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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Juggling life of mom of two boys and blogging

It's been quite sometimes since I blog about my juggling life as a mom of two boys. Busy in and out of the home to fetch my children from school and also for tuition centers. It's not easy tasks as there's no replacement which time is consumed and immediate action needed for example. Right after school to send to tuition so in the car, he has to eat and changed before going to tuition class. How many transporter or rider would you think that will do this? I don't think there's any especially there's need to change of uniform in car.

There's need of homework guidance and teaching them on study and tough questions to answer on Sean's paperwork. Though I have paid the tuition center to let him to learn but then the tuition center given the papers to him which he is not sure of how to answer, so I need to help him out to answer and also asking him to read and think. It's no longer UPSR but PPSR examination. Chinese papers are not easy and it's even tougher for me as I am not good with Mandarin.

If there's invitation for family events or single invite to events, I would need to think twice or triple about it as I need to consider my children's first. Whether the timing and venue are suitable for me to attend or not and whether I have time for my children or not. It's not easy so most of the time, I would let go the chances.

Sometimes the venue and time are suitable for me, consider it some me time that I can get away for a while before fetching them. Well, never forget mom duties of course and also doing what I love. I am happy that some brands are willing to send me their products for review knowing that I have busy parenting schedule.  I got invited for media trip as well but I got to let it go as I need to fetch my children, both of them now in Standard 1 and Standard 6, important stage of education in Primary School. I always advice/encourage them to read more, write more and speak more in languages. It's always easy to say than doing it.

Besides blogging and social media, I have also started Youtube, you can check out my latest video. Feel free to subscribe to my video.  There's lot to learn in editing and it's a handful of challenge in life, so just doing what I enjoy til I am bored and lose interest of it. In mean time I love what I am doing and keeping it up when I have the time.

How about you?

Monday, February 12, 2018

GoodKredit app, the Mobile Wallet for a Cashless Future!

Have you been in a situation where you're at the cashier with a trolley full of groceries only to realise you forgot to bring your purse/wallet out? I know I'm guilty of it! 

Fear not, I found the solution: the GoodKredit app, the Mobile Wallet for a Cashless Future! 
So what is GoodKredit?  

Good Kredit is a convenient cashless transaction mobile platform with special deals, vouchers and even a short term loan to help you through tough months!(wow)

You can download the app at the Google Play Store here:

And visit their website:

 Download Now! GoodKredit App available on Google Play

How it works:
All you need to do is register and start using it. It's that simple! There's a wide range of merchants readily available!


RM8 credit voucher received upon signing up

You too can receive this RM8 voucher right after signing up that can be used immediately to purchase anything from their merchants! Just top up your GoodKredit Wallet via JomPay! 
Here's a treat for you guys! The #GoodKreditProsperity8 RM888 AngPow!  For 8 days from 8th till 15th of February, 2018; 3 users will win GoodKredit RM888 angpow DAILY. *praying for myself too*
GoodKredit Prosperity 8 win RM888 AngPow

Instant credit to app users who win the angpow! Be the lucky 18th, 38th, and 88th user who transacts through GoodKredit app at any official GoodKredit merchant store and the GoodKredit RM888 angpow will be is yours. Wow!
How To Top Up via JomPay

What you waiting for? Let’s download the app and stand a chance to spend this Chinese New Year in convenience! Currently the GoodKredit App is only available on Android and all new signups will get GoodKredit GK 8 Angpow!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Online Grocery Shopping @11Street

It's been a busy month for January and this February it's Chinese New Year. It's Chinese New Year and we are going back to hometown soon. Are you celebrating Chinese New Year? With Internet access today I am glad that I can online shopping for groceries and things that I need. Busy parenting didn't stop me from shopping for Chinese New Year shopping list. What of the item must have in the list is the Red Dress or Red Top/Blouse. It's a must to wear Red for 1st day of Chinese New Year.

Just sharing with you do you know that Mandarin Oranges are important for Chinese New Year? Mandarin Oranges are considered as traditional symbols of abundance, wealth and good fortune.Taking about Chinese New Year, most of my friends will be thinking what to cook for this Chinese New Year, I am happy to share with my friends that we can check online at 11Street for the Cooking Up Prosperity.

There is episode 1 to episode 10 of the Cooking Up Prosperity, do click on download the beauty & groceries to get store cart coupon 15%. T&C apply.
Can scroll to Main Course and Drinks for the grocery shopping of ingredients
 The cooking episode speaks in Cantonese language, but there's subtitle of English that you can view if you didn't understand Cantonese language. Each CNY dish has got the ingredients selling in 11Street, suitable for busy parents to shop online. Sometimes we didn't know what to cook, it's good to have Internet access as we can shop online for groceries of fresh food and dry products.

 Most people are having a smart phone today, besides that if we didn't have one we can use gadgets to go online and visit the website of 11Street. Pick your favourite combination of products and ingredients from there and lastly add to cart and check out. My sister-in-law and me always discuss about what to cook, happy to share with her about these episode of cooking CNY that we can find online.

 From Episode 3 of Cooking Up Prosperity this CNY, there's seaweed fish ball soup. The ingredients are red onion, fish ball, tomato, seaweed, garlic oil and pepper. You can just click on CNY Prosperity Seaweed Fish Ball Soup Set, then add to cart the selected item. These look yummy good to drink soup that we can enjoy, going to check out again on the video again to see on how to cook guide.

The CNY Prosperity Seaweed Fish Ball Soup Set RM52.02 (GST included) with Free Shipping.
Fresh Chilled & Frozen products - Delivery 24 hours (order received 12:00am till 12:00pm)
48 hours (order received 12:01pm till 11.59pm). There's list of delivery address that you can check in the chart below of the order, Jocom have right to cancel the order if delivery address is from the area mentions. Do check out the shipping & delivery note and the delivery chart before ordering.
 In the shopping cart, it will showed the shopping cart coupon of how much has get and how much more to get the coupon.

 With Internet access today, glad to find this online grocery shopping with you. 
The Panna Cotta at Episode 3, looks so yummy. Do view their episode to find out. 
From main course, soup to desserts we can find at Cooking Up Prosperity this CNY.

 This Chinese New Year just few weeks away, there will be family and friend gathering and eating together. Serving drinks and snacks, check out these CNY Prosperity Candy looks yummy and recipe available at episode 1 for step by step cooking. Now you know where to shop for grocery. Fresh, Chilled & Frozen meat available too. Do check out the website for the delivery services.
If you are planning to shop grocery online, do visit to 11Street. 
This Chinese New Year, don't know what to cook? No worry, with Internet access now we know check out the 11Street to see the Cooking Up Prosperity with beautiful TV host Chui Ling. 



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