked, some people bring their pet dog at the parked for a walk. The participants of the Cold Storage are all wearing the shirts, the children will have tags on their hand. The tag will be cut and remove for redemption of medal and goodie bag. The goodie bag with mineral water and voucher to redeem rest of goodie, need to go one by one of the booth to queue up for redemption. Some fun games available and others. The park has a lake that we can see turtles inside. So fun that we plan to go again next year! Good family time together and it's priceless bonding moments with loved ones.

It's a long day indeed for us. After the event at about 1015am we left and dear went to buy food while we waited in the car in Damansara. Then we headed home, shower then eat and then we are out again for Jalan Jalan Japan at 1 Shamelin Mall. The 1 Shamelin Mall is not near us, thanks to dear that drive and we followed the waze to reach there. The parking at 1 Shamelin Mall is RM2 per entry. Event starts from 12noon to 3pm for Jalan Jalan Japan. Well look out as will blog it soon as Jalan Jalan Japan will be opened to public from 30 September 2017.

Last night not a good sleep for me as I drank coffee in the night. I ordered the Milk Tea but the ordered came Coffee Milk and I drank it. 

You can visit my social media twitter/instagram @sherrygo to see my haul.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Putra LRT Subang Jaya to SOGO KL

It's Saturday, just coincidence that son does not have tuition so I tag him along to the Sogo KL for the DC Comics Super Heroes. It's our first time to go there, we took LRT, it cost RM4.10 for a pax, one way. When reach Masjid Jamek, we walk about 10 minutes to reach the mall we didn't know the way and I was looking at the Google Map too. The event starts time table 230pm to 430pm, we reached before 2pm and had lunch ourselves. The refreshment provided at event was cake, sweets and mineral water.

 The LRT Station if take from SS15 Subang jaya would takes 16 stations to reach Masjid Jamed. I didn't know that we can go to Bandaraya LRT. So next time can just from SS15 Subang Jaya to Putra Height then from there change train to Bandaraya. It is direct reach from there. So the journey I took with son was longer than usual I think.

Lots to see and shop at DC Comics Super Heroes but we didn't buy anything as we went there for the event. At Sogo, I find out that the Teh Tarik Place would only serve Roti Telur or Roti Kaya at 3 pm, which is consider hot plates at the menu.

It's a lot of walking on Saturday and when we back time is raining too. Lucky I have an umbrella for each of us. It was great outing with son as he didn't take LRT for a long time, as for youngest son not yet bring him as it's a long tiring journey. It's packed in LRT so don't think he will be feeling comfortable.

Many people heading to MATTA Fair too, well we didn't go as didn't play to purchase any package at the moments. Though we love to have a family vacation stay. Busy lifestyle and glad to spend a good day with my son as seldom we have a travel together by public transport. I thought of driving but then I am not good with the directions and I saw waze showed 40minutes to reach.

Not much choice of restaurants I see at the SOGO, KL so son and me had a quick lunch at McD.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

How to Express Yourself at Work Without Being Disrespectful

It seems like there are new debates and conversations in the breakroom on a daily basis. And sometimes, while you would love to join in on the discussions, you can’t help but steer clear because you know that you can get pretty heated with your opinions. Fortunately, there are methods to learning how to express yourself at work without being disrespectful.

Follow Rules and Workspace Guidelines

Remember that there are rules and guidelines in place in every workspace. From discrimination laws, to common courtesies, you should take care to follow the rules and secured regulations of your office to avoid being disrespectful or downright hateful.

Be Aware of Others and Their Beliefs

The world does not, and has never, revolved around you and your beliefs. And no one else is any different. However, your opinions, like everyone’s, matter, so respect and be aware of others and their beliefs. Why? Because they should respect and be aware of yours.

Keep Your Opinions to Yourself Unless Asked for Them

When you are in an obvious discussion with someone, then you can express yourself and let your opinions fly in a respectful manner. However, when others are talking amongst themselves, don’t jump in with your opinions just because you felt the need to add your two cents. Wait to be invited and included into the conversation.

