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Monday, April 29, 2013

Cleo Magazine May's 2013 freebie

Do you like freebies? If your answer is yes, do check out the Popular book store. They are having the Cleo Magazine May issue and it comes with a thick box. Yeah good quality box and inside the box comes with the mini Lavin Me fragrance.
How much is the magazine with this box? It is RM7. If you prefer without the box, the magazine will be RM6 but it does not comes with the mini Lavin Me fragrance. :D
 Are you going to grab one box of Cleo Magazine this month?
May issue is out on stands with lots of exciting giveaways exclusively for you. With a FREE Starbucks Via Iced Coffee Card, RM10,000 worth of Lanvin fragrances and many more to be won. This issue also comes in a limited edition Lanvin box. **

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Iron Man 3 worth to watch!

Yesterday my son and I watched the Iron Man 3, it is worth to watch if you like to watch Iron Man. The starting song of the movie is very nice. Iron Man haven't slept for 36 hours in this movie.

Tony Stark made many iron man suits during his free time. No kidding you get to watch his iron man suits in the movie, I thought just few of them but they are many hidden underground. What do you think happen to Tony when he's without his iron man suit.

Who could tell that Pepper is going to be iron woman?!

Aldrich Killian the bad guy in the movie, he's the one created the character of Mandarin *terrorist*. What is so powerful that can prevent Tony to kill the bad guys? They are many explosions in the movie, at first they they thought it was bombing but it's not. It's human heats up and exploders, yeah some experiments has gone wrong or they are not steady.

Anyway it is best for you watch it yourself.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

MY FM DJ @ Giant USJ

Are you doing anything this Sunday? Head to Giant USJ today from 12.30-2.30pm because MY FM DJ will be there and you get to have free photo snap with loved one on the spot at Ambi Pur booth.

Sound good yeah?!
For detail whether it is free or not head to Ambi Pur Malaysia facebook now. 

Label Your Kids Items So They Won’t Lose Them at School

Do you have kids that are just starting to go to school and it seems that they are losing their backpack, lunchbox, and miscellaneous clothes at school? If so, then you aren’t alone because there are many families who are consistently buying new clothes and lunchboxes for their kids because other students end up accidentally taking them home with them. Well now your child won’t ever lose their personal belongings again when you use Stuck on You School Labels. You will be able to place your child’s name on all of their items so other students won’t mistake their items as their own.


Instead of buying multiple lunchboxes and backpacks every school year for your child, you need to check out the different types of labels that you can buy so you can place them on your kid’s belongings. It’s easy to buy them on the internet and they are affordable. Plus, they also look cute when they are placed on the personal belongings. It is much more affordable to parents because they no longer need to head to the department store on a weekly basis or calling the school to ask their teacher to keep a lookout for their child’s stuff.

Ordering is Easy

You will be able to go on the internet to order custom labeled products that your child will love. There are bags, hats, lunchboxes, and many other items that you can find on their website to buy for your little one to take to school. You can customize the label to match your kid’s personality and style. Once you add your order to the shopping cart, your order will be shipped quickly so you won’t have to replace another item in your child’s wardrobe. So head to the internet and check out to see what they have to offer!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Postage prize to winner

This morning I went post office and info for winner the registered post of necklace is RD182261348MY.

After postage of prize head to machine to validate the parking ticket. Then heading to my car, not far from my car saw a woman with anothre man arguing about their cars. Look like there is cars accident in the parking lot. I didn't stay back to watch as going to son's school.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Taipan USJ folks please be aware

I am reposting this as I saw this in Facebook shared by friends. Find out what happen to this mother. She was holding her baby daughter in other hand.

Yesterday, 23rd of April, around 7.15pm, my wife brought my daughter out to get some books for my daughter in taipan , after she came out from bigbook shop, as she's walking towards her car, she was stopped by one guy.
This guy place a knife on her neck, asking her "jangan jerit"
This guy then came in front of her and asking her to give him the handphone that my wife is holding..
Because she's ca...
rrying my daughter in her arms, she didn't fight back nor run, she handed the phone to him immediately.
Few seconds later, this guy told my wife to hand over my daughter to him, my wife instantly hold my daughter as close as possible to her chest and bend away from the guy,
With the knife in his hand, he slashed my wife on her arms trying to hurt her and snatch my daughter.
Someone saw the assault and shouted from afar, that's when the guy flee the scene with only her handphone with him.
My wife suffered a few wounds around her arms and neck, 8 stitches in total and thank god she's fine now and also my baby daughter. My baby is unharmed.

Guys, please be extra careful when you have kids with you, be extra vigilant, this society is getting worse...

Share this out to your love ones, at least to remind them.. To always stay sharp, stay focus..

