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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

3 Reasons To Give Gender-Neutral Baby Gifts

With the modern trend of gender-reveal parties for expectant parents, it can be tempting to purchase gender-specific baby gifts. Despite the popularity of blue and pink onesies, rattles and pacifiers, there are a number of good reasons to consider buying gender-neutral baby gifts for friends or family expecting a child.

They're the Ideal Future Hand-Me-Downs

If you’re buying gifts for parents expecting their first child, gender neutral baby gifts are a way of preparing for the future. Gender-neutral clothes and toys can be handed down to future children, regardless of gender, and parents of multiple young children will appreciate the savings.

Children Don’t Care About Gender

More and more parents are raising their child without sticking to strict pink and blue color schemes and other gender norms. Gender-neutral parenting might have a point — the fact that your child is cute and comfortable matters more than the color he or she is wearing. Buying gender-neutral baby gifts opens you up to a world of exciting, fun and cute options without limiting yourself and the baby you’re buying for to a specific, culturally dictated color palette.

You Wouldn’t Limit Yourself to One Color

Your wardrobe is full of different colors, styles and patterns, and let’s face it — when babies are first growing up, how they dress is influenced by their parents. New parents can and should dress their children in more than just pinks and blues, so giving them gender-neutral baby presents will allow them to express their own personalities as parents, as well as influence their baby’s style.
Buying gender-neutral items for parents of newborns opens up a world of possibilities, fun fashions and exciting styles that gendered baby clothing sometimes lacks. These gifts can give parents a chance to express personality with their babies and save money on hand-me-downs, making them perfect in both the short and the long term.

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