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Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Hangover Part 3

It is comedy movie for 18 years old and above. Yes no kidding it is not for children below it. This comedy movie with action thriller about the wolf pack of four men in trouble as one of them is being kidnapped because Marshall wanted his golden bars back. Ken Jeong as Chow in the movie, he's on the run, he escaped from Thailand's jail.

Do you want to know why Alan bought a giraffe, yeah the giraffe created a bad accident on the road. Sad the see the giraffe died, the head flew and got stuck in windscreen of a car. Alan is 42 years old but still act like a small kid, he thinks money can solved every problem. Find out in the movie how he met Cassie.

If you like Melissa Mccarthy, she acted in Identity Thief. If you like Identity Thief check out this movie too because it is hilarious to watch Cassie, her even though it is not long period of time.

I like the part where Dr. Stuart want to vomit because of Chow and Alan!

Who is moving?

Some of my classmates have moved to another country, well usually people say they have migrated to another country. They are happily married and living there. Talking of moving, what do you think of demenagement montreal? With Internet access today, we can search for the suitable moving company. After visited the website I find the website of demenagement easy to view and easy to browse. You can even fill up the online form if you have interest to find a moving company.

When comes to moving, they involved different types namely residential, commercial, industrial and others. Don't forget about how to wrap your items, some things needed to wrap carefully and put in the box with the sticker of Fragile namely glasses, vases.

I know some people have bad experience with moving company. Personally I have experienced with moving company before, the problem is they charged more. It will be good if you ask on how much is the estimate charge on the destination you plan to move. You can fill up an online form on the website for detail. They have a list of items on it where you can click for check list.

Don't just read here, click above link for detail.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Kinohmitsu J'pan Beauty Drink *Collagen2500mg

I just finished taking the Kinohmitsu J'pan Beauty Drink *Collagen 2500mg*. The drink is tasty, no bitter taste! This is a starter pack for 6 days. It can be drink before breakfast or before bedtime. I usually take before bed time.

I can see the difference of my skin, acnes with big pimples reduce. :D

It depends how you like to take your drink, some people likes to take it chilled.

The last time I took Kinohmitsu Jpan Bustup Drink, it was three years back.
You can read more about the Beauty & The Bliss workshop, I attended not long ago.

Epic 2013 bored me?

I don't want to tell you this but I must say it, this morning I bring son to watch movie at IOI Mall. We watched the Epic, it is quite interesting story but sad to say it bored me! Yeah I yawn for many times in the movie.

How MK shrink into tiny people?! MK is short name for Mary Katherine, she is 15 year old. She helped the Queen of forest after she died. She also fall in love with one of the tiny people. You will see many bats and birds in the movie, one snail and one slut.

Other than they are many flying in the movie. Tiny soldiers sitting on the birds. Bats are in the movie too. There is a three legs, one eye dog in the movie. Many different types of talking flowers.

The movie is about how she wants to leave her home but she got shrink in the forest while looking for her dog. She wants her scientist dad to give up his work for believing in tiny people world in the forest. She believes there is no such thing but in the end she believes into because she has met them and being one of them.

Today is the day son lost his McD toy's car in cinema hall 6. Anyway his lost will be gain by other.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

PEE MAK comedy and horror movie! Funny til the end!

Have anyone watched Pee Mak movie? I am happy to say I watched it with my dear and we enjoy the movie from start til the end. Yes it is comedy and horror, yeah we saw parents with baby stroller in the theatre too! No kidding, we spotted two strollers inside, I don't know how children that young can watched the movie. Say the children is under 2 year old or 3 year old?!

The start of the movie is pretty scary when Pee Mak's wife is about to give birth to her baby, she's home alone! What happened?! It's better to watch in cinema to find out. :D

Pee Mak came back his hometown to find his wife and newborn baby. Pee Mak brings along four of his friends who gone for war with him. He almost died in the war but he didn't, he wants to live on to see his wife and baby. Sad to say that his wife and baby died. He didn't know his wife is dead.

Funny to say how's the movie is about whose the ghost in the movie?! Pee Mak's friends thought he was the ghost, then their friends' Aey because he has the ring of a dead person! One of them kicked Aey off the boat.

It's funny to see the boys eating dried leaves in the movie, yeah one of the bowls contained of worms with leaves.

How can a ghost live with a human?! Well in this movie, anything is possible. Don't worry if you don't understand language of the movie because there have subtitles of English, Malay and Chinese language.

One gal dressed up just like Pee Mak's wife after movie walking in GSC Midvalley. No kidding she's holding a baby too. Don't worry the baby is fake!

This movie is rated PG13, yeah parents can bring children to watch if they like. However I am not sure if the children like the sound of the movie.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Bought Ah Boys to Men 2 DVD

Finally I have bought the Ah Boys to Men 2 DVD, I have been looking for this movie for many days.

Son loves this movie and he says that he wants to have military hair cut. Have you watched this movie?

What happened to Lubang's Ipad? Ismail says Sargeant Ong and Sargeant Heng in the movie, Sargeant Ong treats Ismail to drink a cup of coffee. He got nervous and finished drinking the coffee in his office.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Watched Iron Man 3 for second times

Last night, we head to Midvalley to watch Iron Man 3. My dear not yet watch the movie, with my complimentary passes in hand I use it to bring my dear and son to watch. Yes our second time to watch the movie but first time for my dear.

Amazing the cinema hall 6 for the movie is filled with many people, we are seating at the very front roll. You know how it feels like seating on the second roll? I have seen movie seating on the first roll itself. :D

I was informed by the patron that even the 2D hall for this movie is full. No kidding, you know I never feel bored watching this movie. Oh well, I stick to watch the normal screen instead of 2D because of the timing.

In this movie you can see Tony Stark as Iron Man, he has anxiety when people asked him of the worm hold in New York. How he overcome the anxiety?

I am happy to see that dear enjoy the movie, he says this is the last of Iron Man 3 movie?!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Teacher's Day

Being a teacher is a challenge, it depends where you are teaching too. I am here to wish all teachers Happy Teachers' Day.

Today son has got good taste bud because his classmate's parent bought a cake to school for the teacher. The classmates get to try the cake.

He draw a card for Teacher, guess what?! He draw the teacher's hand holding a cane, so cute?! Anyway teacher asked him, huh.. holding cane? lol..


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Zoo Negara & Burger Bakar

First picture above is the outing to Zoo Negara with my family, I am happy aunt of twins gal. They are so happy, thanks to my bro for giving the twins pram they are useful for the twins.
Do you know which of the twins above is the first born?
Below picture just want to show you how big is burger bakar, first time to taste this. Dear bought this in SS15 Subang Jaya the Asia Café food court. It is 500 gram, it is poultry not pork or beef. RM22 for this big burger!

I forgot mention love this burger so much, lots of black pepper in it.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

2.0 Mechanical Pencils for children in school

Let me know what you think of above mechanical pencils. Yeah you are looking at 2.0 Mechanical pencils, the stationeries are made in China. I find them easier for use and long lasting than the 0.5 Mechanical pencils. You may not be agree with me but my son is using this in class. He says some of his classmates also using mechanical pencils.

I let him use the 0.5 mechanical pencils but I find the leads broken easier and faster. I don't know of this 2.0 mechanical pencils until friends inform me.

I am happy to say that he's happy using them. One thing I don't like is I find that it is hard to sharpen the lead.

My old times, I only use 0.5 mechanical pencils. Now we know 2.0 mechanical pencils exist!


Energizer® Brand Refresh Launch @Sunway Pyramid

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