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fun with Captain America toys

Just let him enjoy the moment with Captain America toys, no purchase any because the toys are expensive! The Captain America's mask or the Captain America's shield either one cost over RM44 each.
After trying the toys, he goes to the nearest playground, I mean pay ground. Yeah you need to pay only get to play.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pain the face, it hurts alot

Having few acne attacked on my face, it hurts alot. I mean it, so tonight must care don't touch the acne!

Acne can be very disturbing.

Good night world, hope the acne goes away tomorrow.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Winner of Flower Beads Necklace

Winner of Flower Beads Necklace, after using the The winner goes to number 6 in the list. So who is it?

Congratulations to


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Checklist: Flower Beads Necklace participants

I am sure you are excited to know who is the lucky winner of Flower Beads Necklace giveaway but let's check out if you are in the participant list. :D

Now my toddler sleeping in sarong I get to have time to update a bit.

Participant do your check your name below.
GFC: mimi faziana
from: Kelantan

Flower beads necklace giveaway@NameSherry

Do you like this flower beads necklace? I purchased this necklace from Forever 21, I didn't get the chance to wear this necklace and decided to make a giveaway. :D
This giveaway open to my GFC Follower.
The lucky winner wins this necklace.
It is easy to take part in this giveaway, you will need to have an address in Malaysia for postage of Prize.
Don't forget to be my GFC follower on this blog.

You need to comment as following:
example GFC: Sherrygo
email: sherrygo at ymail dot com
from: Selangor

Giveaway ends on 14 April, 2013 at 12 midnight. You need to come back this blog to find out if you are winner, winner will be chosen via
Don't forget to check out My Mom's Best another giveaway.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bullies in class throwing son's things in dustbin

It is sad to know that there is naughty children in class, they are only seven years old but they already behaviour like they are gangster. Some classmates even asked my son for money, the boy will go around asking classmate for money everyday. He's not only asking from boys but girls too.

Today another mom complains to me that her son's stationery goes missing, he's not alone. Her son's things were thrown inside the dustbin! I found out most parents are busy with their work; they let the children go for daycare or tuition after school.

I don't know how often the parents talk to their children about how's their education and getting along with classmates or not. My son used to tell me he's crying everyday in school because of the bullies. Bullies in class not only boys but girls too.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Energizer Max AA8 FREE panic alarm

I couldn't resist this freebie yeah exlusively at Guardian, I purchase it for RM18.88 of Energizer Max AA8 FREE panic alarm worth RM25.90.
For your information the panic alarm does not comes with battery, you will need to purchase A27 Energizer batter to install it for usage! You can also chekc with the staff in Guardian for detail.
I bought the wrong battery the other day and happy to see that it is suitable to use it on the Panic Alarm. It is not a toy, the white button is press on and press off for light!
Just one pulled from behind the panic alarm goes off.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mailed prizes in post office

I just back from Aeon Big, head to Post Office for mail prizes today. Yeah many people in Post Office on Monday. Here is info for winners i post out the prizes.

Registered post RD182266844MY for miss chocolate and top referral i used Pos Expreess.

Oh ya i had a quick run in Subang Parade and see there is bargain corner in center court, if you like Guardian goods you dont want to miss out the deal there.

Later i post up some haul i had there, their sales until this Sunday. Many products on sales from skin care, hair care, cosmetics, stationery and others.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Member's Exclusive: Loccitane Sunway Pyramid

I want to share with you that there is Event Highlights on Loccitane in Sunway Pyramid one day only which is on 5 April 2013. The Event Highlights is door gift upon registration, light refreshment served between 12pm-2pm and 5pm-7pm. Not just that lucky draw and early bird special.

Member's Exclusive is only three days from 5-7 April 2013. Top Spender Reward, Bonus Points, Best Buy Corner, Gifts ro bring home with purchase above RM350 and many more..

There is Provencal Travel RM161 (worth RM201)
Exclusive member's day offers in store!

It is while stock last, you will need to show the invitation card & membership card to redeem! Valid only in Loccitane at Sunway Pyramid, for more info call them at 03-5631 9881.

Just for your info, I didn't go as I am too tired now. I just back from groceries shopping.

I am done with wrapping the Prizes for winners in my blogs giveaway no time to go post office yet.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Free Neutrogena with purchase InTrend Magazine

Yesterday I spotted this freebie in The Borders in The Gardens, yeah RM7.50 for InTrend Magazine it comes with this full size Neutrogena skin care product.

I would suggest you to go cashier counter to ask first if the freebie available before you purchase. :D

Okay got to stop now, I need to watch my toddler.

Energizer® Brand Refresh Launch @Sunway Pyramid

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