Avoid Getting Drawn into Gossip

Did you hear about so-and-so and what she did over the weekend? Or, how about this person from HR and the terrible mistake he made? Your viewpoint should be, “who cares.” Gossip is hurtful, regardless if the person you are talking about knows or not. The workplace, as you know, is rife with gossip, so steer clear of these conversations whenever possible.

Make Friends and Discuss Your Interests, Passions, and Goals

Chances are good that there are dozens of like-minded people in your office that share the same interests, passions, and goals as you. Don’t be afraid to make friends. Use your amazing conversation skills and open-book mentality to connect and interact with your coworkers. Then, if you feel comfortable, strive to take that friendship out of the office for a chance at a long-term pal.

Having debates, conversations, and expressing your opinion in an office setting can be a controversial, and even taboo, idea. However, by remembering to be respectful, you can dabble in workspace expression, and make a few friends along the way. When you can, make friends. Invite your coworkers to celebrations and fun events. Go big with a Chicago limo rental, or find some fancy way to have a great time with good people from your work atmosphere.

Monday, September 4, 2017

12 Things That Happy Women Do

To lead a happy life, one should be involved in various self-care habits. These are 12 tips for a woman to enjoy health and wellness.

Avoid any stress
Stress usually happens when you have a lot on your plate. When there are too many things going on in your life, it can put you under a lot of stress. Furthermore, greater the amount of stress ; greater is the risk of heart disease, infertility, diabetes, depression, anxiety, premature death and accelerated ageing.
1. Stress is a major reason why you get frequent headaches. Stress management is crucial for the betterment of your health, and it also makes you more productive in the long term. All we can do is find ways that make you feel relaxed and at peace and just stick to the ways.

Completely avoid dieting
There is no assurance that dieting will make you lose weight. As per research, 95% people tend to fail at diets.
2. It is not a matter of self-control but what prevents you from losing weight are biological changes taking place, as per researcher Traci Mann. Apparently, Traci has studied dieting for over a period of 20 years.

3. While it may be possible lose weight initially, you are most likely to regain the weight you lose eventually. The thing which works is making changes in your current diet. Making wise choices like substituting fresh foods for processed foods will be beneficial in the long term.

Quit smoking
When you quit smoking, the damage done to your health is cured.
4. Smoking increases your risk of heart diseases and lung cancer and also affects the health of your babies. Furthermore, smoking significantly affects breast cancer. Smokers are 30% more prone to get breast cancers as compared to non-smokers.
There is a higher risk of stillbirth in cases of pregnant women who work or live around smokers.

Start family planning early
The fertility of female declines with her age, and there exist many pregnancy complications when a woman gets pregnant at an older age. Therefore, if you’re planning to have kids, you should start planning at the earliest. In case you feel that you are infertile, then you should talk to a fertility specialist about this situation. Freezing your eggs and in vitro fertilisation (IVF) are two option which can treat infertility, depending upon the cause.

Always use sunscreen under the sun
The majority of women have a deficiency of vitamin D. Vitamin D is responsible for absorbing calcium in the human body, as per Dr. Michael Lim, a who is a cardiologist at Mount Elizabeth Hospital. Other than that, Vitamin D also lowers the risk of heart attack and diabetes and improve bone health.
5. Fortunately, the deficiency of vitamin D deficiency isn’t a major problem for people living in sunny Singapore. All you should do is bask in the sun for 15 – 20 minutes every day. If you’re planning to spend more than 15 – 20 minutes in the sun, then make sure you apply a nice sunblock. Being overexposed to the sun could put you at an increased risk of skin cancer or melanoma.

Start taking calcium pills
Women mostly have a deficiency of some nutrients. To combat this issue, taking supplements is a convenient and safe way. However, one shouldn’t consume too many calcium pills as they can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. Moreover, it can also increase the possibility of kidney stones, as per Dr. Michael Lim, a who is a cardiologist at Mount Elizabeth Hospital.

