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Monday, October 29, 2012

Playing with edit photos

Do you have fun edit the photo that you love?

I love edit photo and I never print them out. I know I have the chance of losing the valuable pictures of memories. I used to print of many photos and some photos I love so much I would frame up at my walls and also stick them on cupboards.

Talking of photos, have you got plan for this school holiday? I don't have any, even though I have some thoughts in mind. Oh well it does not mean it will be go as schedule as plan so just let it be. Hopefully I am able get some fun activities for my son.

It is good to see some blogger with the new Samsung camera to test out. :D

Sometimes it is best to let go of the past, don't see the picture you don't recall any memory yeah.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Green Day@Nestle World Walking Day

 Yeah I would say yesterday is Green Day because everyone in Green Shirts on Nestle World Walking Day, above pictures taken using the Samsung S3. It is wonderful morning, sunny day for us but lucky we bring along the hats. A long walk for everyone and some people sweat so much.

We saw many balloons up in the air, yeah we need to go grab the balloons before they are all gone. Above picture of me behind me is Istana Kehakiman. After the walk on way back to the car, dear bought three bottles of Nestle drink at RM10.

In the evening we went to nearby restaurant for economy rice, then head to Carrefour for grocery shopping. We are given free Carrefour recycle bag on the spot after the survey. The survey is held nearby the information counter, you can never miss it. Look the recycle bag is so cute, Ipin and Upin recycle bag for us!

Don't miss out the Guess & Win is back ends this Friday.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sunday Nestle World Walking Day

This Nestle World Walking Day is on this Sunday, yeah same day as Sasa year end event at Selangor Turf Club. I am joining the World Walking Day with my family and let go the chance to go Sasa year end event because family first.

I need to bring along spf130 lotion for family to use, almost forget the lotion for avoid mosquitoes attack. I am not sure if we are in time to collect the shirts, my dear have not been there before. It would be our first time to go Presint 3, Putrajaya.

It would be a tiring day but healthy too for everyone to have a good walk. My baby joining this walk too well hopefully I dont have to chace him.

Are you having dame plan as I am for this Sunday?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hello Kitty mask giveaway

Yeah if you like to know how to take part to win Hello Kitty mask giveaway click on above picture.

This week a busy week for me, I am going for movies from Monday to Wednesday. I won movie passes to see movie, yes lucky me! Tomorrow night movie I am not going because I have seen the movie yesterday with my son.

Movies I won related to Halloween because it is horror movie so not many people willing to watch it. I am glad my dear accompany me last Wednesday to watch Sinister. Tonight movie with my friend, and Wednesday night movie also with my friend.

I am fan of horror movie, not everyone like to watch horror movie.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nestle World Walking Day on 28 October 2012

Oh yeah this is exciting for me because I have registered for this Nestle World Walking Day for the walk on 28 October 2012 (Sunday). It would be fun to walk with my family, yeah will bring my baby out this time for the walk. We will be stroller prepared for him of course but I hope he will sits because now he most preper to walkabout.

You can go to page event for more detail. We have not been to Precint 3, Putrajaya before. It will be early morning 6 am to 10 am. They are two ways to register yourself, you can use SMS or go their office to register. :D

It is fun this World Walking Day will be on different venue to get start go ahead you can choose Putrajaya, Ipoh, Kuantan, Johor Bahru, Sabah, and Sarawak.

About the World Walking Day, are you going to take part? Are you going to prepare anything for this walk?

This day I have make appointment with my dad that I will be meeting him and my bro family plus my mom in the afternoon.

Don't forget to take part in GUESS & WIN CONTEST, click the link to find out. Another is the 60,000 Total Pageview Giveaway.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Anniversary giveaway coming up!

Yeah I have been blogging since year 2008, how time fly?! I am hoping to start with Anniversary Giveaway this month since this month is my blog Anniversary. I almost lose this blog domain name because I forgot to renew it. But lucky I checked and in time I can reverse something and payment to back my domain. I lose a blog because one hosting is not honest at all, I paid him the money and he no helped me backup which he promised. My blog domain and hosting was under him.

Some blogs I lose because the free hosting blog company decided to close it. My heartache if I lose my blog, no kidding I lose a few blogs in past. I didn't make much money with blogging. I blog for my passion and interest as you know I have numberous of blogs. You may think that's great having many blogs but my attention to one blog no longer exist as I need care and update for my blogs.

Well if you are excited to see my Anniversary giveaway stick close to my blog. Yeah you need to be GFC follower in order to take part. Blogging over the years, I am so glad my fellow followers are still with me. Thank you so much!

Dear follower, maybe you can hint me what kind of Prize you like to see in the giveaway. I may consider it.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Need help to like pic win Gokuraku Ramen voucher

If you love contest like me, I hope you can like my picture because I aim to get 50 likes and get a voucher of FREE LARGE RAMEN at Gokuraku Ramen. Do click on the link to click like the picture. :D

So fast they are twenty comments on people who have completed the task. I still need at least 30 likes for the picture.

By the way you can take part too if you like to eat Ramen, personally I haven't try Ramen before. So will be great if I win and try dining there. This voucher will be use at Paradigm Mall.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shopping bedsheets for loved one

Yesterday is my busy day because time to shop bedsheets for loved ones, yeah so many you can see above picture. I don't shop bedsheets often because I find them expensive, well I got affordable price yesterday. The single bedsheets of time2bed cost RM13.90, the queen bedsheets of time2bed cost RM19.90. Yeah each size I bought two sets!

