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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Encorp Strand Mall, Kota Damansara

Above my son to show you that we parked at Level 3, E03 in the shopping mall.

Have you been to Encorp Strand Mall, Kota Damansara? The day we went, there's raining so we decided to park in the shopping mall of Encrop Strand Mall. 28 May, 2014 is the day of Grand Launch of Encorp Strand Mall. 
A spectacular evening of glamorous entertainment greeted guests of Encorp Strand's Mall's grand launch. The evening theme- Lights! Camera! Action!

Officiated by Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, a catchment population of 1.7 million within a 5km radius is expected to patronise the state-of-the-art shopping mall located in Kota Damansara and easily accessible to Kuala Lumpur and Shah Alam by way of the NKVE highway.

You may click above link which link to their Facebook account for more pics.

Look how you can get your champagne in the evening of Grand Launch. 

Woot wait, I can have my champagne too, hehe.. she's very good in hanging up there. 

The 435,000 sq ft, 3-storey shopping mall, complete with a multi-storey parking for 2,500 cars, is the flagship of Encrop Strand, a sprawling mixed development in Kota Damansara.

Encorp Strand Mall has its innovative architectural design won recognition as the '5-Star Best Retail Architecture (Malaysia)' at the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2014, presented on 9 May recently. 
Sam's Groceria is also opened on the 28 May, 2014.

Look how happy, my son is showing you his shopping trolley. 
The trolley with two baskets, you can remove it to shop. 
Psst.. he's showing you his favourite burger too. 

The day my son also received free pop corn set as I have submitted his picture with TGV Cinema logo in instagram. For more details of freebies from TGV Cinema Encorp Strand Mall. You can check out the TGV Cinema website. It is alternate day they are giving freebie, one day free popcorn set another day is free movie ticket.

Optimus Prime and Bumblebee in Midvalley

 My son didn't want to go Midvalley so just mom and I went there. So you can see the huge Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.

Transformers has been my childhood animation TV series. How about you?
Not sure how long they will be there, so don't forget to check them out in you are heading to Midvalley during this school holiday.

Now the good time with edit pictures, do you like it? 

Another childhood animation TV series, it will be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Vaseline "Dry Skin Restored" Campaign Launch

Yesterday I attended Vaseline "Dry Skin Restored" Campaign Launch, it held in Delicious, 1 Utama. 

You may already know of Vaseline, do you know that 56% Malaysian women still do not moisture their body regularly, Vaseline survey reveals moisturizing still not taken seriously with 61% citing lack of time for moisturizing despite 90% realizing their regular body moisturizing is important. 

Above is speaker of the day Xandria Ooi. 

 Above Deenie Ong, Assistant Brand Manager of Vaseline.
Causes of skin dryness such as long hours spent in air-conditioned or dry environment encountered during travels are familiar to many Malaysian. In a tropical country like Malaysia, weather conditions coupled with frequent long, hot showers can further skip of its moisture, thus requiring regular body moisturisation for healthy skin. 

You can head to 1 Utama Shopping Centre from now until weekend because the tour of the Dry Skin Restored roadshow held at concourse. They were brought to experience three specially constructed rooms that replicated environment commonly experienced by Malaysians that lead to dry skin.
Prior to entering the room, the journalist took a skin moisture test to enable them to compare the moisture levels before and after entering the rooms. 
The first room replicated Malaysia's hot, humid weather, the second one an air-conditioned room and third one a hot shower- all of which dry the skin.

One of the media bloggers, Miriam experience hand on opportunity to enjoy the lotion. 

I also experience hands on opportunity, first two rooms my temperate 37.59.
Last room my temeprature 78.1. 
Leaving the room my temperature around 34.
After using the lotion, my temperature around 61%. 

Now, I know why my dear told me that his female colleagues have a bottle of lotion on their desk for usage everyday.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

SAM’s Groceria@NU Sentral is the first outlet in Kuala Lumpur

Above is Datuk Wira (Dr.) Haji Ameer Ali bin Mydin, Executive Director of SAM's Groceria.

