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Monday, October 7, 2019

3 Ways To Personalize Your Home Décor

Have you had trouble deciding how to decorate your home? Do you have too many seasonal items that lack a personal connection to you? Instead of rotating the seasonal décor that probably clutters your basement, invest in the personal items that will make your house or apartment feel more like your home. Filling your space with books, Hallmark figurines and framed photographs brings a touch of personality into a room and makes the space unique to you.


You might be thinking: books? How is that a decoration? But filling your bookshelf with great reads and picking your favorite books to put on display gives a room character that is specific to you. A torn-up copy of Harry Potter may indicate your love for magical storytelling. You buy books for a reason, and showing your visitors your picks shows a little about your personality.


Another great way to decorate your home is to display collectible items. Hallmark figurines are the perfect addition to a television stand or bookshelf. Precious Moments, Josef originals and Willow Tree ornaments offer a huge variety of figurines that allow you to personalize your home with pieces that are meaningful to you. The best part is, while you can buy some seasonal statues, many of them can be displayed year-round too.

Framed Photographs

One of the best ways to make a house feel more like a home is to fill it with remnants of past memories. Photographs allow people to reminisce and share times in their lives with others. Photo albums have to be taken out to show off their contents, but framing some of the best pictures gives you more items to decorate with. You can then fill your home with the friends and family that you love.
Books, figurines and photographs can give your home the personal touch you might be missing. Filling a space with the people, memories and items that you love can really turn a house into a home.

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