Get enough rest
Sleeping well isn’t about the number of hours but the quality of sleep you get. As per studies, females face difficulty in falling and staying asleep as compared to males.
6. According to research women who suffer from insomnia have a greater risk of health problems as compared to men. They also have an increased risk for depression, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.
If you’re unable to sleep for 7 – 9 hours, then you need to seek medical help.

exercise often, doesn't matter indoor or outdoor
Do weight exercises
Apparently, cardio is not enough for women; they also need to indulge in weight-bearing exercises which improve their bone health and also increase their bone mass. It also decreases the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes7 and osteoporosis. Moreover, weight lifting does not just mean lifting weights; it also refers to activities like hiking, dancing, racquet sports, aerobics, and tennis. Walking, elliptical training machines or stair-step machines are some of the beneficial low-impact exercises.

See the doctor regularly Women should get regular health check-ups done, especially from a gynecologist. Early detection of any health issue is the key to complete recovery. Tests like pap smears and pelvic exams should happen at least once in 2 years from the time you turn 21. Whereas, and breast examination should be done once a year after you turn 40.

It’s also helpful to be outgoing and social.
Studies have proved that social relationships play a significant role in the health and longevity of women. Being socially active is known to protect your cognitive functions. Whereas, the lack of social ties can lead later-life cognitive decline, depression and increased mortality.
8. Lack of social relationships enhances the risk of premature death by 50%, which is equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Furthermore, it’s worse than physical inactivity and obesity. You have every reason to plan nights out with your friends and family!

Keep your mind busy
As per Dr. Lee Kim En, a neurologist at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, there’s a sudden increase in the number of people diagnosed with dementia. In Singapore, the number people aged 65 years and above who would suffer would from dementia will reach 53,000 by 2020, and this will further increase to 187,000 by 2050.
9. Activities like quitting smoking and exercising can make a significant difference in our bodies. Apparently, doing this delays not only neurological changes but also makes our body better equipped to handle said changes.
10. One should find hobbies that stimulate both you as well your brain. Some of these include–playing an instrument, learning a language, trying new cuisines and dancing.

Pay attention to your mental health
Women are nearly twice more likely to suffer from depression than men.
11. Women shouldn’t be embarrassed to seek professional help. Seeking the help of a professional is the greatest favour you can do to yourself.

The inspiration for this article has been taken from Health Plus Section, a source of credible health information by Mount Elizabeth Hospitals, Singapore.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Kinohmitsu Superfood Supreme 500g

Having a busy lifestyle as a mom of two boys, I never forget to take care of myself. Today I am sharing with you on this Kinohmitsu Superfood Supreme. It's a nutritional multigrain beverage, I like this drink as it's doesn't taste weird and taste delicious.

It is suitable for lactose intolerance individuals, cholesterol free food, trans fat free food.
High in Protein
High in Calcium
High in Vitamin B12
Source of Magnesium
Source of Dietary Fibre

We need to balance our busy lifestyle with healthy eating combined with regular exercise and being socially active aid to add quality years to life. 
Kinohmitsu Superfood Supreme offers 7 color ingredients and is fortified with Calcium which helps to develop strong bones and teeth. 
7 colors are as following:
Red- Raspberry (Good for Heart)
Yellow - Yellow Pea (Good for immunity and muscle strength)
Brown - Brown Rice, Cocoa (Good for digestive health)
Black - Black Sesame Seed, Blackberry (Good for memory)
White - Oat (Good for Cholesterol level)
Green - Wheatgrass (Good for bone and teeth health)
Purple - Mangosteen, Blueberry, Elderberry (Good for joint health and anti-aging)

The beverage also recommended for elderly, those who are undergoing physio therapy and rehabilitation, athletes or exercise enthusiasts, and those have joint stiffness and muscle weakness.

 Direction of use:
Just mix 2 scoops with 150- 200ml of cold or lukewarm water.

I'm taking the Kinohmitsu Superfood Supreme daily and it keeps me going. I am happy as I get to catch up with my boys, even though they are active. Recently we went to Farm In The City and son was one of the Kids Tour Guide. I'm happy that I have the Kinohmitsu Superfood Supreme, it's easy to make the drink. Just pour two scoops in small container and with lukewarm water I can make the drink anywhere anytime to drink even though I am outdoor.