The first SAM’s Groceria is now in Klang Valley

SAM’s Groceria at NU Sentral which is the first outlet in Kuala Lumpur, after Gurney Paragon Mall Penang.  SAM’s Groceria is a premium grocery store, owned and managed by the largest Malaysian owned retailer and wholesaler, Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd.  Feel the difference, it’s a Life Made Fresher!

The premium grocer at Nu Sentral is the second of three high-end supermarkets planned for oepning this year and features a wide range of imported selections. It is also the first retailer in the city to introduce the use of the Personal Shopping System that is set to provide consumers with a more convenient and hassle-free shopping experience. 

 SAM's Groceria Nu Sentral marks homegrown wholeale and retail titans, MYDIN's second venture to capture the high-end grocer segment. The store at Nu Sentral is the second of three premium grocers set to open within this month with a third grocer - to be launched also within the Klang Valley - opening it's doors by end May 2014.

The family-oriented neighbourhood grocer, the 23,000 sq.ft. SAM's Groceria boats a wide range of over 19,000 products which, 60% of the brands carried in store are fully imported from countries such as the United States, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, India, Pakistan, and Thailand, to name a few.

 Personal Shopping System that is set to provide consumers with a more convenient and hassle-free shopping experience. Above the one of the staff of Sam's Groceria demonstrate the use of the personal system. The smaller picture on the above picture also shown of how other user use it, there's a shopping bag on the list on the smaller picture above.

"Sam's Self Scan" at its very first store in Malaysia. The Personal Shopping System consists of Motorola Solutions portable handheld MC17 series mobile computers powered by Re-Vision B.V., their global partner and the world leading provider of self-scanning solutions which is based in the Netherlands. 

Equipped with this portable mobile computer device that comes with an integrated bar code scanner, customers will be able to perform self-scanning by scanning the barcode of the items they want to purchase, placing the items directly into a shopping bag as they walk through the store aisles. SAM's Self Scan allows shoppers to then head to the nearest dedicated payment counter. With the necessary information already scanned into the device, they can swiftly pay for their purchases without having to wait in long ques and burdened with unloading the shopping cart and re-bagging their purchases, helping to save time.

SAM's also houses a delicatessen called SAM's Deli, which offers freshly made premium Western, Eastern and local cuisine ranging from a variety of pastas, sushis, pastries, cakes and nasi lemak including a selection of beverages at reasonable prices. 

Look at delicious food above, that you can't resist to have. 

 The store at Nu Sentral is second of five SAM's branded outlets to be launched this year. Currently they have premium grocer opening at Gurney Paragon in Penang, and a stand alone delicatessen, SAM's Deli, which has just opened in Seremban 2. By the end of this month, they are expecting to launch their third grocer as well as second stand alone SAM's Deli outlet which will both open in the Klang Valley.
Spices that Malaysian loves, check out the above picture. Variety choices of herbs and spices.
Who likes Taiwan products?

SAM's shoppers will be able to be part of its programs, the SAM's Family Card.
The SAM's Family Card can be used to redeem points and enable usage of SAM's Self Scan at SAM's Groceria. 

In addition, as part of a service offered in collaboration with E-Pay, SAM's shoppers will also be able to top up their mobile credits and pay their utility bills at the store's cashier counters. Another unique feature in that SAM's offers shoppers with the option to also pay for their purchases via the use of Touch 'n Go cards.

In the near future, SAM's Groceria has plans to introduce an online shopping service for Klang Valley residents to offer a more convenient shopping experience with its online service set to commence by July this year.

The SAM's Groceria at Nu Sentral opened its doors on 23 May, 2014. The grocer open daily from 10am to 10pm. 
For more information about Sam's and its exclusive offers, visit their website or Facebook
Above my toddler posing with SAM's Groceria shopping bag and SAM's Family Card, the family card has three smaller cards attached to it where you can share this family card with loved ones. You can check out my instagram sherrygo for more pictures. 
Click on video 1 and video 2 for the pictures.

