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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Anlene On-The-Go

It's September and it's close to year end soon. Yeah my eldest son is going to have his UPSR exam this month. Busy parenting didn't stop me from taking care of myself. We go to take care of ourselves first before taking care of others. 

Just took sometime off to go by LRT to KL Sentral for this RM1 offer and went window shopping at the mall. Yeah it's a totally worth it, just RM1 and can get an Anlene UHT milk and a 7Days chocolate croissant. It's only available at selected LRT/KTM stations.
With busy mom life as stay at home mom, there's never ending house chores and being a mom. Never forget that breakfast is the King. 

Sharing is caring do you know that Anlene UHT milk is packed with Collagen, Protein and HIgh Calcium which you can easily consume on the go.

Only pay RM1 and gets Anlene UHT Milk and a 4 Days croissant.
 If you have been following my social media on Instagram and Facebook you'll know of this too. I have share them online on where to grab them and when's the last stop for the Anlene Roving Truck too.

Anlene UHT Milk has got two flavour, they are Vanilla and Chocolate. Which is your favourite? I like them both and never feel bored of consuming them. With all its nutrition it's what we need for our bones and joints!
Got my favourite Anlene UHT Milk
It's important to take care of ourselves and I love this type of Anlene-On-The-Go, Anlene UHT milk as its ready-to-drink pack with 50% more nutrient, gets you on the go with more collagen and at the same time to care for our bones, joints & muscles! Stay active, Stay agile!
Stacy Anam the Malaysia's Dancing Queen, look how high she jumped!
Malaysia's Dancing Queen Stacy Anam, she was at Bukit Bintang the other day.  She have a jump that day that can be captured on Led Billboard. How amazing is that? It's important to live a happy healthy lifestyle, stay active, stay agile!
Anlene-On-The-Go, Anlene UHT milk as its ready-to-drink pack with 50% more nutrient, gets you on the go with more collagen and at the same time to care for our bones, joints & muscles!

Yea I am happy mom, happy kids yeah we have happy active lifestyle together.

If you like to know more about Anlene please visit and website


  1. Next week is the start of UPSR! My eldest sitting this year too.

    I tried Anlene before. Yes. To take care of ourselves.

    1. yeah we got to care for ourselves first. :D
      Feel like it's mom sitting exam not him. lol

  2. Anlene is my fav drinks since kid and I’m prefer the chocolate flavour more 😬

  3. good luck utk anak u, sherry.
    my daughter, UPKK on 1st october. also busy revising and studying with her.
    yes. busy camne pun takkan la nak terperap kat rumah. stress kan.
    going to the event is something refreshing kan?
    anlene is very good. lama da bertapak di m'sia kan.
    kerap beli terutama bila ada offer :)

  4. this is the right time to start give more attention to this age i must drink anlene for my own good..anlene good for adult and children too

  5. Baru tau ada flavour vanilla n coklat. .Sebelum ni tau yg original je. .Susu bgs utk tulang kita ..

  6. Wow ada vanilla jugak , dah pernah cuba yang choc je , sedap ! Nanti boleh cuba perisa Vanilla pulak

  7. Anlene is one of my favourite milk. But I prefer chocolate flavour. I love anlene because it really focus on giving us more calcium for ladies

  8. Bestnya event bersama stacy.. nampak stacy sangat cergas walau dah punya anak, masih boleh melompat lagi rahsia minum anlene rupanya

  9. I suka susu anlene Sbb rasanya sedap. Then dlm pek on the go senang nak bawa ke mana sahaja. Coklat pula my hubby suka :-)

  10. I like Anlene youghurt! maybe i should try Anlene Milk :)) thank you for sharing!

  11. My fav milkkkk... i love vanilla flavor so much.. and its my easy breakfast everyday if i am lazy to prepare foos.. its yummy dan good for too

  12. I never know that Anlene now comes in pack, ready to go. That is super convenient, just insert the straw and slurppp the goodness. Good for opah on the go.
    Petua Awet Muda Untuk Opah

  13. I am so going to try the chocolate flavour. These flavours will encourage more people to try the milk. :)

  14. I've not tried this before, will get in for my daughter at supermarket, Anelene is a good brand.

  15. Bagi yang tak berapa suka ninum susu, pilihan perasa coklat mesti sesuai. Khasiat anlene juga lebih bwrtambah. Pasti banyak manfaatnya

  16. Yeah.. masa terbaik utk bonding masa bersama anak2.. minuman berkhasiat bagus utk anak2 dan kita juga!! Chaiyok!! Good luck for ur kids sherry!! 😍😍😍😍

  17. Only RM1? That's a really good deal! I love taking Anlene. I started taking Anlene months ago and I can see the changes in my body, esp because I always feel fatigued when I have my period. Now, I feel much better. I definitely recommend taking Anlene every day.

  18. harga rm 1 ni memang murah sangat, harga yang sangat berpatutan untuk sarapan pagi. Kalau kenyang lagi baik

  19. Jenama yang di kenali ramai untuk menguatkan tulang belulang dan gigi supaya sekeras besi. Hehe. Minumlah susu setiap hari

  20. Susu coklat minum waktu pagi perut maznee tak boleh terima, senang sakit perut. mungkin juga sebab alah dengan susu


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