We can choose for healthy living for our health. With Internet access today, you can shop online at 11street for Kinohmitsu Superfood Supreme, it can a be great gift ideas for loved ones. If you like to know more about Kinohmitsu products, click the link to find out.

Friday, September 1, 2017


Ms.Shirley New, Senior Manager, Marketing & Promotions of Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd.
Being mom of two boys, I have busy lifestyle as I am always on the go. I also like to share this good news with you. I am sure you know of Guardian's Outstanding Brands Award every year. This year 

details for Guardian’s Outstanding Brands Award 2017 (OBA), the 17th edition of its highly
popular annual award for health and beauty brands were unveiled at a media briefing. The annual award, first introduced by Guardian Malaysia in 2000, has been premised on connecting its millions of shoppers to all its business partners and brand owners, by having the shoppers vote for the most outstanding brand.

Ms Christina Low, Marketing Director of Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd said: “The Outstanding Brands Award is our way of celebrating with our business partners and giving recognition to brand excellence.”

She said that since it was launched 16 years ago, the Award has grown in popularity among Guardian’s shoppers, who look forward to getting their say and having the chance to win
attractive prices.
media voting on the day

“Needless to say, the Award has also evolved in keeping with changes in lifestyle, spending and shoppers’ trends. This year, the OBA will be conducted entirely in digital format. This means,
all voting will be done online,” she added.

For OBA 2017, a total of 200 brands will be vying for 60 categories ranging from hair care,
face care, cosmetics, hygiene, supplements, medication, mother and child products, and many more.
There will be one most preferred brand award for each category.

For shoppers, they stand a chance to win one of the 50 prizes, totalling RM25,000 in 
Guardian vouchers. The prizes are as follows:
- Five (5) grand prize of RM1,500 each
- Five (5) first prize of RM1,000 each
- Fifteen (15) second prize of RM500 each, and
- Twenty five (25) consolation prize of RM200 each. 

Christina said: “What we have created is a simple, easy and customised voting platform.
At the same time, the sets of questionnaire would enable both Guardian and our partners to better understand brand preference behaviour, as well as give us an insight into demographics and segmentation of shoppers.”

“By connecting our shoppers throughout the country with the brands, and helping them to gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ need, we are contributing to the brand owners’ investment in relationship building with their customers,” she added.

To be eligible to cast their votes, shoppers are required to spend at least RM10 at the store 
or online. Then log on to or scan the QR code provided to vote. 
Voting can be done anytime between 1 September and 27 September 2017. 

The contest is open to those aged 18 and above. As proof of purchase, shoppers must keep the original Guardian receipt which contains the tax invoice number, store code number, date of
purchase and purchase amount.

For more information and full details of the OBA and contest, please visit

Friday, August 25, 2017

Panasonic and HATCH Presents Six Inspiring Stories to Commemorate Malaysia’s Six Decades of Independence

Commemorating Malaysia’s 60th National Day, Panasonic Malaysia has partnered with HATCH, a YouTube channel under Media Prima's Studio8, to present “HACTION! Shot on Lumix GH5. HACTION! is a short film competition that brings together six Malaysian filmmakers to relive the journey of Malaysia’s achievements and national pride over the last six decades.

Capitalising on Studio8’s strong track record of creating Malaysian original content that pushed the boundaries of storytelling, HACTION! aims to inspire filmmakers to produce their unique take of Malaysia’s achievement and pride. The collaboration, featuring the new Panasonic LUMIX GH5 camera, was announced during the product launch in Malaysia earlier this year.

Mr. Hiroyuki Muto, Deputy Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia said, “With over 40 years of local presence in Malaysia, Panasonic is committed to the development of innovative digital cameras to provide a new photo culture in the digital era. Our partnership with Media Prima is a significant platform to be part of the journey in celebrating Malaysia’s 60th National Day by helping to develop local filmmakers and content creators, providing them with the opportunity to showcase the quality of Malaysian original content, powered by LUMIX GH5”.

