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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Whitening Net @Midvally Megamall (South Court)

Busy parenting, it's good that I have few hours off last Saturday before fetching my son from school.

Do you know that now we can have whitening teeth without visit to the dentist? Yeah check out the Whitening Net it's located at South Court, Lot SK-04, Level 2, Midvalley Megamall. A session is just less than 30 minutes, so easy and we can go there even after our lunch time.

I haven't been to a dentist for a while and been waiting to have my teeth whitening. Just to let you know I like to drink coffee and tea.
 As I have set my appointment in the morning 10.30 am.  I am greeted and was bring to the counter where the staff have explained in detail of the process.

 It's easy to place the mouth opener, the staff will assist and there's no pain wearing this ring. Before wearing the ring, will need to brush teeth with toothpaste for the 1st time. Then I be seated and staff help to put on the lip balm on lips. This is to prevent chapped lips. She will wipe off any moisture from teeth then apply teeth whitening solution. It's important to put on the eye guard, to protect eyes from the LED light. Yeah before it get started there's check on the teeth color, you can scroll to view before and after pic of my first session at Whitening Net.

 There's little bit of warm feeling while the machine used. It is automatically stop at 8 minutes when the buzzer sound.

 This is the comforting pod that I am seating inside. Yeah after the 8 minutes, then go to brush teeth but without using the toothpaste. You can view the video as the the toothbrush is provided. Repeat the steps again at 3rd time.
Looking at my teeth I can see the difference on my teeth. Instead of S20 and its now S18. Whitening Net's Self- Whitening Service is fast and easy, main ingredient is Titanium Oxide, it uses Visual Blue LED Light. Titanium oxide is an inorganic compound which produces very low sensitivity to the teeth, gums or other parts of the body. In fact, it can inhibit periodontal pathogens and remove plague. Yeah I am happy with the effective in a single treatment. It is painless, does not cause gum erosion. It removes the yellow stain through photocatalyst. It also function as an antibacterial by killing germs and removing bad breath.

The price for each session is affordable, for first trial is RM128.00. Normal RM188.00 for a treatment. Now there's packages available for you to choose from.
  • Smart's package (5 treatments + free 1 treatment) RM940
  • Couple's package (2 Nominee) 9 treatments + free 3 treatments RM1692
  • Family & Friend's package (transferable) 20 treatments + Free 10 treatments RM3760

If you like to know more, do check out the Facebook: Whitening Net Malaysia 

*Results may vary for individual

Friday, April 20, 2018

Shopping Super Essenso Microground coffee @11street

Everyone has got a busy lifestyle of in and out of the house. What's better than waking up and smell the coffee? The ESSENSOTM MICROGROUND COFFEE brings you the platinum in instant coffee. Their proprietary MicroPlus™ technique finely grinds 100% Arabica coffee beans in an oxygen-free and ultra-low temperature environment to preserve the essence of the coffee beans. This superfine coffee is then blended with premium Arabica instant coffee to deliver a roasted top note and a smooth mouthfeel, so you can enjoy a deeper aroma, richer taste and fuller body in every sip. 

Sharing is caring and I love bag collection and wanna know what's in my bag? Check out the video.

 That's not all, just to share with you that the Limited Edition tote bag you saw in the video it is only available at 11street. 
Take a short break, enjoy my reading time and enjoying Super Essenso Microground coffee
 With busy lifestyle, I am glad there's online shopping that we can shop online and orders come to my door step without going out to shop. I love to drink coffee and just nice to find this range that suitable for my loved ones and myself. They too are coffee lovers that can never say No to coffee.

BUY 3 X Super Essenso Microground coffee 2-in-1 coffee & creamer FREE 8-Stick Pack Super Essenso Microground coffee 3-in1
A smooth and creamy brew with no sugar added. This blend appeals to coffee lovers who prefer an intense coffee taste with a
roasted aroma, that lingers with every sip.

