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Sunday, October 14, 2018


Good evening to dear reader and visitors of my blog. It's Friday and though I am not feeling so well due to having flu. Here I am sharing with you the two days one night that I had a great time with Guardian Malaysia's Wellness Retreat held in conjunction with Guardian Malaysia's 51 anniversary. Being mom of two boys, I am always on the go and I feel appreciate and thankful having this media blogger trip together with Guardian Malaysia team. Thank you Guardian Malaysia for choosing me as one of the participant in media blogger wellness retreat.

We depart by bus from Shah Alam to Philea Resort & Spa Melaka for Guardian Malaysia Wellness Retreat, in the bus we are given breakfast and there's one must have it's the Nature's Heart biscuit.

photo credit to Miera

 Arrived at the lobby of Philea Resort & Spa, before check in the room. We registered ourselves and given luggage to team Guardian Malaysia to help tag our luggage and giving us the room number that we are going to check in later. We headed to our first ice breaking event.

 We have Guardian Malaysia's skincare head Ms. Sheryn Soo in the room, she's gave the welcome speech and also we have the hotel's safety's briefing as well by hotel's representative.
(L-R) photo with loveldy blogger Kathy, (Me), Elana
 We get to picked the suitable Pantene Pro-V  hair care range shampoo and conditioner. For me I have chosen the Pro-V Total Damage Care 10 because I have diy bleached my hair and colored my hair often. It's a fun sharing session that each of our hair care range has got a question that we got to answer. Everyone in the room, gets to answer and nobody escape from it. This way we can also get to know each other in the in this wellness retreat.

Then we have next session with Bio-Essence that we need to guess how many bottle of Bio Essence Bio-Water in the jar. The above photo are the winners that got the answer correctly total of 15 bottles inside the jar.
media blogger busy checking and snap away Bio Essence Bio-Water in jar

Thank you Guardian Malaysia for sharing nice video of media blogger attend the past events. Each of us are very touched and feeling happy, this photo above was also presented at the end of event on last day.

We then went for lunch at Cravo2 then we collected the keys to our room. For the room views you can see my video above. I have uploaded the video in my Youtube account: Sherry Go Sharing.

 Then we headed to next session which is "The Story of Oil Garden" products of Australia. The session was held at Chill Out Foyer.

There's hands on session that we can try the skincare products. Nice set up by team Guardian, they are the behind the scenes that making our wellness retreat so happening.

 In the evening, we see nice sunset by the Encore Melaka. At Admiral Event Hall, we get to play makeup L'Oreal & Maybelline on the table for the theme of "An Evening to Impress".

We have a nice dinner at Encore Melaka before watching the Theatre show of untold stories of Melaka. It's good experienced and nice to know of this 70 minutes show, enjoying the show from start to the end.

Next day we have an early 7am workout with lovely Joanna Soh, she is a Fitness Influencer and Fitness Youtuber. After the workout, we have a nice group photo before heading to breakfast.

Next we head to the Health & Wellness 101 session where Joanna Soh shows us how to create our own edible Terrarium, its fun and creative making with Nature's Heart.
You can get creative with your Edible Terrarium, yeah everything you see in our glasses can is edible.

 The day we have a good time at Bayu Cabana for a refreshing afternoon session with Aprilskin the famous Korean brand, yeah we have chance to learn to diy our flower band click on the link above to know more about that day. It's very fun, everyone has got their creative way of making each unique and beautiful.Yeah check out the April Skin Turn-Up Color Treatment, I have reviewed it click on the link to see result.

 We have hands on trying out the April Skin Real Calendula peel off pack. After this session we head to Cravo 2 for lunch.

 Guardian Anniversary Beauty Bash, we have a 'Quickie' with Nivea Deo & Men, we have photo session with Ainul Aisyah and Dash Yusuf. Besides that we also get our hands on the Dove dermaseries, I have the body wash which is suitable for dry skin relief.
'Quickie' with Nivea Deo & Men, I have photo session with Ainul Aisyah and Dash Yusuf

Feel free to see my video on the 2nd day vlog of Guardian Wellness Retreat. We also played the musical chair and there's SilkyGirl makeup given. Indeed a fun full wellness retreat with Guardian Malaysia.Thank you Guardian Malaysia and Guardian team behind the scenes for making this wellness retreat unforgettable. If you like to know more about Guardian please visit , with Internet access now you can online shopping for yourself and loved ones.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

TP-Link introduces Neffos C9, C9A as brand’s first smartphones with Full-View Display

Good day to my dear readers and visitors, it's been a raining Wednesday. Everyone has got a busy lifestyle, but I am sure most of us having a smart phone in hand. Sharing is caring TP-Link revealed two smartphones under the upstart Neffos mobile brand. The new Neffos C9 and Neffos C9A, combining bright and advanced Softlight Camera systems with Full-View Displays for excellent viewing and gaming experiences on the go, along with attractive everyday features.

Now, more than two decades after its founding in 1996, TP-Link has become the undisputed global leader in wireless-network solutions, operating in more than 170 territories worldwide. The company continues to offer capable, reliable, and reasonably priced networking devices and peripherals to customers around the world, and it aims to extend the same commitment toward product excellence in the smartphone space through the Neffos brand.