Through this partnership, Panasonic is confident it will help to strengthen the brand’s presence in the digital single lens mirrorless cameras (DSLM) market and appeal to the wider millennial audiences.

Ahmad Izham Omar, Chief Executive Officer of Primeworks Studios, who was one of the judges at the HACTION! screening said, “Creative content has always been a key component in building brand relevance amongst audiences, and it still plays an important role especially for today’s millennial audiences. Tapping on our country’s decades of independence and diverse culture, there are a lot of inspiring stories that can be relived through this competition”.

Mr. Hiroyuki Muto, Deputy Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia
(From L to R) ‘HACTION! Shot on LUMIX GH5’ short film competition winner Sherwynn Victor posing with Mr. Hiroyuki Muto, Deputy Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia, Datuk Ahmad Izham Omar, Chief Executive Officer of Primeworks Studios, and film director-cum-actress Low Ngai Yuen

6 Decades, 6 Stories, 6 Filmmakers
With over 60 years of achievements, Malaysia has grown to be a worldwide example that showcases ethnic diversity, multiculturalism, and home to varied cuisines, culture and languages. To celebrate Malaysia’s 60th Independence, HACTION! brings together six Malaysian filmmakers to capture Malaysia’s best moments through the lenses of their cameras.

Mr. Muto shared, “The digital camera has revolutionized photography, making it accessible to
more people and creating more talents. As the industry reinvents progressively, mirrorless cameras
is now a growing trend in Malaysia, with video production gaining its popularity and the standard for cinematography is getting higher as well.”
(Top: From L to R) Representative for filmmaker Amanda Nell Eu (2nd runner up), Datuk Ahmad Izham Omar, Chief Executive Officer of Primeworks Studios, filmmaker Sherwynn Victor (winner), Mr. Hiroyuki Muto, Deputy Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia, film director-cum-actress Low Ngai Yuen and filmmaker Wong Sai Meng (1st runner up)
– (Bottom: From L to R) Filmmaker Dexter Lo (5th runner up for HACTION!), filmmaker Zul Luey (4th runner up) and representative for filmmaker Aliff Zulkifli (3rd runner up)

“We saw this partnership as a good platform to nurture our local filmmakers in creating visually
and engaging stories, while showcasing the capabilities of the LUMIX GH5”, added Mr Muto.

Hailing from the circles of independent production community, HACTION! shortlisted
filmmakers representing different styles and genres where most of the works produced have been recognised from local and international industry leaders.

Each filmmaker were tasked to produce a maximum of 5-minutes video that highlights the beauty
of Malaysia and the six decades of unity, peace and harmony. All six filmmakers were equipped
with a Panasonic LUMIX GH5 for audio and visual recording, a fund of RM4,000 for production and 30-days to complete the filming and submission of their short film.

Comprising of well-known industry thought leaders, the panel of judges consist of Ahmad Izham Omar, CEO of Primeworks Studios, Mr. Hiroyuki Muto, Deputy Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia, and Low Ngai Yuen, renowned film director and actress as the guest judge. Each short
film was judged based on 70% of judges’ vote including storytelling, editing and post production,
and cinematography. The remaining 30% were contributed by public voting which was opened
from 1-21 August 2017.

The winning short film received a complete set of the Panasonic LUMIX GH5, accessories and
cash prize of RM8,000. The HACTION! series is available for viewing on Hatch ( a YouTube channel under Media Prima’s Studio8 that is created to entertain and inspire the urban millennial audience.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

NIVEA MEN and 11street Bring Out the Champion in You

Signed jerseys by Faiz Subri, Brand Ambassador of NIVEA MEN and winner of the FIFA Puskas Award 2016, to be exchanged between 11street and NIVEA MEN to commemorate the partnership.