Normal price: RM63.90
Discounted price: RM40.30
Promo ends: 30 April 2018

BUY 3 X Super Essenso Microground coffee 3-in1 Free 8-Stick Pack
The signature 3 in1 blend delivers a deeper aroma with a distinctive roasted note and a richer coffee that leaves a lingering

Normal price: RM63.90
Discounted price: RM40.85
Promo ends: 30 April 2018

Super Essenso Microground Black Coffee Mandheling Blend
Drawing you in with its balanced lavour, this distinct brew boasts an iconic union of instant coffee powder and finelyground

Normal price: RM62.70
Discounted price: RM30.30
Promo ends: 30 April 2018

Super Essenso Microground Black Coffee Colombian Blend
An iconic union of instant coffee powder and finely ground single-
origin Colombian coffee beans, it owes its exquisite taste to
MicroPlus™, a propriety technique we use to preserve the very essence of prized beans.

Normal price: RM62.70
Discounted price: RM31.35
Promo ends: 30 April 2018

I know everyone has got their favourite coffee in mind, when you think of what the gifts for loved ones? Can check out these, plus special celebration coming up for Mother's Day and Father's Day. Check out the Super Essenso Microground coffee 3-in1, Super Essenso Microground coffee 2-in-1 coffee & creamer, Super Essenso Microground Black Coffee Colombian Blend, and Super Essenso Microground Black Coffee Mandheling Blend. Shop now as there are promotion going on and the sales ends this month.

Say no more if you like to know more information please visit the Super, you can get start online shopping at 11street,

Thursday, April 19, 2018


Busy parenting taking my time off to shop online and at my favourite stores. If you love shopping like me, you will like to shop from GUARDIAN MALAYSIA, you get the opportunity to vote,
once again, for their favourite health and beauty brands, and stand to win attractive prizes.
The annual brand appreciation season, launched 18 years ago, starts tomorrow and will
close on 14 May. This year, more than 150 brands will vie for 64 categories of coveted
Ms Shirley Ham, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing (E-Commerce) of Guardian Malaysia

Ms Shirley Ham, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing (E-Commerce) of Guardian Malaysia
said: “When Guardian Malaysia conceptualised the award in the year 2000, our objective
was to connect our millions of shoppers to all our business partners and brand owners, by
having them vote their favourite brand.”

“We view this annual award as our way of contributing to the brand owners’ relationship
building with our customers. It also gives the brand owners an unbiased valuation, as the
votes are from our customers, those who actually buy and use their products.”
“Now, 18 years later, this need to remain constantly connected to our customers and better
understand their needs are more important than ever,” she added.

Called the Most Voted Brands (MVB) Award, this year’s voting format is also designed to
gain an insight into the evolving needs of consumer, their fast-paced lifestyles and
purchasing trends! Reflecting the digital lifestyle of majority of today’s consumers, the voting
process will continue to be conducted entirely in digital format. This means, all voting will be
done online.

The questions are aimed at enabling both Guardian and brand owners to better understand
brand preference behaviour, as well as give an insight into demographics and segmentation
of shoppers.

For the customers, a total of RM40, 000 worth in travel vouchers and Guardian vouchers are
up for grabs!

The voting involves a simple three-step process. Spend, vote and submit with receipt code.
All customers who submit their votes with a valid receipt will stand a chance to win one of 68
prizes, totalling RM40,000 in Travel vouchers and Guardian vouchers.
The prizes are as follows:
- One (1) grand prize of RM10,000 travel voucher and RM2,000 in Guardian vouchers
- Two (2) first prizes of RM5,000 travel voucher and RM500 in Guardian vouchers
- Five (5) second prizes of Guardian vouchers worth RM1,000
- Sixty (60) consolation prizes of Guardian vouchers worth RM200.

To be eligible to cast their votes, shoppers are required to spend at least RM10 at the store
or online. Then log on to Voting can be done anytime between
19 April and 14 May 2018.