Above video is unboxing Neffos C9A, click on the video to see my unboxing.

It has been found that around 60 percent of the market would lean toward smartphones that are both high-quality and inexpensive. These are the same attributes that customers can expect from the Neffos product line. The latest C9 and C9A phones draw on the Neffos heritage while ushering in a new era of cameras that perform well in both day and night situations, and taller displays that deliver a truly immersive experience.

Neffos C9A

Picture perfect, every time 
photo taken using Neffos C9A
 With the Neffos C9 and C9A's advanced front and rear cameras, taking beautiful pictures or stylish selfies anytime, anywhere has never been easier. The C9 features an 8-megapixel Softlight Camera on the front that captures your face in the best way possible, while the C9A has been outfitted with a 5-megapixel Softlight Camera for better pictures at night or in a dimly lit environment.

The lenses behind the cameras offer an 84-degree wider field of view, giving you the best option to capture the world around you. Both phones also come with a 10-level Real-Time Beautify function to conceal imperfections while highlighting all your natural features just the way you want it.

And with the 13-megapixel rear camera's lower-aperture lens and phase-detection auto-focus system, the Neffos C9 and C9A can capture sharp and detailed photos from day to night, without sacrificing image quality. For even more accurate color reproduction, the camera arrives with a blue-glass filter that cuts off infrared light.

Immersive full-screen experiences

The C9 and C9A aim to set the standard for ultimate and uninterrupted viewing and gaming experiences in the category with Neffos' Full-View Displays that go beyond ultra-thin bezels, featuring an impressive 18:9 aspect ratio and HD+ resolutions. They come in generous sizes, with the C9 and C9A sporting 5.99- and 5.45-inch screens, respectively.

Both are manufactured using in-cell technology, and they're engineered to provide a clearer and more vibrant picture. Other highlights include a contrast ratio of 1,000:1 and 400 nits of brightness, which should be enough to let you enjoy watching videos outdoors or indoors without having to close the curtains.

Convenient and safe unlocking
Neffos C9A
 Built with practicality and convenience in mind, the Neffos C9 and C9A incorporate water- and oil-resistant fingerprint readers into their designs, as well as face unlock using their selfie cameras. Powered by the latest artificial intelligence or AI technology, the cameras scan over 100 different facial details to pixel-level accuracy for a quick and effortless way of unlocking the devices.
Elsewhere, up-to-date and well-optimized Android 8.1 Oreo has been preinstalled on the C9 and C9A. The latest version of the operating system introduces several fresh features, including the latest security patches to keep the devices secure.

Efficient and long-lasting

To ensure uninterrupted use away from a socket, Neffos has equipped the C9 and C9A with high-capacity batteries that, paired with efficient 64-bit quad-core processors, should result in best-in-class battery life without compromising on speed. The batteries are designed to provide many hours of constant use and should retain up to 80 percent of their original capacities through 500 complete charge cycles.

I like the Neffos C9A, I also have shared a video I have uploaded on my Facebook you can click on the link to view the video. The photo is taken outdoor at Sunway Lagoon. The phone is simple to use and user friendly.

Both the C9 and C9A will be available in two colours – Cloudy Grey and Moonlight Silver.
The Neffos C9A is now available in stores nationwide at an affordable price of RM429 while the Neffos C9 priced at RM479.

Now if you like to know more of the Neffos brand, you can find further information on

Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Good day to dear reader and visitor of my blog. It's Wednesday and it's going to be my busy day too as tomorrow is last day exam for my son at primary school. Sharing is caring, Guardian Malaysia is celebrating its 51st anniversary by dedicating the month of October to rewarding customers with special offers, including savings of 51% on a range of 1,000 items.

CEO of Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd (Guardian Malaysia), Mr. Soren Lauridsen, said: “Our 51st anniversary campaign, which started yesterday, has been designed to complement our year-long Knockdown Prices campaign launched in February, so that customers can enjoy greater savings during the month.”

The core feature of the anniversary campaign is to offer customers a range of 1,000 items under a “mix & match” purchase, whereby they would enjoy a 51% discount on the price of the second item.

“What better way to reward our customers than to help them to save and contain rising costs of living? We believe our customers across the country, including those who prefer to make purchases online, would be delighted by the wide product range and huge discount,” he added.

In addition, there would also be in-store Beauty Fair throughout the month, where RM30 voucher would be given out with any purchase of cosmetics and fragrance worth RM120 and above, in a single receipt.

To spice up the visits to Guardian stores during the anniversary period, Guardian has lined up Instore surprises, where the first customer to spend RM51 and above in selected designated stores throughout the country, will receive a mystery gift. There will be at least one winner each day, with a total of 51 gifts awaiting lucky shoppers. Winners will be announced every Thursday on Guardian FB.

On top of these, Guardian Malaysia would be giving away a smart band health tracker worth RM99 for purchases of health care products above RM250, at selected Guardian stores.