I took some time off to attend this event as I love sports and I like Nivea products. As blessed as we are with the tropical weather in Malaysia, we also endure humidity, which can be unpleasant when we sweat a tad too much. Today, leading skin care brand for men, NIVEA MEN, showcased its NIVEA MEN Cool Powder Deodorant on 11street, and a nationwide promotion from yesterday until 15 September 2017. If you are thinking of gift ideas, why not consider this as gift for men?

Along with its brand ambassador and winner of the 2016 FIFA Puskás Award, Mohd Faiz Subri, NIVEA MEN endeavours to pave the way to instant cooling sensation, comfort of powder, and provide long-lasting dryness even under the most testing situation, for all Malaysian men.
Faiz Subri, Brand Ambassador of NIVEA MEN and winner of the FIFA Puskas Award 2016, showing off his football skills at the launch of the NIVEA MEN Cool Powder Deodorant on 11street .

Adding more variety for male shoppers

Chief Operating Officer of 11street, Chuljin Yoon said: “Late last year, we learned that men who have never shopped online would be twice more likely to shop for products online this year. Based on our year-to-date comparison between 2016 and 2017, we have already seen a two-fold increase in the purchase of men personal care products on 11street. As such, now that 2017 has beckoned, our partnership with NIVEA MEN will not only solidify our revelation, but also show how men these days make careful selection of their daily personal care products.”

Echoing the sentiment, Country Manager of Beiersdorf Malaysia and Singapore, Ng Hock Guan explained: “NIVEA MEN would like to inspire men to take charge of their personal care, and to empower them to bring out the champion in themselves. Through this collaboration with 11street, we want to introduce men to the NIVEA MEN Cool Powder Deodorant that provides instant cooling sensation, comfort of powder, long-lasting dryness, and that includes smelling good!”

The Power of the Powder

In two applicator formats – roll-on and spray – the NIVEA MEN Cool Powder Deodorant is enriched with micro powder particles and leverages a powerful sweat control system to provide a dry yet non-sticky feeling throughout the day.

As the brand ambassador for NIVEA MEN, Faiz Subri, who gained international fame with his unforgettable free-kick for Penang against Pahang in the Malaysian Super League 2016 said: “My life as an athlete requires me to be at the top of my game. I train hard to give only my best performance to my team and country, and along with that, comes the challenge of staying cool and fresh. Thanks to NIVEA MEN Cool Powder Deodorant, I can focus on my game and leave the sweat and odour control to this remarkable deodorant.”

Faiz Subri, Brand Ambassador of NIVEA MEN and winner of the FIFA Puskas Award 2016, witnessing a jersey exchange between Chuljin Yoon, Chief Operating Officer of 11street (left) and Ng Hock Guan, Country Manager of Beiersdorf Malaysia and Singapore (right), at the launch of 11street’s partnership with NIVEA MEN.

Ng elaborated: “With Faiz Subri and millions of busy Malaysian men in mind, we are bringing our product offerings to the next level by making it easily accessible online through 11street. We believe we have made the right decision in partnering with 11street who has exemplified good successes in helping brands penetrate the online sphere; therefore, we have complete confidence in 11street’s ability to help us amplify the reach to male shoppers throughout Malaysia.”

Yoon concluded: “We are honoured to partner with NIVEA MEN in this quest to unite men with their personal care products; at the same time, elevate our fulfilment services to open up a world of exciting products for our male consumers.”

From left to right: Jessica Kan, Marketing Manager of Beierdorf Malaysia; Bruce Lim, Vice President of Merchandising Division of 11street; Shirley Toh, Sales Director of Beiersdorf Malaysia; Chuljin Yoon, Chief Operating Officer of 11street; Faiz Subri, Brand Ambassador of NIVEA MEN and winner of the FIFA Puskas Award 2016; Ng Hock Guan, Country Manager of Beiersdorf Malaysia and Singapore; Kenix Fong, Acting General Manager of 11street; Cheong Wai Lun, Head of Marketing of Beiersdorf Malaysia; and Toh Voon Shee, Brand Manager of Beiersdorf Malaysia at the launch of 11street’s partnership with NIVEA MEN.