The contest is open to those aged 18 and above. As proof of purchase, shoppers must keep
the original Guardian receipt which contains the tax invoice number, store code number,
date of purchase and purchase amount.

For more information and full terms and conditions of the award and the voting, please visit

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Baker’s Yeast, The Gut Wrenching Solution by The Prime ProGiGuard

Teo Tze Seng, Product Manager of Cambert (M) Sdn Bhd for The Prime ProGIGuard
Introducing The Prime ProGIGuard – a yeast probiotic formulation scientifically proven to relieve abdominal pain and discomfort.

The Prime ProGIGuard recently hosted a dynamic and memorable event where scientific and clinically sound results supported the use of Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3856 in abdominal symptomatic relief such as pain and generalised discomfort. Members of the public and media were made aware of Irritable Bowel Syndrome , or IBS, a common gastrointestinal disorder often unreported and underdiagnosed, and other associated conditions in IBD, or inflammatory bowel disorders such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, thanks to Professor Pierre Desreumaux, an international gastroenterological expert based in France.

Maria Tunku Sabri, TV Host

A Gutwrenching Loss
You are happily living your life as an active member of society, and can be aged anywhere from 15 – 65 years old. Sure, life can be stressful every now and then, but then who isn’t stressed in today’s fast paced lifestyle? So imagine waking up with abdominal pain, bloating, distension, flatulence, with constipation and/or diarrhoea. This goes on not just the whole day, but continues to the next day, and the next, with no sign of letting up. It is socially embarrassing and you feel self-conscious, anxious and depressed. The constant bloating leaves you developing a bad body image and alters your entire lifestyle. You don’t go to school or work and miss important academic or work developments that leave you behind and struggling to catch up. You cannot enjoy your food as you used to, fearing that a particular type of food will add to the bloating, distension and flatulence as well as the alteration in stool. Examples include not being able to eat ice cream, milk, spices or French fries. Reports show that activities are restricted up to 139 days of the year, and up to 40 days of absenteeism are recorded. Life goes on a downward spiral as you lose control of your once ordered life, and you are prescribed strong medicine such as antidepressants with potential side effects.

Yet you are not alone. Over 800 million people suffer as you do, from a condition known as IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome. This gastrointestinal syndrome is a collection of symptoms as listed above, and is diagnosed according to the Rome III criteria as recurrent abdominal pain or discomfort (an uncomfortable sensation not described as pain) for at least 3 days in a month in the last 3 months associated with 2 or more of the following: improvement with defecation, onset associated with a change in the frequency of stool, and the onset associated with a change in the appearance of stool according to the Bristol stool chart. 3 different types of IBS exist: IBS-C (IBS with constipation), IBS-D (IBS with diarrhoea), and IBS-M (IBS with mixed constipation and diarrhoea). Other symptoms of IBS include nausea, loss of bowel control, sudden urges to go to the bathroom and soiling.

From L-R: Canmy Ang, Managing Director of Taiping Poly (M) Sdn Bhd, Maria Tunku Sabri, TV Host, Teo Tze Seng, Product Manager of Cambert (M) Sdn Bhd for The Prime ProGIGuard, S.L. Ho, General Manager of Cambert (M) Sdn Bhd, Professor Pierre Desreumaux, International Gastroenterological Expert, Isadora Chai, Celebrity Chef, Owner of Antara & Bistro à Table and Food Stylist

IBS can affect anyone, and up to as high as 21% of adults are affected in certain regions. More women (70%) than men (30%) suffer IBS and all ages are affected, from teenagers to the elderly. However IBS is most commonly found in the age groups 30 – 50 years old. Many people don’t even realise that this is a condition, with only 30% of sufferers consulting their doctors about this condition. There are many different remedies on the market, but only 8% of patients are satisfied with their particular remedy. The syndrome affects patients both physically and psychologically, impairing the patient’s ability to function emotionally, socially and professionally.