Thank you SAM's Groceria for inviting me to their opening ceremony on 23, May 2014.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Invited to go Mamee Factory, Melacca

Are you among the 60 bloggers invited to go Mamee Factory, Melacca?

Yes, I received my invitation and received a call from them yesterday evening. I'm going, how about you?

The departure will be from Mamee Subang Jaya.

Mamee has been one of my favorite snacks since childhood.

Who can't recognize the blue monster of the Mamee?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Puppy training pads

My friend told me that she's having a new puppy at home, that's great. He loves having pet as companion and after many years of losing his lovely pet. He decided to have a new puppy, having a new puppy has a huge responsibility. He has interest to purchase puppy training pads for his pet.

He has no interest to shop at pet store at the moment as he prefers to shop online. This online store, I visited and find it user friendly and easy to browse. With Internet purchase it is easy to purchase online, there's no need to queue at the store to purchase.

You can view the online stores with many different types of puppy training pads and size. Bulk purchase will be cheaper and saving more just check out their online store for more details. There's a video available on the store for you to view.

If you have a puppy, how many puppy training pads do you need to train the puppy? I had a puppy before but back then there's no puppy training pads on how to the puppy is potty trained. They have successfully potty trained over 30,000 dogs. I am sure my friend will find the website interesting.

Cabaran Raja Tarik F&N this Friday

Don't forget that the Cabaran Raja Tarik F&N for this coming 23 May, 2014, it will be at 1 Borneo Megamall in Kota Kinabalu.

Another challenge will be held on 25 May, 2014 in Kuching, Plaza Merdeka.

Above picture is one of the teams that joined Cabaran Raja Tarik F&N 2014 on first day of challenge.

For more details of challenge, do click on the above link.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Sonny Angel 10th Anniversary Celebration

Sonny Angel: He May Bring You Happiness

In 2004, Dreams Inc. Japan, created Sonny Angel, with the intention of it being a companion to the Office Ladies (OL). Originally standing at 8", the Sonny Angel figurine was meant to be placed at home, accompany the OLs upon their return of work. Gradually, it has evolved to the current popular 2" collectible figurine that can be carried anywhere, and enjoyed from whenever the collector may venture.

The original Sonny Angel has movable arms and legs (pose-able) with soft baby-smelling skin and comes in his birthday suit! His birthday is on 15th May. It is now a Collector's item worldwide.

Sonny Angels are found in many countries worldwide, including USA, UK, France, Poland, Taiwan, South Korea, China (Hong Kong), Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Italy , Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia, and Luxemborg.

Malaysia launched Sonny Angel on 15th May, 2014.

Sonny Angels are sold in a blind box with no indication of which angel is within the box. Whilst the collector may choose any of the 8 Standard or Limited Edition version/series, there is no way of knowing if he targeted angel is within the box unless the whole 12 angel set is purchased.

The blind box concept is wrapped with the element of "surprise", so the mystery of which angel the collectors will receive is revealed only upon opening the box and sealed foil wrapper.

When you observe carefully the individual Sonny Angel, you realize that they are "lively" in their expressions, and every expression is slightly different!

Each Sonny Angel's facial feature and headgear is artistically hand-painted thus the lively expression. Every eye line, lash, eye sparkle, smile and blush is not identical. And each hairline and headgear perimeter may be slightly irregular, much like human make-up. These factors make each Sonny Angel unique.

Similarly, when you observe their posture, whilst they appear uniformly carbon-copied at first, upon closer inspection, you may notice a slight tilt or "swagger" in some of them. This unique feature is keenly observed by very sharp-eye collectors who are even able to tell 2 Sonny Angels with the same headgear apart and value each for their "finger-print" difference.

Presently, only in Malaysia, for every Sonny Angel purchased, RM1 is set aside for charity. This philosophy is in line with Sonny Angel Malaysia's vision of caring and sharing for society, with the hope of bringing some cheer and happiness back to our world.