Bring Out the Champion in You

From now until 15 September 2017, 11street consumers will receive a 20% discount for every purchase of NIVEA MEN Cool Powder Spray 150ml (RM13.52) and Roll On 50ml (RM8.40). The NIVEA MEN Cool Powder Spray 150ml and Roll On 50ml is priced at RM16.90 and RM10.50 respectively at retail outlets. 

11street is also offering an exclusive bundle pack at 30% on the following products:
· NIVEA MEN Cool Powder Spray 150ml with NIVEA MEN Extra Whitening Mud Foam 100g for RM24.78
· NIVEA MEN Cool Powder Roll On 50ml and NIVEA MEN Extra Whitening Foam 100g for RM19.00

In conjunction with the launch, 50 shoppers will stand a chance to grab a total of RM5,000 worth of Al-Ikhsan voucher with a minimum purchase of RM15 worth of NIVEA MEN products on 11street by 15 September 2017.

For more information on the contest, please visit:

As one of the leading companies in the field of skin care, NIVEA always caters for the needs of its consumers by offering them compelling, innovative products. Its men range – NIVEA MEN – is the world’s number 1 men’s care brand, and is the first skin care brand engineered specially for men. The science behind NIVEA MEN’s targeted skin care products evolved from extensive research and development at Beiersdorf AG’s Skin Research Centre in Hamburg. With more than 125 years of experience in skin care and one of the world’s most modern research centers, Beiersdorf stands for innovative and high-quality cosmetic products. To learn more about the Company please visit

Monday, August 21, 2017

BRAND'S Feed Your #MINDANDBODY Media Launch


“You are what you eat” is a commonly used phrase by parents and nutritionists as the food one eats has a bearing on one’s state of mental, emotional and physical health, which directly impacts your overall well-being.

Getting the fundamentals of human nutrition right can ensure that you have the mental focus and concentration for improved productivity, helps you cope with stress better, and gives your body the energy to carry you through the day’s activities.

However, providing our mind and body with the right nutrition is often neglected because of hectic lifestyles that determine when or what we eat, rather than what we need.

Therefore, leading health food supplement brand, BRAND’S® is reminding Malaysians to feed their mind and body to ensure that they are living life to their fullest potential by always performing at their best regardless of age.
“Eating right to ensure the mind and body performs at its optimum level needs to be a lifelong habit where conscious effort is made to incorporate a good diet and nutrition regardless of age whether you are a young student, working professional, busy mother or enjoying your golden years,” said consultant dietitian and founder of her own nutrition clinic Indra Balaratnam at the BRAND’S® “Feed Your Mind And Body” panel discussion today.

The nutritionist emphasized that consuming the right food, following a balanced diet and getting proper rest not only gives you energy and mental clarity but also puts you in the right emotional frame of mind to help manage stress better.

Joining Indra at the panel discussion moderated by host Adrian Seet was the multi-talented
Cheryl Lee – 988 FM radio host, actress, singer and lyricist – and top students,
18-year old Yang Chong Sheng and Lee Zhi Xuan who both sat for their SPM examinations last year.

“While I do enjoy my work and taking on new projects, sometimes when my schedule becomes too hectic, it leaves me feeling stressed and tired. I know that it is important to nourish the body so that I don’t feel fatigued and am able to keep going through the long hours,” shared Lee.

Meanwhile, students Yang and Lee acknowledged that a healthy mind and body, combined with a positive attitude lets them perform at their best on a daily basis to achieve great heights in both their studies and extra-curricular activities.

Both are recipients of the BRAND’S® SMART Achievers Awards, an annual programme that recognises the outstanding performance of students who excel in both their studies and co-curricular activities. They are part of a group of 24 students who were rewarded with cash prizes for excelling in their PT3, SPM, STPM and university examinations last year.

Neuroscientist Dr. Jack Wong Jin Lin, who is also a senior scientist at BRAND’S® Suntory International, shared the science behind the iconic green capped bottle of chicken essence and explained how it reduces physical tiredness, improves mental concentration and maintains
emotional well-being.