IBS happens all over the world, and an average of 15.6% of Malaysians suffer from IBS, with the highest number of sufferers at greater than 20% in its respective country (the USA for example). The global cost incurred for sufferers of IBS is estimated at over USD$21 billion, including both the direct medical costs (physician visits, investigative tests, drugs, etc.) and indirect costs (loss of productivity, work absenteeism).

Sensitive Stomach and Gut
Professor Pierre Desreumaux is passionate about all things gut related. He is Head of the Inflammatory Digestive Diseases Research Unit at Lille University in France, and has been so for seventeen years to date. As a medical doctor and PhD holder he is both a skilled clinician and a top rated scientist, classified in the top 1% ranking by ISI Web Science in 2010. He gives approximately thirty oral presentations every year and has done so ever since he became head of the unit in both national and international congresses, and more than 200 publications reference him in the medical data base PubMed. He is specially flown in to speak about the role the special yeast probiotic Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3856 plays in relieving IBS as the active ingredient in The Prime Pro GIGuard, a special formulation design to combat IBS.
Professor Pierre Desreumaux, International Gastroenterological Expert

Quotes from Prof Pierre Desreumaux
One way to combat Irritable Bowel Syndrome is to consume probiotics, a product readily available on the market. However, The Prime ProGIGuard is the only yeast probiotic
available on the market, so that it can get rid of bad bacteria AND bad yeast, especially harmful candida yeast that can enter the bloodstream.

The Prime ProGIGuard is safe and fast acting, and has strong scientific support and clinically proven efficacy. Anyone from children aged two years and above can consume it, and it is a breakthrough in gastrointestinal pain management.

The Prime ProGIGuard has been clinically proven to relieve gastrointestinal symptoms, and is suitable for anyone suffering from indigestion, food poisoning, food allergies and/or food intolerance, constipation, diarrhoea, trapped wind and bloating, overeating, anxiety, depression, stomach flu or even menstrual pain.

Studies have shown that sufferers of gastrointestinal pain and discomfort experienced a significant reduction in symptoms from the first week onwards of consumption and especially within the first two weeks/15 days of consumption.

Bakers Yeast - a Natural Probiotic Proven to Settle the Stomach
Saccharomyces cerevisiae in The Prime ProGIGuard works in IBS by several ways. One of the ways is that Saccharomyces cervisiae CNCM I-3856 secretes saccharolytic enzymes and assisting intestinal flora in generating short chain fatty acids that accelerates the bowel movements. It also acts as a visceral analgesic, increasing resistance to pain by up to 40%. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory to combat intestinal inflammation. It helps rebalance the bacteria in the gut, being shown to reduce the harmful bacteria Enterococcus, E. coli and C. albicans. The result is decreased inflammation, bloating, pain, discomfort, constipation among relief of the other symptoms of IBS. It is indeed a wonder probiotic (good yeast)!

The Prime ProGiGuard retails for RM 66.80 for a bottle of 30 capsules and RM111.80 for a bottle of 60 capsules and is available at Guardian, Caring, AA and other leading pharmacies nationwide. The Prime ProGiguard is solely distributed by Cambert (M) Sdn Bhd in Malaysia.

For more information, please visit

Sunday, April 1, 2018

CARiNG Pharmacy digitises Rewards

As a brand that seeks to constantly evolve to stay relevant, CARiNG Pharmacy proved its ability to embrace the digital age with the introduction of its new CARiNG Regular Membership Programme in January 2018.

Developed in partnership with Capillary Tech, the CARiNG Regular Membership Programme is a mobile based application that aims to connect, engage and reward the customer within a single solution. With the launch of this app, the company is set to service their customers both in physical stores and virtually, while maintaining an effective CEM (customer experience management) platform.

The mobile app is available to be downloaded for free on App Store for Apple devices or Google Play for Android devices. Upon launching of the app and providing basic personal details, new users are given a membership for a lifetime and are rewarded with 200 Welcome Points that they can accumulate and later be used to redeem CARiNG Cash Vouchers.