On 8th February 2014, Sonny Angel Malaysia conducted the first charity outreach to SHELTER 1, and SHELTER 2 - homes for troubled children from ages 4 to 13, and from ages 14 to 18, respectively. Each resident in these 2 homes were given gifts of foodstuff, ang-pows, a Sonny Angel each and cash donations given personally by Sonny Angel volunteers (who are Sonny Angel collectors sharing the same vision). Please see posting on Charity Outreach in Sonny Angel Malaysia Facebook page.

Sonny Angel Malaysia plans to conduct such charity outreaches twice a year. The next round is targeted at September/October period.

Below you are looking at the Ribbon Angels.

Sonny Angel born on 15th May 2014, Sonny Angel is 10 years old in 2014.
Having evolved progressively in size, texture, color, quality and design, there is much to celebrate.

Spectacular Limited Edition Sonny Angels are created to commemorate the decade milestone, including a long-awaited Sonny Angel 10th Anniversary Complete Guide Book, which will list details of releases of all 21 series (304 designs) so far. Both new and veteran Sonny Angel collectors are waitiing with bated breath for this exhaustively researched and full color must-have pictorial manual.
Above is Mr. Ben from Sonny Angel Malaysia

 The Sonny Angel 10th Anniversary Celebration is held at Absolute Thai, 1 Utama on last Saturday. It was fun celebration, each of us received a Sonny Angel, there was lucky draw on the day.

Look at above picture, cakes awaiting us to eat.

I want to thank Sonny Angel Malaysia for inviting me to Sonny Angel's 10th Anniversary Celebration.
Now you can know which Sonny Angel belongs to me as I asked you on previous post.

I have more pictures of Sonny Angels in instagram sherrygo.
Check out this video for the Animal Series of Sonny Angels.

Yeah with lots and love and care, I'm holding the Sonny Angel Flower Series - Poppy

How long can you hold if you are driving?

It's a Monday afternoon, are you feeling Monday's blue?

Last Saturday I head to 1 Utama, while driving I really have to hold. I am sure you know what I mean if what you need to hold.

It was raining in the morning and I reached 1 Utama about 50 minutes later. They have no accidents on road, just cars driving very slowly. The jam only clear after the tunnel down passing the Tropicanal City.

First thing after find the car park is going to restroom!

I remembered this situation happened to me before, when I head to Midvalley. But in Midvalley, I am unable to find any parking, it was school holiday then. I have no choice but double park and leave my contact at my wind screen of car to go nearest restroom.

What would you do if you need to go restroom while you are driving? How long can you hold?

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sonny Angel, which is mine?

Woot look at them, the flower series of Sonny Angel, mini figure are here. So can you guess which is mine?

The flower series are 
Morning glory
Lily bell
Cherry Blossoms

Above pictures are Poppy and Tulip, ain't they cute?!

You can see more picture on my instagram sherrygo
I have video of Animal series of Sonny Angel there. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Movie review: Godzilla 2014

Yesterday night was mother and son movie night. I won two premiere passes to watch Godzilla 2014. Son told me that this movie is the real Godzilla and the Godzilla 1998 was the dinosaur not Godzilla. 

Ford loses his mom when he was young, the day he try putting a birthday celebration for his dad. After 15 years, he has his very own family. He has a son and a wife. 

In Godzilla 2014, they are one Godzilla and two huge monster insect. The male has wings and it can fly, while the female without wings carried many eggs. It was the mating season for two insects. Guess where's the female choose to lay her eggs. Japan, San Francisco, Hawaii? 

They are fight between Godzilla and two monster insects. Who will win the fight? 

My son can't stop talking about the movie, even this morning.

Thank you Yes 4 G. 

Energizer® Brand Refresh Launch @Sunway Pyramid

Energizer® Brand Refresh Launch f eaturing  from left to right:  Mr  Tan Suang Jak, Channel Director for Modern Trade,  Energizer® Ho...