OMG, look at the cute bedsheets I found, they are so cute and adorable! I know I need to grab one for my king size bed. This brand is not time2bed so you know it is more expensive, the King size bedsheets cost nearly RM60 usual price is RM330 plus. No kidding, I am happy that I have got one bedsheet for my bed.

This reminds me of Chinese Wedding, you can't find this affordable price other place! Chinese wedding bedsheet definitely worth to purchase, well I don't think this is only for Chinese Wedding if you love the design you can grab it. Now if you wonder where I shop for this cute bedding, it is at Carrefour! Don't forget to grab the bedsheet and check the price again at the price checker!

I got a shocked the other day I bought the bedsheets at below RM30 and they charged me for RM40. I ask for refund right away at the information counter. Don't forget to see the price as single bedsheet, queen bedsheet, and king bedsheet comes with different price!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Trollery bag for children in Primary School

Are you a mommy with children in Primary School? I would like to hear from you. Do you use trolley bag for your children to go Primary School? Today I went to Parkson to have a look and found there's 60% sales on trolley bag. I bought the trolley bag of Mickey Mouse for my son who going to start Primary School next year.

Do you standby any trolley bag in case the trolley bag broken? Bear in mind that trolley bag is never cheap. My friend just redeem a trolley bag free using her credit card points. It is good for her since she has credit card and she pay the payment back in time.

I saw many types of trolley bag for children namely Thomas and Friends, Transformers, Spiderman, and trolley bags for girls that comes in pink colour. :D

There's Ben 10 contest going on in Parkson, you need to purchase RM100 above in single receipt for Ben 10 products. For detail you need to check out Parkson.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Nasi Goreng Pattaya@AEON Sunway Pyramid

This is my first time to eat Nasi Goreng Pattaya at AEON Sunway Pyramid. There is not much ingredients in this. To have a closer look I have opened it and snap a picture of it. I don't think I am ordering this again at AEON Food Court.

My sister-in-law saw told me she wouldn't order this again, I know there is room improvement for the nasi goreng pattaya.

Have you been to AEON food court? What you usually eat there?

Last night my dear told me about Rawang Burger at USJ 9, Subang Jaya. We haven't got the time to go try it out and not sure where's the exact location.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Toothless mommy

This maybe gross but it is true my mom no longer having any teeth, she is only using faux teeth to help her to chew the food. Recently I found out that there are more teeth for her as dentist need to extract all her tooth. The faux teeth are not useful anymore it keeps coming out of her mouth. She says that she eats half way the faux teeth comes out, first she would use the gum but glue to her them but it is not useful anymore.

My son saw the faux teeth and in the night before he fall asleep he keeps asking me how to grow back the teeth. He asks is it can eat vegetables, meats to help the teeth grow back.

Mommy is born in the year of Tiger, I would say my mom is also toothless Tiger now.

I can never forget the day I saw her with bad teeth at the bottom of her mouth, I cannot believe that the bad teeth had spread so fast to other teeth making her teeth worsen. Mommy loves drinking 3 in 1 white coffee.

My mom and grandmother in same situation both are toothless. My grandmother is blind living in old folks home in Cheras.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Brands tumbler for my mom

I have got the tumbler for my mom, she's living in nursing home and does not have own bottle to drink water. I am sure she's thirsty in the night so I gave her this bottle. I also gave her the cup with cover that can keep the coffee warm.

I purchased the Brands from AEON and saw there's free tumbler, well who does not like freebie? My son grab one bottle of it too! Talking of my son I hope he's better today, he's not well he has purging and vomit last night.

Soon I need to fetch him from kindergarten, this Saturday big day for him. Concert day and my parents unable to attend, this time they change the concert in the late evening so my baby and sister-in-law won't go along. She needs to stay home to take care my baby. It would be noisy and loud music so my baby will be not comfortable.

At this moment, baby sleeping in sarong. He drinks lot of milk now so I often check for best price to purchase. Some promoter come to me saying their brand is good for brain development etc, oh yeah.. check on the price.. you know I cannot afford. I am stay at home mom with no income.

About milk powder for adult I bought two packets to keep stock. Why milk powder for baby costs more than milk powder for adult?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Catch the Bait movie! Next Hotel Transylvania...

Monday is happy day for my son because it is our day to watch movie. He saw the Bait and decided to take a picture with it! Oh well the day we watched the movie The Hotel Transylvania. The movie Hotel Transylvania entertained us but one gal was crying while watching the movie. I think it is the dracula part that scares the little girl. Find out how Mavis zing with a human, Mavis a Dracula's daughter she is 118 years old. I told my friends about this movie, it is suitable for kids. Hotel Translyvania for monsters to stay get away from the people but there's one human in the hotel... dracula has to hide him.. but how? Lets go watch it and find out.

I watched the Bait with my dear, he's above 18 years old to watch with me. Hehe.. yeah this movie not suitable for kids as some part of the movie is not sensor, you get to see the guts and whatever in the human body part! The shark in car park basement, I am sure you like to see how the people in the car park escape! My dear got scare in this movie, the scary part for him would be in the car park basement. They are two Singaporean actors in this movie.  

Energizer® Brand Refresh Launch @Sunway Pyramid

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