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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Getting Your Daughter Involved in Her Bat Mitzvah

It seems like only yesterday that you were teaching her how to ride a bike without training wheels, and suddenly you woke up and your baby girl is almost thirteen years old. How does time fly by so fast? As your daughter nears her teenage years it means that it’s time to start thinking about her bat mitzvah.

Get Her Involved

Even after you hire a bat mitzvah planner to help you with the process, don’t forget whose party it is. Ask your daughter her input and have her tell the planner what she is envisioning. Nobody knows how to party like the Jews, but she is a middle-school-age girl as well might have a different idea than you. Have her be in charge of picking colors and a theme to help your party planner start thinking of ways to incorporate them.

Make a Guest List

Even though it’s a religious ceremony and is considered a rite of passage in the Jewish culture, that doesn’t mean that people of a different faith should not be invited. Some people choose to only invite close friends and family to the Temple and witness the rites, then throw a party afterward with everyone invited. This is a celebration of her womanhood, so let her choose the people she wants to be there for it.

Pick a Venue

Depending on the size of the party, think about locations that would be ideal for what she is planning. If she wants a giant blow-out bash with two hundred people invited, then chances are your backyard won’t fit the bill very well. Decide what location is a good fit for her party and the number of people invited to it.
Celebrating your baby’s ascent into adulthood is an enormous thing. Plan this very important milestone together to make it a great memory for the whole family.

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