Commenting further on the campaign and offers, Soren said: “Guardian has been a leading brand in Malaysia for the past 51 years. We have a reputation of offering a wide range of exclusive and high quality products at very affordable prices. Campaigns such as these enable Guardian to re-focus on the brand’s DNA, which is, to always offer customers the best in terms of price, quality and service.”

Just sharing with you as you know I am busy mom of two boys. Do you wanna see what's in my bag? Can you spot the my favourite handwash that I like using in the Kitchen?
sharing with you hair care range that we using to care for our hair.

For more information and details of the campaign and on-going promotions, please visit


The Audra and 11street management teams with performers at the
launch of the event. From L-R ( Chong Lock Hin, Assistant Manager of
11street’s Merchandising Division (Computer & IT) / Ruhani Rabin, Chief
Product Officer of Dotlines / Max So, Assistant General Manager of 11street’s
Merchandising Divison (Computer & IT) / Judy Wong, General Manager of
Communications of 11street / Ola Lind, Business Development Director of
Dotlines / Henry Ho, General Manager of Business Development and
Partnerships of 11street / Mahbubul Matin, Chairman of Dotlines / Hassan
Mehdi, Chief Executive Officer of Dotlines / Zaman Mohammad, Director of
Dotlines / Sumit Ghosh, Marketing and Communication Director / Tareq Moin,
Director of Dotlines.

While the internet has brought about unprecedented levels of convenience and ease to our lifestyles, it has also led to the rise of internet addiction amongst Malaysians. In fact, last year, the Ministry of Health reported that internet addiction has reached alarming rates with 34.9% of teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 found to be addicted to the Internet. 11street (, one of the leading online marketplaces in Malaysia, is providing a solution to this issue by joining forces with Audra, a unique internet security solution that allows you to set your own rules for your internet usage in your homes and offices. This partnership between Audra and 11street, places Malaysia as the first country in Southeast Asia to make Audra available to the public. I am sure it's a good news for parents and employers as now they know where they can balance the life of their lifestyle and working environment.

The Audra internet security solution provides users with complete control to strike a balance between the usage of technology and personal well-being, while creating a sense of digital wellness. Audra combines a cloud-based service and a gateway device, that sits between a modem and a router, acting as as an additional layer of control and protection to regulate the users’ internet usage. With Audra, users can select settings based on the preferences and needs of their environment, including restricting content and websites, setting time limits on browsing and defending networks from phishing, viruses as well as other attacks on the system.

Mr Mahbubul Matin, Chairman of Dotlines Sdn. Bhd. said, “As we continue to move towards a digitalised nation, there is an urgent need for a safe and user-friendly cyber security feature to ensure the protection of users of all ages. Many of our activities such as banking and shopping are done via the internet, which means not only are we susceptible to online threats, but also decreased productivity in our daily lives.

“Our goal is to help families and businesses alike strike a balance in their daily tech usage to allow Malaysians to establish healthy guidelines for their online activities. We envision a world where we can all experience digital wellness in our everyday living. This collaboration with 11street is the perfect avenue for us to provide Malaysians with complete control over internet usage and protection from online threats.”

Henry Ho, General Manager of Business Development and Partnership of 11street further added, “11street is excited to partner with Audra to become the first country in Southeast Asia to make this tool available on an online marketplace. We care about our consumers and their well-being;
hence it is our role to offer them a real solution—a product that will promote a healthier digital lifestyle in the long run.

“We believe that amidst the digital revolution, it is important to maintain human connections and find a balance between the tech and non-tech aspects of our lives. Adding a product like Audra to 11street is a major step towards creating a safe, secure and healthy online environment for Malaysians, which is a crucial need for both families and businesses. On top of that, Audra is so easy to use that anyone can operate it!”

Via this partnership with 11street, Audra will be making two variants available to Malaysians on the online marketplace: Audra Home and Audra Business.

Audra Home is a simple plug-and-play setup system with an inbuilt router that optimises parental controls and provides robust internet security to give families the flexibility to set the right balance in the growth and safety of their children. Many people have Internet access now but didn't know to control their usage. This is good as you can know limit the usage of Internet access and the websites they access. Audra Business, on the other hand, gives business owners the ability to set the rules for better staff productivity with real-time control of the office wireless networks with the Audra Management App. Audra Business is a gateway device that is attached to an existing wifi router. It also has the ability to whitelist websites while blocking incoming malware and adware. Businesses can now stay protected against any form of data leaks and digital threats with the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack prevention. Audra operates on an easy graphical user interface (GUI) that is both parent-friendly and admin-friendly.

If you like to know where you can purchase, sharing is caring now purchase Audra in Malaysia via 11street in just a few clicks. Head on over to the Audra Official Store on 11street to purchase a yearly subscription of the Audra Home package, which can be utilised by up to 20 users at a time, at RM699 or the Audra Business package, which retails at RM999 and can accommodate up to 100 concurrent users. Specially for purchases made in 2018 via 11street, customers purchasing the Audra internet security solution for the first three months will also be entitled to have their second year of subscription fee waived. Visit to find out more.


  Good evening to dear reader and visitors of my blog. It's Friday and though I am not feeling so well due to having flu. Here I ...