The CARiNG Regular Membership Programme app is more than just a 'digital membership card'. It keeps users abreast of the latest happenings and not-to-be-missed promotions. Check on the its 'HOME' screen, users are able to access latest news on health and nutrition, specially curated by CARiNG team for health experts. Updates on CARiNG's regular roadshows, free health screenings, talks and workshops are also available on this screen. In a bid to day go paperless, CARiNG's quaterly newslatters are just a click away from the mobile app.

With over 114 CARiNG Pharmacy branches nationwide and counting, users might feel overwhelmed and encounter difficulty locating the nearest branch. The LOCATION button within the app allows users to locate the nearest CARiNG outlets and save their favourite ones for future reference.

The ingenious VOUCHER button in the app displays all the users available vouchers and details at a glance, eliminating the need to physically keep and manage several vouchers at a time. No more scrambling to locate a lost voucher or leaving a voucher to expire! On their birthday month, users are rewarded with a RM5 birthday voucher and also receive 3x birthday points on all their purchases.

As an electronic loyalty card, the app provides the benefits of a regular card minus the hassle and baggage of one. A click on the MEMBER button reveals a users membership number, barcode for scanning and loyalty points accumulated for redemption.

With the rise of online shopping, naturally the CARiNG app incorporates an E-STORE button that directs users to CARiNG Pharmacys online store where they can beat the crowds and traffic, for a peaceful shopping experience in the comforts of home.

Acknowledging that most consumers are swamped with a myriad of loyalty program and membership cards that would overwhelm any wallet, Managing Director of CARiNG Pharmacy Retail Management Sdn Bhd Mr Chong Yeow Siang, joked with the guests during the official launch of the CARiNG Regular Membership Programme at 1Utama Shopping Centre, What is the use of a loyalty program card if it sits idle at home together with twenty other membership cards? These days, no one leaves home without their mobile phones, so our CARiNG Regular Membership Programme remains accessible at all times!

At the light-hearted launch, brands like Tiger Balm, Allergan, Scotts, Blackmores, Dermareen, Avene, QV, Splat, Jordan, Cypress Medi, GoodMorning, Body Buddy, Hiruscar and Brands took part in showcasing their products by giving the guests an experiential session. Guests were also treated to a highly entertaining appearance by Malaysias very own Mr. Bean and a dance performance. They also got to rub shoulder with celebrity guests; actress and TV host Dynas Mokhtar and 988 radio DJ and 8TV host Cheryl Lee Xin Yi. The two celebrities also shared with the audience their experience with the CARiNG Shopper Loyalty app.

As an advocate for environmental preservation, I like that this app negates the need of piles of paper for newsletters, promotional flyers and chunky plastic cards that end up in landfills. Most of all, I love that this app has an all-in-one application for latest news updates, membership, shopping and management of vouchers. said Dynas during the interactive session of the event.

The positive feedback was echoed by Cheryl who said, I have so many membership cards that I never utilize because I end up keeping them at home, as they end up taking so much space in my bag, collectively. In the end, I think it defeats the purpose of having a membership card as I never manage to collect any points or utilise the members discounts. In fact, I have stopped joining loyalty programs precisely for this reason. This app is a fresh breath of air as it addresses the main problem with loyalty cards and even threw in lots of bonuses, too!.

With the launch of this loyalty app, we hope to be able to feel closer to our customers to be able to deliver better services and products, while rewarding them for trusting us with their healthcare and medical needs. said Mr Chong.

Did you visit the CARiNG Regular Membership Programme launch event at 1Utama Shopping Centre Ground Floor Centre Court (Old Wing) from 28 March 1 April 2018? The CARING Regular Membership Programme launch event have many exciting offers while collecting points to redeem cash vouchers.

Energizer® Brand Refresh Launch @Sunway Pyramid

Energizer® Brand Refresh Launch f eaturing  from left to right:  Mr  Tan Suang Jak, Channel Director for Modern Trade,  Energizer® Ho...