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Tuesday, October 9, 2018


The Audra and 11street management teams with performers at the
launch of the event. From L-R ( Chong Lock Hin, Assistant Manager of
11street’s Merchandising Division (Computer & IT) / Ruhani Rabin, Chief
Product Officer of Dotlines / Max So, Assistant General Manager of 11street’s
Merchandising Divison (Computer & IT) / Judy Wong, General Manager of
Communications of 11street / Ola Lind, Business Development Director of
Dotlines / Henry Ho, General Manager of Business Development and
Partnerships of 11street / Mahbubul Matin, Chairman of Dotlines / Hassan
Mehdi, Chief Executive Officer of Dotlines / Zaman Mohammad, Director of
Dotlines / Sumit Ghosh, Marketing and Communication Director / Tareq Moin,
Director of Dotlines.

While the internet has brought about unprecedented levels of convenience and ease to our lifestyles, it has also led to the rise of internet addiction amongst Malaysians. In fact, last year, the Ministry of Health reported that internet addiction has reached alarming rates with 34.9% of teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 found to be addicted to the Internet. 11street (, one of the leading online marketplaces in Malaysia, is providing a solution to this issue by joining forces with Audra, a unique internet security solution that allows you to set your own rules for your internet usage in your homes and offices. This partnership between Audra and 11street, places Malaysia as the first country in Southeast Asia to make Audra available to the public. I am sure it's a good news for parents and employers as now they know where they can balance the life of their lifestyle and working environment.

The Audra internet security solution provides users with complete control to strike a balance between the usage of technology and personal well-being, while creating a sense of digital wellness. Audra combines a cloud-based service and a gateway device, that sits between a modem and a router, acting as as an additional layer of control and protection to regulate the users’ internet usage. With Audra, users can select settings based on the preferences and needs of their environment, including restricting content and websites, setting time limits on browsing and defending networks from phishing, viruses as well as other attacks on the system.

Mr Mahbubul Matin, Chairman of Dotlines Sdn. Bhd. said, “As we continue to move towards a digitalised nation, there is an urgent need for a safe and user-friendly cyber security feature to ensure the protection of users of all ages. Many of our activities such as banking and shopping are done via the internet, which means not only are we susceptible to online threats, but also decreased productivity in our daily lives.

“Our goal is to help families and businesses alike strike a balance in their daily tech usage to allow Malaysians to establish healthy guidelines for their online activities. We envision a world where we can all experience digital wellness in our everyday living. This collaboration with 11street is the perfect avenue for us to provide Malaysians with complete control over internet usage and protection from online threats.”

Henry Ho, General Manager of Business Development and Partnership of 11street further added, “11street is excited to partner with Audra to become the first country in Southeast Asia to make this tool available on an online marketplace. We care about our consumers and their well-being;
hence it is our role to offer them a real solution—a product that will promote a healthier digital lifestyle in the long run.

“We believe that amidst the digital revolution, it is important to maintain human connections and find a balance between the tech and non-tech aspects of our lives. Adding a product like Audra to 11street is a major step towards creating a safe, secure and healthy online environment for Malaysians, which is a crucial need for both families and businesses. On top of that, Audra is so easy to use that anyone can operate it!”

Via this partnership with 11street, Audra will be making two variants available to Malaysians on the online marketplace: Audra Home and Audra Business.

Audra Home is a simple plug-and-play setup system with an inbuilt router that optimises parental controls and provides robust internet security to give families the flexibility to set the right balance in the growth and safety of their children. Many people have Internet access now but didn't know to control their usage. This is good as you can know limit the usage of Internet access and the websites they access. Audra Business, on the other hand, gives business owners the ability to set the rules for better staff productivity with real-time control of the office wireless networks with the Audra Management App. Audra Business is a gateway device that is attached to an existing wifi router. It also has the ability to whitelist websites while blocking incoming malware and adware. Businesses can now stay protected against any form of data leaks and digital threats with the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack prevention. Audra operates on an easy graphical user interface (GUI) that is both parent-friendly and admin-friendly.

If you like to know where you can purchase, sharing is caring now purchase Audra in Malaysia via 11street in just a few clicks. Head on over to the Audra Official Store on 11street to purchase a yearly subscription of the Audra Home package, which can be utilised by up to 20 users at a time, at RM699 or the Audra Business package, which retails at RM999 and can accommodate up to 100 concurrent users. Specially for purchases made in 2018 via 11street, customers purchasing the Audra internet security solution for the first three months will also be entitled to have their second year of subscription fee waived. Visit to find out more.

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