“Increased blood circulation and oxygen flow to the brain and body keeps mental and physical fatigue away, while reducing anxiety and stress hormone, cortisol, so that the ability to stay alert or focus is not affected,” said Dr. Jack Wong.

“BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken is a natural food supplement with no added salt and is cholesterol and fat free, making it suitable for daily consumption to help fuel the mind and body,” added Dr. Wong.

A trusted name with a heritage of over 180 years that continues to improve over time through R&D, BRAND’S® Essence Of Chicken is the only chicken essence in the market backed by over 40 international scientific papers and clinical studies. Results have shown that regular consumption improves memory by up to 15% and enhances concentration by 22%, while metabolism can be increased by up to 16%.

As part of the BRAND’S® “Feed Your Mind And Body” awareness initiative, BRAND’S® has committed to nourish the minds and bodies of Malaysians nationwide with the distribution of
100,000 bottles of BRAND’S® Essence Of Chicken.

Running from July until the end of August, the sampling team will visit high traffic locations including LRT stations, office buildings, shopping malls, universities and toll plazas.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Unfold the New Stunning Scent of Enchantment

Thank you to PR for sending me the parcel, it's a wonderful gift for loved ones. My son and me for the second time we are unboxing together. You can view the above video to find out what is the parcel. Being a busy mom, good to take time off to spend with my kids and shall also pampered self too with the lovely ENCHANTEUR products. My first perfume that I wore was EHCHANTEUR on my first date with my dear. I am sure you would like to find a gift/present that doesn't make a hole in the pocket.

A scent of a woman draws people like bees to nectar and this link between scents enhancing attraction is simply unmistakable. Research has shown that women wearing perfume are gauged as more sensual and attractive. Hence, women from centuries ago got it right in that perfume serves as an invisible accessory which has the power to accentuate and create a subtle yet irresistible aura.

ENCHANTEUR, the leading mastige perfume with its popular French inspired fine fragrances range is relaunching its Eau de Toilettes and personal care range. An entirely exciting fragrance is unveiled – Stunning! This scent embodies the passion for perfumery by conjuring a distinctive blend of Turkish Rose, Magnolia, enhanced by the sweetness from Blackcurrant Bud and Raspberry and the sultry headiness of Sandalwood. An ENCHANTEUR Stunning wearer will be astounded by the scent-sational whiffs she catches on herself, which will make her feel extraordinary and exude a magnetic personality.

Besides Eau de Toilette, this Stunning variant also comes with complementary products in the ENCHANTEUR range of personal care including lotion, deodorant and talcum to leave your skin beautifully soft, satin smooth while you feel refreshed all day long. You can have this keep at the office for use too, my dear always tell me his colleague used lotion as they want to stay moisture, smooth skin.

ENCHANTEUR EDT range has taken a further aesthetic transformation to the Eau de Toilette bottle. The bottle is shaped to illustrate the feminine silhouette of a curvaceous lady in a pleated, mermaid gown; the various tints on the bottles are tributes to the distinct floral fragrances. The bottle is then crowned with a blooming rose cap that symbolizes burgeoning romance and the essence of flowers gone into the perfume concoction. This novel packaging is lovely to hold, and makes a proud display on the dresser. 

Think of what to present for loved ones, think of ENCHANTEUR. The price is reasonable, ENCHANTEUR Eau De Toilette fragrance retails at an irresistible great value of just RM28.20 (including 6% GST) per bottle of 50ml. 
ENCHANTEUR Lotion is available in various pack sizes which are priced at RM5.40 to RM17.60. 
ENCHANTEUR deodorant range offers different formats – stick, roll-on and spray, priced between RM4.90 to RM8.40.
ENCHANTEUR Talcum is priced between RM4.40 to RM11.80. ENCHANTEUR range of perfumes and fragranced personal care products are available at all major supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies. 

For more information about ENCHANTEUR, please visit or check out ENCHANTEUR’s Facebook page at .


Yesterday, I took time off to attend a meaningful event, it's related to poor family, orphanage and education for children. The Givin...